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  1. sixcat

    Mac McClung

    I hadn't considered that but very much a possibility. I don't wish cancer on anyone and don't take it lightly but I'm still not a fan of his!
  2. sixcat

    Mac McClung

    Offered without comment!
  3. sixcat

    Casto retires at Riverheads

    How many playoff games had Riverheads won prior to the arrival of Casto? Enjoy what you've been able to accomplish because you're likely going to revert back much closer to the statistical mean. Schools traditionally haven't fared too well after losing that caliber of leadership.
  4. sixcat

    Brody Meadows...

    My brother's son is classmates with Curtis Neal at Hough in Cornelius. He has a picture of the two boys standing side-by-side that's pretty comical.
  5. sixcat

    Trevor Lawrence

    He's be the #1 draft pick right now if he were eligible!
  6. sixcat

    great coach left us today.

    My wife and I met him once at a restaurant in Charlottesville. He was a very classy gentleman! Rest in peace, sir!
  7. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    I'm not gonna make it easy for you! Branch out from your own backyard from time to time.
  8. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    To the best of my knowledge, our coverage area has 3 players who have signed Letters of Intent to play basketball at a Division 1 school next year. One of those three players has not been mentioned once in this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    QMR is a senior, not a sophomore. I'm not certain which is better and frankly, don't care. It's simply ridiculous for QMR to not be in the conversation and renders the "Top 10 lists" in this thread invalid!
  10. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    I tried to tell people earlier in the thread they were spelling Quinton Morton-Robertson wrong!
  11. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    The end of year stuff professionally has gotten out of control the past few years. Leisure time starts this afternoon though! Have a Merry Christmas!
  12. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    You don't owe me an apology or explanation. I owe you one! Very difficult day yesterday dealing with state bureaucratic BS and it seeped into my post. Not offering an excuse. It is what it is. From what my friend was telling me last night, those girls can play. I need to get out and see them sometime before the end of this season.
  13. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    I was chatting with someone from this site last night about some of these girls playing on the same AAU team. I was also talking to the dad of one of the girls mentioned in this thread a few times. He has been a close family friend of mine for 38 years. His younger daughter is only an 8th grader and plays for the same AAU team as a lot of these girls. We have some seriously talented girls coming along that are learning how to compete from a lot of the girls mentioned within this thread. I've said it for years on this site, football gets all the attention but girls basketball and softball are by far and away the most consistently dominant programs across SWVA.
  14. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Strange! The first pdf you shared doesn't match the email I pulled my information from. Then again, the email lists Bailey Frazier as a senior and spells LeeAnna McNulty's name as Leanne McNurry. Go figure. Pretty much those players listed in this thread are the cream of the crop for SWVA. Some serious talent.
  15. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Love how you say "everyone" in a thread that had one reply prior to yours...........but I digress! Since you quoted me with your response, here is mine! The first category in my original post lists players I have seen. Which should be self explanatory given the heading of that grouping of players in my original post reads "The one's I have seen play in no particular order." The second category is clearly labeled "The following were either 1st or 2nd Team All-State a year ago as underclassmen." I took that information directly from the VHSLCA flyer distributed in late March. Bailey Frazier is listed as a senior in that email. If that isn't the case, the reigning Class 2 State Player of the Year would be most deserving of any list of top players from our region. Dee Cvetnich was not selected as an All-State performer last season which, given the heading of the second grouping of players on my list, would disqualify her from said list.