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  1. fridaynightstripes

    Score updates - 9/29/17

    You could tell they were wanting to get back to Scott Co
  2. fridaynightstripes

    USPS to halt Saturday mail

    Good call! 25years in advance. It is ridiculous. The "prefunded" money is then borrowed from ala social security. I love the saturday deal. Maybe i can call a few more or watch a few games in the fall.
  3. fridaynightstripes

    FB SCORES/UPDATES Fri./Sat. 11/2&3/12

    The officials on the field have no control over how many games a player is suspended. An official should not even state anything about suspension. After the ejection, he files his report and then it is in the hands of the mighty VHSL. Unfortunately, we are seeing quite a bit of these unsportsmanlike actions lately. It all goes back to what every coach and player is told at the beginning of every year.....sportsmanship.
  4. fridaynightstripes

    FB UPDATES Friday - 9/21/12

    via twitter Va.High 16 Radford 14 final
  5. fridaynightstripes

    FB UPDATES Friday - 9/21/12

    Castlewood 14 Rye Cove 0 midway 3rd qtr
  6. fridaynightstripes

    FB UPDATES Friday - 9/21/12

    John Battle leads P.Henry 41-0
  7. fridaynightstripes

    FB UPDATES Friday - 9/21/12

    Clintwood 28-3 over Lebanon mid 3rd qtr
  8. fridaynightstripes

    FB UPDATES Friday - 9/21/12

    via twitter Eastside 34-6 over Tom Walker near half
  9. fridaynightstripes

    Best coach ever from SWVa

    Housewright nor Hubbard belong anywhere near this list.
  10. fridaynightstripes

    More good news for Bluefield...not...

    Johnson City's mail processing will go to Knoxville and Bluefields should go to Charleston. That is the plan for now....subject to change!
  11. Cool pics! Looks like the sideline was still as muddy as when i worked a game there early in the season.
  12. fridaynightstripes

    Top 5

    Graham is the best back i've seen this year. Tough, non-stop and quick. The only two i haven't seen up close is Honaker or Kessinger.
  13. fridaynightstripes

    Grundy vs Castlewood pics

    Awesome pics. I didn't warm up til Saturday morning.
  14. fridaynightstripes

    Baseball Score (not football) HONAKER 40 Twin Valley 0

    I've always thought Harding had class, but 40 runs? No reason to pad your stats against a weaker team. There are plenty of ways to "call off the dogs".
  15. fridaynightstripes

    Refs at Carroll were horrible!

    Great point. I wish more people, even on the sidelines understood it this way.