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    AA & A State Championships...

    I don't know him personally but have heard some really good things. Ironically, several current members of the Grayson wrestling team transferred from Galax when Coman was hired. Two of them finished 4th in the state tournament.
  2. sixcat

    AA & A State Championships...

    Grayson will be very competitive on a state level coming down to Class 1 next year. They only had 3 seniors on this team. None of which competed in the regional or state tournament if I recall correctly.
  3. sixcat

    2019 MLB Thread

    So, if Machado and Harper are worth $300 million plus, does that mean whoever signs Trout to his next deal will just sign the franchise over to him? He would have to be worth a billion, right?
  4. sixcat

    State semifinals

    You would think!
  5. sixcat

    State semifinals

    Answer above!
  6. sixcat

    State semifinals

  7. sixcat

    Marion Job

    Tough job if he's going to Person County. Rural school forced to play the schools in the Raleigh-Durham and Greensboro areas. To give you perspective, Person typically plays GW Danville or Halifax as a "break" from the gauntlet they face within their conference.
  8. sixcat

    2019 MLB Thread

    Maybe it's just me but Philly has spent generational money the past two seasons on high-end free agents. If 86 wins is all that money buys them, it would be poetic justice. Baseball needs some form of a salary cap and has for years.
  9. sixcat

    M7 Soccer

    Galax beat Pulaski 1-0 Wednesday. Pulaski was the only team to beat Galax in regulation last season.
  10. sixcat

    2019 MLB Thread

    I feel pretty certain Harper will. No fan-base in sports are as terrible as the ones in Philadelphia. On a splendid side note, Harper's contract will expire in 2031, at which point the Mets will still owe Bobby Bonilla 4 more years on his contract from 1998!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. sixcat

    M7 Soccer

    I don't know a thing about M7 soccer but Galax returns almost everyone from last season's state championship team. Galax will be going after a third consecutive state championship and state title #5 in 6 years.
  12. sixcat

    AA & A State Championships...

    Josh Spurlin (138 pounds) and Caxton Vaught (160 pounds) both won individual titles for Galax. Spurlin won his 4th consecutive. Ty Townsend finished 2nd at 120 pounds.
  13. sixcat

    Akers Out at GC?

    Fort's principal was the principal at Rural Retreat at the same time Akers was coaching at Rural Retreat. I have no insight into the relationship but it can't be a coincidence. Unless Josh Wingate didn't want the job, he earned the opportunity to have the interim tag removed and see what he could do with Fort's program. This will prove to be as bad a hire for Fort as Tom Hale. It's sad too because Fort has some ridiculous talent coming into the high school over the next couple of years. Just my opinion.
  14. sixcat

    Challenger explosion

    Mr. Dowling was the Assistant Principal, coached the basketball team and taught social studies and civics at the small school I went to in Fries. I had him every year from 5th grade through the beginning of high school. @Optimal62also had Mr. Dowling for many years so, he may be able to shed some light as well. I won't get all the details correct but I will do my best. I was between 11 and 14 years old when this happened. He was one of a dozen or so finalists to be the teacher on board the Challenger. Obviously, he didn't win the competition but he did get some perks after some understandable delay given the tragedy. As a finalist, he got to represent the US at the Moscow Summit with president Reagan and the other finalists. A quick Google search suggests the Moscow Summit was in May 1988 following the Challenger disaster. I don't know if it was postponed because of Challenger. I would think it would have been more political than anything else. As a precocious kid, I was certain Mr. Dowling would never return from the evil Soviet Union. I just knew he would die in a Siberian gulag. He did return to share his memories, pictures and souvenirs with his students. He wasn't the most popular teacher mainly because he was tough and held his students accountable. He had expectations of us and was unrelenting in holding us to those expectations. We meet at the library occasionally. I will have to direct him to this thread next time I see him.
  15. sixcat

    Mac McClung

    I hadn't considered that but very much a possibility. I don't wish cancer on anyone and don't take it lightly but I'm still not a fan of his!
  16. sixcat

    Mac McClung

    Offered without comment!
  17. sixcat

    Casto retires at Riverheads

    How many playoff games had Riverheads won prior to the arrival of Casto? Enjoy what you've been able to accomplish because you're likely going to revert back much closer to the statistical mean. Schools traditionally haven't fared too well after losing that caliber of leadership.
  18. sixcat

    Brody Meadows...

    My brother's son is classmates with Curtis Neal at Hough in Cornelius. He has a picture of the two boys standing side-by-side that's pretty comical.
  19. sixcat

    Trevor Lawrence

    He's be the #1 draft pick right now if he were eligible!
  20. sixcat

    great coach left us today.

    My wife and I met him once at a restaurant in Charlottesville. He was a very classy gentleman! Rest in peace, sir!
  21. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    I'm not gonna make it easy for you! Branch out from your own backyard from time to time.
  22. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    To the best of my knowledge, our coverage area has 3 players who have signed Letters of Intent to play basketball at a Division 1 school next year. One of those three players has not been mentioned once in this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    QMR is a senior, not a sophomore. I'm not certain which is better and frankly, don't care. It's simply ridiculous for QMR to not be in the conversation and renders the "Top 10 lists" in this thread invalid!
  24. sixcat

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    I tried to tell people earlier in the thread they were spelling Quinton Morton-Robertson wrong!
  25. sixcat

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    The end of year stuff professionally has gotten out of control the past few years. Leisure time starts this afternoon though! Have a Merry Christmas!