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  1. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    50 year old men can look good in warmups lol
  2. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    The backup at Marion is better than the starter is but he's only a sophomore and they wasn't going to play him over a senior
  3. Union vs. Marion

    Good season Canes 9-3 I'll take it any year. I'm proud of you guys and Congrats Union good luck the rest of the way
  4. Union vs. Marion

    I can't wait for the game tomorrow night I think Canes have a shot to win this game. Good Luck to Union and all the fans on here we'll see you guys tomorrow night.
  5. Union vs. Marion

    He's as tough as they come and he's even better on defense flying around from the secondary
  6. Union vs. Marion

    Power and speed and Marion does throw the ball quite a bit
  7. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    And all this time I thought Marion was your most hated lol
  8. Nooooooooo that's @HurricaneWarning Lol
  9. Union vs. Marion

    2 scores isn't what I call rolling anyone
  10. 1997 PV-Appy article from BHC

    I'm just curious but if you took the players off this Union team and it was still Appalachia and Powell Valley who would have the better team this season?
  11. Union vs. Marion

    Never know and either way I'll take 9-3 season at Marion any year
  12. Union vs. Marion

    Marion pass defense is the weakness but they had a good week against the bearcats. The front 7 is good and can get after the QB and I've told other Canes fans all year a team that can throw the ball consistently all game will be this teams downfall. Virginia High 2 weeks ago had 2 big pass plays other than that they didn't do much.
  13. Union vs. Marion

    I don't think Marion will hold Union to 7 points but I wouldn't expect them to score more than 21 that being said scoring 21 may very well be enough to win this one
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