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  1. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    Patrick Henry 43 John Battle 24 final. PH 5-0
  2. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    PH 43 JSB 24 01:00 to play
  3. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    PH 43 JSB 16 Late 4th
  4. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    PH 36 JSB 16 Early 4th
  5. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    Early 3rd PH 30 JSB 16
  6. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    Half - PH 30 JSB 8
  7. 50kw

    Score updates 9/21

    22-8 Patrick Henry (Glade) over John Battle. Mid 2nd quarter.
  8. 50kw

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    I must say I highly commend the Richlands faithful for remaining true to their team, coach and school. Others can be unrealistic at times, too quick to blame everything else for a loss other than the other team is better and we need to keep working to get better. You all are first class. Never too high about a win or too low about a loss. You are a great example. Good luck the rest of the year.
  9. Could not care less. It's football season.
  10. 50kw

    Weather may be a factor this week...

    I remember in 1989 when Hugo hit. The only game in NETN and SWVA was played in the ETSU mini-dome between Tennessee High and Dobyns Bennett. I can't recall who won right off but I do remember enjoying football while staying dry.
  11. 50kw

    Bearcats vs Bulldogs

    Bullcats over the Beardogs 😉
  12. 50kw

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Surely no one transfers away from Gate City. Where have all the cars with Tennessee plates in the parking lot gone?
  13. 50kw

    8 Man Football

    It is our new reality. We'll look back on our great football history and wonder what happened. It's not only in sports but in so many other aspects of life. To quote Mr. Dylan, "The Times They Are a Changin'."
  14. 50kw

    Speaking of Helmets...

    It's nice work......Back in the day.
  15. 50kw


    I'm hearing several schools are struggling to field 8th grade and/or JV teams. Is the population decrease to blame or just a lack of interest in football?