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  1. This is shocking to me.
  2. Cole Beck 15-205, 2 TD against Salem in 1st half. Can't remember last time someone gauged Salem like that in a half. Impressive
  3. Carroll County has fans?
  4. Your first paragraph is another attempt at deflection. Disagree with my opinion or dislike the questions I ask, I couldn't care less. But your first sentence says a lot! I care because multiple family members are in positions that require them "care". Whether it be city governance, school system administration, family services or simply in the classroom. When kids get bored, they get into trouble. When kids are no longer challenged in the classroom because "dad" wants to relive his childhood through little Johnny and holds him back for no healthy or sane reason, little Johnny gets board. Revisit the first sentence of this paragraph. It's a vicious cycle! I agree in certain instances, some kids benefit from being held back but not in every instance and to think that practice isn't being abused is idiotic! I've said all I can constructively say on this topic. We can agree to disagree.
  5. How many folks in your "contact group" openly regret any bad decision they make? Serious question. You and I haven't exactly gotten along on this board from the outset and I'm not trying to create more discord. It's been my experience, people aren't keen on discussing or admitting bad decisions, ever. UVAO said what I was attempting to say better than I attempted to say it. So, what he said!
  6. Abingdon Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Marion William Byrd Bluefield Bland Rural Retreat George Wythe Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Chilhowie Boise St. Tennessee Virginia Tech Oklahoma St. Georgia West Virginia Atlanta Minnesota Tennessee Kansas City Oakland GotW Grundy 38
  7. As I stated in my original message, 31 students at Galax Middle School repeated 7th grade two years ago. That's where I get "holding back 7th graders is a thing". All 31 of those students are now freshmen athletes, male and female. The correlation is hard to ignore. In speaking to several teachers and school board members, the vast majority of those students made well above 500 on their SOL's. This isn't an argument for the legitimacy of the SOL. Most of us are disillusioned with the whole concept but if a kid is a straight "A" student who is all but acing the SOL, why hold that kid back for any purpose other than athletic? I went into the military at 17, completed boot camp at 17 and was 3 weeks into AIT before turning 18. My route may not have been traditional but I couldn't imagine being any more prepared a year later. Then again, we do live in a "participation trophy" society. In my opinion, this is just another byproduct of that system.
  8. First, none of that answers the original question. It's more deflection than an answer! Second, how does holding a kid back in 7th grade help in extra curricular activities associated with building a resume for any school, much less an Ivy League school? If you can't get that done in 5 years, an extra year is only hurting your chances, not helping. Not to mention, I'd be interested to see if any kid held back for any reason could get accepted into an Ivy League school. Third, how does holding a kid back, better prepare them for taking community college classes in high school, especially if that kid is already a straight "A" student? And what the hell does that have to do with holding a kid back in 7th grade? Nobody is holding back kids in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. So, if you aren't holding the kids back for athletic gain, why 7th grade? If it's for those community college classes, they aren't taking those in middle school so why hold them back in middle school?
  9. Interview Oscar Bradburn! That would be a must-listen.
  10. We lived in VInton for 8 years and my cousin is the AD at Byrd. Byrd will pull away late and win by at least two scores.
  11. I agree this has been a frequent topic and I won't get into an argument with you or anyone else. I will simply point out two family friends held their son's back two years ago. Both kids, whom I have known since birth, are straight "A" students with no maturity or emotional problems whatsoever. What purpose, other than athletic gain, could possibly cause someone to have two straight "A" students repeat 7th grade?
  12. All you need to know about Grayson is, Glenvar turned the football over 7 times (4 fumbles and 3 interceptions) and still won 41-21.
  13. I think the approach you are taking is defensive, judgmental and condescending, therefore, not well received. Presentation is 80% of getting your message out. Just some friendly advice and welcome to the board. Otherwise, I completely agree with the premise. Over the past few years, Galax has been notorious for this practice and even held 31 members of the 7th grade class back two years ago. That group includes several starters on the present football team. I'm not sure of the reasoning but disagree wholeheartedly. My best friend has a freshman daughter that plays softball, basketball and volleyball. He has been harassed for the past 3 years to hold his daughter back by coaches, administrators and even other parents. He refused and I applaud him for it. In the end, do these kids stand to gain anything? It's been my experience, the younger kids who learn to thrive against older competition are the ones who become better athletes. Example, Steven Peoples was 17 years of age when he graduated high school! Almost all of his senior teammates were 19.
  14. I like this kid but if he chooses Narduzzi's bunch, I can't say that will continue! Dude is a complete asshat!