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  1. Single A west

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    I will be surprised if it is close. PH has a good coach just not enough there yet to beat Battle. If Battle helps them then maybe.
  2. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 5

    Hidden Valley Musselman, WV Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland  Rural Retreat George Wythe Twin Valley Hurley JI Burton Rye Cove Eastside Chilhowie Louisville Alabama West Virginia Virginia Tech TCU Florida Stanford Atlanta Green Bay Jacksonville Los Angeles Rams Seattle New England GotW Grundy 57
  3. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 4

    Abingdon Parkersburg South, WV Ft. Chiswell Giles Gretna Blacksburg John Battle Virginia Daniel Boone, TN Lee Glenvar Bluefield  Galax Hurley Twin Valley Holston Rye Cove Patrick Henry UCF Syracuse Tennessee Virginia Tech Virginia Auburn West Virginia Boise St. South Carolina Ohio St. USC   Atlanta Minnesota Pittsburgh Washington Jacksonville Dallas G(s)otW Union 58 Chilhowie 49
  4. Single A west

    Radford/ Fort Chiswell

    26-6 Radford. Radford 314 total yards, Fort 171 yards. Brown rushed for 182yds for Fort, Prioleau rushed for 103. Radfords QB Rupe threw for about 150yds. Fort ONLY had 85-90yds until their last series of game. Defense played well enough-wore down and flat after first play of game. Fort starting at own 20yd line. Gets a safety. Radford up 2(in all the games I have ever seen don’t remember ever seeing a safety from the twenty unless a bad snap or fumble-which wasn’t the case here). Game down hill from there. Radford should be able to contend for a playoff spot in region C if Prioleau stays healthy.
  5. Single A west

    GW @ MSHS

    Big game next week
  6. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 3

    Pulaski Graham Ft. Chiswell John Battle Ridgeview Sullivan South, TN Lee Union Rural Retreat Grundy George Wythe Tazewell  Northwood Galax Narrows Honaker Pike Central, KY Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Hancock Co., TN Chilhowie  Virginia Tech Georgia Tennessee West Virginia Marshall Clemson Virginia Pitt Stanford Cincinnati Minnesota Washington Dallas Green Bay GotW Tennessee, TN 68
  7. Single A west

    Predictions for 1A Region C and D Finalists

    Region C , Wythe, PM, Covington and Narrows the only ones to challenge Galax. In D, Chilhowie and unless someone surprises, that’s it. Usually after 4-5 games you can tell more.
  8. Single A west

    GW @ MSHS

    I think GW 27-10. After seeing them 3 times counting scrimmages, I think GW is a little better than Radford.. Against Radford 4 TO's 2 inside Radford's 10 yd line and bad special team plays(punting) 3 series in a row. Had about 470yds against Radford. Against Fort only gained about 220yds.
  9. Single A west


    Interested to see what happens with GW(Chilhowie coming up after Marion) and Fort(Radford and Floyd)
  10. Single A west


    GW will tell more next 2 weeks
  11. Single A west


    First Downs: FC 12, GW 10; Rushes-Yards: FC 39-173, GW 38-117; Passing Yards: FC 78 , GW 96; Comp.-Att.-Int.: FC 6-13-2, GW 3-7-0; Fumbles-Lost: FC 1-0, GW 2-1; Penalties-Yards: FC 4-30, GW 6-50. Fort had ball in first half inside 10 twice. GW adjusted some after halftime. GW was stopped on 4yd line early in fourth. Fort really needs to dump the split veer. A one back or 2 set would be less predictable. If Brown had choice to cut back to either side he could be impossible to stop. Plus fort has some good athletes to put at wr. Their def is good enough to compete on their schedule but they will wear down like last year against Floyd,Galax and Giles with no offense. After seeing GW play twice they made way to many mistakes against Radford . Three plays on special teams and 4 turnovers to much to overcome including 2 inside radfords15yd line. The 3 special teams plays. Had a punt blocked inside their own 25, next punt a bad snap inside their 25 and next punt a shank gave radford short field on radfords first 3 TDS.
  12. Single A west

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em - Week 2

    Abingdon Bluefield George Wythe Christiansburg Galax Virginia Lee Ridgeview Grayson Co. Graham Marion Narrows Hurley Grundy Honaker Twin Valley Chilhowie Patrick Henry Holston Thomas Walker Auburn West Virginia Marshall Cal UVA Michigan Alabama Miami FSU G(s)otW Richlands 39
  13. Single A west

    Vote for the Week 2 Top 10

    (1) Bluefield (2) Richlands (3) Pulaski Co. (4) Graham (5) Radford (6) Union (7) Ridgeview (8) Virginia High (9) Chilhowie (10) Galax
  14. Single A west

    Score updates 8/23-24

    All 3 of Radford’s TD’s set up by bad GW special teams. Blocked punt, bad snap and shanked punt-3 short fields. Not saying Radford is not better but GW shooting self in foot
  15. Single A west


    Fort looked pretty good against john battle, rushed for 430yds. Had 3 good players graduate, that played both on off. and def. if they can come close to replacing them on def. they may surprise. Coaching has been pretty good. Adapting after halftime will be key. Of course as is with most teams it takes 4-5 games to see how a team is progressing