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  1. Johnnie B

    Fun little trick play by Staunton River

    Eastside tried the same play last year, it was incomplete
  2. Johnnie B

    Chilhowie @ Eastside

    Eastside was ahead at halftime last year. If they play like again this year it could be closer than some think.
  3. Johnnie B

    Speaking of Helmets...

    In 1988, Patrick Henrys home jerseys were red with blue strips
  4. Johnnie B

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Eastside @ Volunteer August 10 6:30
  5. Johnnie B

    Burton versus Patrick Henry

    #10 for JIB was kicked off the team 2 weeks ago and #7 was ejected from the Grundy game.
  6. Johnnie B

    Wise Central @ Abingdon

  7. Johnnie B

    Wise Central @ Abingdon

    Not really the same. Dalton came in the next year. He rushed for over 1000 yards as a freshman. Also Jessie had 700 or more yards
  8. Johnnie B

    Lee vs ridgeveiw

  9. Johnnie B

    Lee vs ridgeveiw

    Lee paid Eastside to play them
  10. 1 Richlands 2 Abingdon 3 Graham 4Union 5 George Wythe 6 Bluefield 7 Giles 8 Galax 9 Chilhowie 10 Eastside
  11. Johnnie B


    49 at J.I.Burton, 46 at Central, 35 at Eastside
  12. Johnnie B

    2017 schedules.

    Honaker has a Benefit game 8-18 @ Eastside
  13. Johnnie B

    Struggles of Eastside

    Eastside has dropped Hurley, Union and Honaker in the next cycle. They have picked up Patrick Henry, Holston and Chilhowie
  14. Johnnie B


    Northwood will be at Ridgeview