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  1. Great City

    Darren Reed Out

    Darren is much better as a DC than a HC. He is prob not our answer at HC, but can coach the D and will hopefully get some kids out of the halls and on the team.
  2. Great City

    2019 Contender

    Central has a chance to be very good. Union will always be competitive. Not sure what Graham has returning. Expect GC to be very good. Hard not to pick Radford as the favorite after watching them last year.
  3. Great City

    Can Mac get past 2770?

  4. Great City

    Mountain 7 Preview

    It is my understanding (although I am wrong a lot) that there is some sort of scheduling problem. Something like.......some M7 Tournaments were scheduled to start early next week..........and some of Abingdon's Regional Tournaments were also scheduled to start next week. The M7 tried to move up some of the District Tournament games to this weekend to give Abingdon a chance to participate, but weather at the end of this week messed up those plans. The M7 ADs decided to boot Abingdon instead of canceling the entire tournaments. I am repeating third-hand information, so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Great City

    Gate City State Champs

  6. Great City

    Gate City State Champs

  7. Great City

    Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    Believe Graham started 4 seniors tonight.
  8. Great City

    Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    This time of the year, ALL teams left are good. Everyone is capable of beating everyone else. Will just depend on who plays their best game. If the GC team that played at Radford shows up, GC wins by 10+. If the GC team that played Graham last time shows up, we lose by 10+. Mac had is lowest scoring game of the season against Radford, but may have played his best overall game.
  9. Great City

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    Guess you got me. GC just held Union to 47 in their last game, and won 82-47 for a 35 point margin of victory. Guess that means Graham is 5 points better than GC. I may just skip the game on Saturday. :)
  10. Great City

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    I think all of the attention on GC is good for Graham. GC has ALL of the pressure. Graham is supposed to lose. They can come in, and play loose with no pressure. I do not see it as a big stretch for GC to lose to Graham on Saturday (assuming we both get there). GC historically does not shoot the ball very well at UVA - Wise, and will be playing with all of the pressure. Is a recipe for a loss. I am probably in the minority here, but I believe a Graham win over GC would not be the worst thing to happen. We have played sloppy for large stretches this season. A loss to Graham might get us focused. "Graham beat an M7 team by 31 last night and held them to 46..." GC played arguably their worst half of basketball all year, and beat a SWD team by 37 last night and held them to 43. At the end of the day, both of those stats mean Jack Feces. This time of the year it is about match ups, and who plays their best game. If we play our best game, are hitting the 3s, and driving to the basket & getting fouled........believe we have a shot at a state championship. If those things do not happen.........we could lose Friday. But...........back to the original topic.................. I HOPE Mac gets the all-time scoring record, but do not believe he will do so. Think I read that we need to make it to the state finals and him average 33 a game to set the record. After our performance in the first half last night, I worry about us making it to the finals. I would also assume his scoring average may dip slightly as we (hopefully) progress. Plus.......he has left a lot of points on the floor this year. There have been many times where he has tried to be a little too fancy and give the crowd what they want to see, and ended up not scoring at all. Believe he would already have the record if he had focused more on just scoring........of course we fans love the under the leg, and 360 dunks. Would have been good for the team to have gotten the all-time scoring record out of the way already and switched the focus solely to a state championship. Last night we did not handle the pressure of the single season record very well.
  11. Great City

    Can Mac get past 2770?

  12. Great City

    GC @ Abingdon

    I do not know Coach Johnson, have no idea about his past, or his past history with officials. The most unfair thing is if the Coach's behavior is affecting his team's ability to play/win. The officials most certainly should have made an example of Coach Johnson last night. Coach Johnson was showing how to NOT act and behave. The officials showed what happens when you behave that way. They should have made that example much earlier in the game.
  13. Great City

    GC @ Abingdon

    As a GC fan, I do not believe that flagrant foul call was accurate. IMHO, the refs could sense things getting out of hand and were trying to tighten up their calls. They should have done so sooner. After that foul they started calling almost everything. The Abingdon coach ran his mouth to the officials all night. He should have received a technical much earlier. He ran his mouth during that timeout. The official walked away from the coach and went to the scorer's table to call the technical. That coach also had some verbal exchanges with GC fans who were in the stands across the gym from him. Not exactly the way to endear yourself to the fans. GC's game is shooting the three, and driving to the basket. We had better be shooting more free throws than our opponent, or we are in trouble. Abingdon just does not match up well with GC this year. We are much quicker and faster. Abingdon kids got frustrated, and were reaching all night. Their game plan was to be physical and contest every shot. They were, and they did. Led to a lot of fouls being called.
  14. Great City

    GC @ Abingdon

    Abingdon coach had been asking for a technical all night. Should have gotten one much sooner. Just running his mouth to the officials. I was fairly close to him. Could hear some of the stuff he was saying. Pretty much blaming the officials for their poor showing. The player only got in the game near the end. He committed a hard foul, and ended up on top of the GC player. Heck of a tackle actually. Was called for the foul. Apparently he did not approve. First technical was for running his mouth. Bumping an official got him the second technical.
  15. Great City

    Best McClung dunk yet?