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  1. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    I didn't dive too deeply into the political aspects for similar reasons. It would appear, you and I have like-minded ideas of race and affirmative action.
  2. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    Virginia Tech struggles at times to meet state mandated standards for affirmative action. Quotas are not a popular topic for discussion and the powers that be have done everything within their power to change the "buzz words" but it does exist. Some interesting reading you may find helpful. https://ballotpedia.org/Affirmative_action_in_Virginia On an interesting note, 2006-2007 VHSL State Baseball Player of the Year, Wes Self from the state championship team at Grayson County is the Head of Infectious Diseases and Critical Illness at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
  3. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    They did, 5-3 very early on. I missed it and it has been updated on the school schedule.
  4. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Galax has impressed with a 6-1 start to the season. The only loss was 2-0 at Glenvar. Galax has wins over Glenvar 10-5, Grayson County 9-8, Fort Chiswell 11-1 (5 in.), Carroll 7-5, Bland 25-1, (5in.) and George Wythe 1-0. Very young team gaining confidence and play very well.
  5. Influences

    It may not mean as much in far SWVA as it does in this area. I would have loved for my former high school coach and mentor, Fred Jennings, to have been interviewed for the podcast series Ryan is putting together. You guys would have loved listening to him as much as I have for the past 40 years. He passed away on Tuesday at the age of 86. I would love for more people to hear his stories. For example, at one point just following WWII, four of his older brothers were in the starting five of the Lees-McRae Bobcat basketball team. All five starters were graduates of Fries High School and had fought in WWII. They postponed completion of high school to serve their country, completed high school upon their return, all became college graduates and high achievers in life. It was a different time and they were symbolic of "The Greatest Generation"! Fred was a veteran of the Korean Conflict and lost 70% of his hearing in the process. He was awarded the Silver Star for his efforts. Fred attended every single Virginia Tech home football game from 1958 through 2016, not missing a single one. He was honored on the field for his contributions to the university on several occasions. Fred built a full-court basketball court and Olympic sized pool at his home to keep "his kids" (us) out of trouble. He never had children of his own but had hundreds he taught and coached through the years. He was my baseball coach, football coach, Algebra teacher, mentor and friend. For most of the past 11 years, Fred would come to my office every few months and just talk...for hours. His wife passed away a few years ago and he hasn't been the same. He is, in all honesty, the single greatest influence on my life. He took an interest in me when I was 4 years old, taught me the value of life and passed his love of math on to me. He is the reason my username on this board, Twitter and Instagram handles will never change. He is partially responsible for the moniker. His brother, Allen "Birddog" Jennings was a teacher and coach at Virginia High in the 60's. He wrote a fabulous book several years ago called "My Day to Wear the Underwear". Birddog passed away March 8th at the age of 92. Rest in peace Mr. Jennings. You were loved and will be missed.
  6. Later this afternoon, I will be attending a visitation for the single greatest influence on my life. A man I couldn't begin to thank for all he has done for myself and the Fries community as a whole. As a result, I started typing out some thoughts pertaining to this man I have loved for 40 years. Surely others have a "Fred Jennings" in their lives. Let everyone on this site share in your greatest memories of those who have influenced you in ways you can't begin to quantify. I will begin.
  7. 2018 MLB Thread

    I was watching! I was also watching yesterday when Happer hit the first pitch of the 2018 season 400 feet.
  8. Was I out of line?

    I can certainly see where some might find this to be somewhat obnoxious. However, I feel it's entirely warranted under the circumstances. My feedback would be, carry on good sir! For future reference, you could add "Go Non-litigious Liberty" or even "Go Liberty that didn't sue VHSL for admittance" to your repertoire.
  9. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Teams are going to be digging deep into the roster for arms and batting averages/ on-base percentages should reap the rewards.
  10. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Galax has two fairly impressive wins so far this season over Carroll (7-5) and Glenvar (10-5). They are expected to be better than in recent years but still have a relatively young team with only 4 seniors.
  11. Thad Wells Heading to Tarheel State?

    Mike Scharnus took Carroll to the playoffs 3 times in his 4 years at Carroll while a member of the old New River District that was made up of many current River Ridge programs. Dave Haynie was successful at Carroll as a member of the Southwest District. As long as current leadership in Carroll teaches inferiority, that’s exactly what they will be. It’s a school of 1,200 students playing in a District with the second largest school being half that size. Good luck with that “Blacksburg kid, Blacksburg job” ideal!
  12. Thad Wells Heading to Tarheel State?

    I wish I could. At the moment, I’m cleaning up breakfast from seven 13 year olds. I believe this is gonna take a while.
  13. Thad Wells Heading to Tarheel State?

    It’s definately a head scratcher. His 5-35 career record doesn’t scream competence as a head coach. He did double his best single season win total last year though. Carroll went 2-8! By all indications, he is a great person though, so there’s that. By the way Ryan, it was a pleasure to meet you the other night.
  14. 2018 MLB Thread

    The Cubs released Grimm today. He will help improve the bullpen somewhere. I wish him nothing but the best. I hate the business of baseball but love the Cubs giving him the opportunity to move on before the end of spring training.
  15. 2018 MLB Thread

    Beginning to look like Justin Grimm is auditioning for someone else. I will forever be grateful for his contributions, especially his performance in game 3 of the 2016 World Series. He is out of minor league options and costs $2 million more than Dillon Maples. Grimmer isn’t likely to make the opening day roster and will be DFA’d.
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