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  1. Single A west

    fort chiswell

    News that maybe someone from smyth county has taken the job?
  2. Single A west

    Patrick Henry vs Chilhowie 2.0

    What day and time is game
  3. Single A west

    Fort Chiswell vs Radford 22-0

    Radford has a lot of sophomores at key positions, things don’t always run smoothly. Fort chiswell has a solid defense even with loosing 4 starters from beginning of season. Forts offense does need a makeover but wasn't much time to do that with a last minute coaching change.
  4. Single A west

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Glad they kept senate but seat in Florida and Arizona will be stolen before it’s over or attempted and don’t be surprised if the same in the governors seats in Florida and Georgia happens
  5. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 11

    Abingdon Princeton Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Central Ridgeview Graham tazewell Richlands George Wythe Narrows Hurley JI Burton Eastside Chilhowie Patrick Henry Rye Cove Virginia Southern Miss. Georgia Texas Michigan Boston College Tennessee LSU Minnesota Baltimore Houston Seattle New England GotW Galax 48
  6. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 10

    Pulaski Co. Radford Princeton Graham Giles John Battle Gate City Ridgeview Richlands Marion Bluefield Galax Rural Retreat Narrows Honaker J.I. Burton Holston Thomas Walker Chilhowie West Virginia Virginia Tech Clemson Virginia Georgia Iowa Washington St. South Carolina Kansas City Pittsburgh Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams Minnesota G(s)otW Union 70 George Wythe 34 Grundy 74
  7. Single A west

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Just curious at LEE, why did Don Williams(playoffs 6 out of 6 yrs), Allen Kinser(4 out of 4)and Terry Martin(3 out of 4) leave or not coach long. I know retirement for 2. They were all successful. 10 coaches in 30 years of football is a lot. I know a while back. Johnny Cooke was a good coach at Jonesville, did he leave after consolidation?
  8. Single A west

    2018 Midterm Elections

    One thing about Virginia, Trump lost the county of Fairfax(DC south) by 200,000 votes, lost the state by 185.000. If the government workers in Fairfax feel job safe in 2020 Virginia will be closer.
  9. Single A west

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 9

    Ridgeview Wheeling Park, WV Grayson Glenvar Radford Gate City Lee Virginia Tazewell Bluefield Galax George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Pikeville, KY Tug Valley, WV Rye Cove JI Burton Chilhowie Twin Springs Patrick Henry Michigan Oklahoma Duke Marshall Alabama Clemson LSU Oregon New England Miami Tampa Bay Washington Kansas City GotW Richlands 68
  10. Single A west

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    I think a coach should get 4 or 5. years unless he has done something criminal. Even at that the board will judge because that is what they ar elected to do. Now before any fans with coaches that they think don’t cut the mustard get aggravated, ask yourself how would I do if I was coaching this same team? Stephen James who was at Fort Chiswell a few years back took 6 years to turn it in the right direction and that included 12 years of bad football before him.
  11. Single A west

    Giles @ Carroll Co. postponed till tomorrow at noon.

    Galax’s field is being used for 3-7 grade football today. Carroll had to play at 6 and don’t know if Carroll or Giles wanted that.
  12. Single A west

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 8

    James Monroe, WV Carroll Co. Ridgeview Union Gate City Graham Lebanon Richlands Ft. Chiswell Lord Botetourt Auburn Galax Chilhowie Narrows Honaker Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Holston Auburn Georgia Oregon Marshall West Virginia Miami Virginia Tech Wisconsin Indianapolis Carolina Jacksonville Baltimore New England  GotW JI Burton 60
  13. Not to mention josh lost  one of his best players in the first quarter of first game

    1. robtom
    2. Single A west

      Single A west

      sorry, josh wingate coach at fort chiswell  

    3. robtom


      Gotcha!  I thought his first name was Robert.  He is in a tough spot at The Fort, IMO.  The principle doesn't care about football and tells his youth league teams not to ever play football.  All they care about at FC is Boys Basketball and Baseball.  And guess what.......the principles brother is the head coach of both of those sports.  You would think Wythe County would have a policy against that........

  14. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 7

    Abingdon Ripley, WV Galax James River Radford John Battle Marion Union Grayson Graham Bluefield Rural Retreat Covington Grundy JI Burton Twin Valley Castlewood Eastside Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Marshall Oklahoma West Virginia North Carolina St. LSU Kentucky Notre Dame Cincinnati Jacksonville Denver Minnesota Arizona Dallas GotW Richlands 78
  15. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 6

    Abingdon Graham Bluefield Auburn Radford Ridgeview Union Grayson Marion Tazewell Northside Patrick Henry Narrows Grundy JI Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Georgia BYU Oregon West Virginia NCST Louisville Virginia Tech Penn St. Notre Dame Tampa Bay Philadelphia Oakland New York Giants Baltimore GotW Chilhowie 62 George Wythe 61