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  1. Great City

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    Completely wrong. Nobody USED to want to go to GC. Now we have no problems scheduling games. :(
  2. Great City

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    When Bluefield came to Gate City, they brought almost no fans...........and that was back when we were good.
  3. Great City

    Roanoke College Fall Shootout

    Found this on FB: "The Blue Devils defeat Class 4 Jefferson Forest, defeat Class 3 State Champion Roanoke Northside and defeat Class 3 Final Four participant Western Albemarle"
  4. Great City

    Boone @ GC

    What happens in the second half? 🙂
  5. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    The deal with the income tax stuff: Many GC graduates end up working in TN...........because that is where the jobs are located. If you work in TN and live in VA, you pay income tax in VA. If you work in TN and live in TN, you do not pay any income tax. (TN sticks it to you with the sales tax.) So........there are tons of "GC People" who end up moving to, and living in, TN. A lot of these parents prefer their kids go to school at GC, so they start their kids in elementary school in either Weber City or Shoemaker. In their minds, they get the best of both worlds. Really.............the best of both worlds would be to live/work in TN, send your kids to GC if you prefer, and do as much shopping as possible in VA. Lots of those parents bringing their kids to WC or Shoemaker do their shopping at Food City/Food Lion. = tax revenue. The school system is not "bringing in kids" to the system. The parents are choosing where they take their kids based on what they perceive to be their best deal. Just like you do when you go shop for a car.............get your best deal. BTW......Weber City and Shoemaker will not accept TN kids if they run out of room and have to displace a VA kid. Edited to add teacher salary info. This link says Virginia ranks 30th in teacher salaries. When adjusted for cost of living, VA ranks 24th. https://www.johnlocke.org/update/education-update-teacher-pay-rankings-are-out/
  6. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    Knew it was not a tax burden. Is why the county has always allowed them to come to Scott tuition free. Makes sense...........as long as you have a place to put them. My kids went to Weber City. Am very familiar with the TN kids that have always been a fixture there. Know a lot of them and their families. Most of those kids end up going to GC, and some of them end up playing sports. Is why it is so funny to me to hear about "all" of those TN kids that go to GC to play sports. Again.........not trying to argue. Know I take things too literally at times.
  7. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    I do happen to know several people at Weber City Elementary. Spoke with one yesterday. She said they believe they have "several" more TN kids this year than they normally get, and that Shoemaker had a "few". Sometimes I take things too literally. When you said "dozens" of kids.......that means.........well, dozens.......so at least 36 kids. Knew that was not possible because the policy the school system has always used is that kids from out of state can attend the schools as long as the school has the room, and the system does not have to hire extra teachers. An "extra" 36+ kids would require additional staff, and the school would not have room for them.
  8. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    Hard to believe that "dozens" of kids from Ketron are now in school in Scott County. Neither Weber City Elementary or Shoemaker Elementary could accommodate "dozens" of kids. Just not possible.
  9. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    The only potential negative of giving Darren a chance as HC is what do you do if he fails? Do you demote him to DC (and would he accept that)? Is it better to give him a chance as HC, or is it better to hire a HC and let Darren play to his strengths as a DC. Do not know the answer. I am certainly no VHSL Rules Expert, but I thought eligibility hinges on where you enter 9th grade for the first time. If there are North kids who have already entered 9th grade and they then come to GC, do not believe they are eligible to play unless they physically move to Scott County. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong.) Not sure if they would be eligible after attending a year at GC. No clue. I do know that every couple of years we have TN kids who come over and ask about playing football. Generally these are kids that, due to disciplinary issues, are not going to be allowed to play football at their school. Their parents do not want to, or can not, pay the tuition to allow them to attend DB. These kids are told they must physically move to Scott County, and have it verified before they can play. They don't move, and they don't play.
  10. Great City

    Gc vs ab

    I have known Darren a long time. He knows his X's & O's, and is a good DC. He will motivate kids playing for him. Give him a D, and he will get the most out of those kids. He is not a butt kisser, and will not go out of his way to try and appease administration or community leaders. Hell, he will not worry about appeasing them if they come to him. He does not care how he "rubs" people. Not exactly warm and fuzzy. :) I believe most of the GC fans realize what a bad situation our football program is in right now. We are not just a HC away from turning this program around in a couple of years. Not even close. Our numbers are down, and our talent is down. With a great HC we might be able to survive one of those. With both of those....and throwing Akers in the mix............the end is not in sight. There is not a HC in America that could turn the program around in a couple of years. And no..........I do not believe Akers is the answer. Actually believe he would not have been the HC this year if the Powers That Be thought they could have found a better candidate.............that should speak volumes about the state of our program. I hope I am wrong, but I believe the best case scenario is us being back to "us" in around 5-7 years.
  11. Great City

    Richlands vs GC

    Heard last night that Calhoun was injured and out for the year. Hope that is not true. He was going to be a bright spot for us.
  12. Great City

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Yeah...…….the AD has absolutely destroyed the basketball program. Just take a look at the team's record the last 10 years. Terribly embarrassing. Pretty much the same case for the volleyball and girls tennis teams. Think we only have 7-8 state championships in those sports the last 10 years. Realize that pretty much all other schools have many more state championships the last 10 years. SMH Not sure people realize how much (little) true control the AD has over the programs. If you are going to blame the man for the woes of the football team, shouldn't you give him credit for the success of the other teams? Our football program is the only sport at GC that has tumbled this far. It is in a terrible place. A place we do not escape from in a couple of years. Not sure we will be in a much better place in 5 years. Our teams the last few years have suffered from a lack of talent. Apologies to parents who have had kids on the team the last few years, but the OVERALL talent of those teams pale in comparison to the GC teams that came before them...…..and it is not even close. We may have the talent walking the halls. Do not know. Coaching? Do not know where to begin. I do not believe Akers is HC material. Unfortunately, do not believe Reed is either. A good DC....yes. With the current state of the program I do not believe we are going to be able to hire a successful, established coach. Going to have to roll the dice on a young coach who can get kids out of the halls and on the team. I will be at Legion Field supporting the team this year...……...just like I have the last 30 years.
  13. Great City

    Darren Reed Out

    Darren is much better as a DC than a HC. He is prob not our answer at HC, but can coach the D and will hopefully get some kids out of the halls and on the team.
  14. Great City

    2019 Contender

    Central has a chance to be very good. Union will always be competitive. Not sure what Graham has returning. Expect GC to be very good. Hard not to pick Radford as the favorite after watching them last year.
  15. Great City

    Can Mac get past 2770?