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  1. sixcat

    Mac McClung

    Playing defense in major college basketball is almost always the last thing a freshman grasps. It's hard to comprehend the level of energy needed to be a solid defender at that level. I don't question whether he can become a solid defender. I question whether he wants to become a solid defender. For that, we will just have to wait and see. He was always going to score the basketball. His jumpshot will improve as he gets used to playing against max-effort defenders. He is rushing his jumpshots a bit as a result.
  2. sixcat

    Zac Ervin signs

    But, but, I thought Gate City was a "one man show" last season? Seriously, congrats to the kid. I saw him at Floyd last season. He played a secondary role to one of the best players SWVA has ever produced. That takes a special set of skills unto itself! Looking forward to seeing him as the centerpiece.
  3. sixcat

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    Abingdon will be putting air in the basketballs before halftime!
  4. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    My preference for Craig’s commentary isn’t diminishing anyone else. It’s simply stating my preference.
  5. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Galax now leads 55-0 5:36 remaining
  6. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    East Mont’s second half kickoff went 17 yards backwards without hitting anyone! Never seen that before!
  7. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Galax is 9-16 for 249 yards and 5 TD’s through the air at halftime. Galax only has 8 rushing attempts.
  8. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    He is the best sports writer in SWVA in my opinion. Funny, Witty and informative.
  9. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Craig must be taking a beverage break! Galax leads 42-0 and it’s not halftime yet.
  10. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    TD pass number 5 for Galax QB’s. Galax leads 42-0 1:09 left in the 1st half
  11. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Brendun Bryson with a punishing 20 yard TD run. Galax leads 35-0. East Mont has possessed the football for 3:09.
  12. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Gage Cooke in at QB and same result. Two plays into the 2nd quarter, 4 TD passes. Cooke to Lundy. Galax leads 28-0. Galax playing without Blake Brown and Kolby Barnes.
  13. sixcat

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Make that 3 early TD passes for Cole Pickett. The third coming 2 plays after a Landon Dickson interception. Galax up 21-0 with 3:00 left in the 1st quarter.