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  1. 50kw

    Akers Out at GC?

    There's always that one thread to get us thru from when our teams are eliminated till next season.
  2. 50kw

    Union @ Battle

    Good game here. Coach Turner and Coach Stone, fist class gentlemen,
  3. 50kw

    Union @ Battle

    One thing is for sure, it will be easy to show a new play or two next week for both teams.
  4. 50kw

    Bulletin Board Material

    Enjoy you perspective on VHS sports Dad.
  5. 50kw

    Akers Out at GC?

    How is this determined? Is this in an unofficial handbook of high school football? Where can I get a copy?
  6. 50kw

    Union @ Battle

    Union by 21.
  7. 50kw

    Akers Out at GC?

    The rule of allowing all year practice in sports shy of a few weeks of dead periods is a contributing factor as well. I know of many cases where coaches have discouraged playing other sports and missing their workouts. It’s another added pressure to student athletes.
  8. 50kw

    Abingdon 3A

    I hear the distant ring of a hammer.
  9. 50kw

    Abington 3A

    Beat them and it's not an issue. It should be a good challenge for M7 schools. Skipper, Way to make your first post a memorable one.
  10. 50kw

    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Pulaski 3. Bluefield 4. Abingdon 5. Graham 6. Ridgeview 7. Patrick Henry 8. Union 9. Galax 10. Grayson Co.
  11. 50kw

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    26-21 JSB final
  12. 50kw

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Should be an excellent contest. Ridgeview showed venerability last week against an improving JSB squad. I understand coming out of a buy week can sometimes be difficult. Ridgeview should have learned from it and will be ready for the Falcons. I'm going to go with Abingdon in a close one.
  13. Do you feel schools are more content these days to let a coach stick around as long as they are model citizens and don't rock the administrative boat? Has the priority of football programs declined due to low numbers and other factors? More and more schools are unable to field 8th grade or JV teams. One trend I have noticed is that football is more openly criticized by parents of other sport's athletes, clubs and bands. All the while football is the athletic department's cash cow. Other sports and music programs would not be able to afford to compete if not for football gate money and concession sales. Most if not all Spring sports case and point. It baffles me that so many schools take no pride in their football programs even if you are a baseball or basketball school. I understand everyone is not going to win it all every year but at least try to get the very best out of what you have to work with and consider it a community effort. I know some may not like it but no other sport compares to the football gate.
  14. There are a few obvious signs of coaching changes on the way. What are you hearing across SWVA Sports land?
  15. 50kw

    GC @ Marion

    Could be a good game.