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  1. SWVA Basketball State Champions

    In '10, James River won the 2A state and Madison County won the 1A but Madison had about 200 more students than JR. The year before, Dan River-Radford-Madison-James River composed the 2A final four.

    Lots of schools are doing that in the Valley/NOVA. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing GC in person in the state tourney.
  3. Union vs. Marion

    If he is from The Voice, is he Blake Shelton or Adam Levine?
  4. SWVA Best

    I really don't get all the vitriol towards this kid. I saw him in the state tourney last year and he was the best player at JMU. He scored almost at will at times. He shared the ball (a little too much IMHO). His defense was not the thing legends are made of but he was no slouch either. His height (or lack there of) was about the only negative thing I saw...and there ain't much to do about that. I never saw an iota of non-sportsmanship from him...especially for kid who has that kind of hops. And I am NOT a GC fan in any way or fashion...but that kid does not deserve the BS spewed by folks like Truther.
  5. Giles vs Appomattox

    Goochland played the actual FUMA prep high school team. Appo played the prep/post grad team...according to Scrimmage play. Not apples to apples...if this kind of comparison matters (and it does not).
  6. Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Congrats to the victors. Good luck as you move forward.
  7. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    @pvfanClarke County's QB is the sophomore son of the defensive coordinator. His name is Colby Childs.
  8. Union vs. Richlands rematch

  9. Bullit Park vandalism

    Hope the a**holes are caught. Just read an article in the NVA Daily that someone sprayed Clarke County HS football field with grass killer or some chemical. The grass is dead in numerous places now.
  10. 2017 Virginia Governors' Race

    Since that Northam ad ran depicting Gillespie supporters as chasing down immigrant children in a 4X4 with a Confederate Flag, NUMEROUS Gilespie signs have been popping up, even in NOVA. Maybe there is hope...
  11. VHS Bearcats

    What was it, a couple years ago, that VHS went to Richlands and lost a playoff game that they did everything but win? I can see another game like that...hope not but recent history is not on Bearcats side.
  12. Virginia High at Richlands

    At least 3 maybe 4...
  13. VHS Bearcats

    Had the chance to get back to Bristol Friday night. Caught the second half of the Marion game. Bearcats actually looked like a good football team...not just a bunch of athletes who happen to play football. Crist is doing a great job. Just hope some of the old booster meddling doesn't crop up...again.
  14. 2017 Virginia Governors' Race

    I travel in NOVA almost daily of late. If yard signs are any indication, Gillespie is wasting his money. I mean there are NO Gillespie signs to be seen. Looks like the energy is for Northam...unfortunately. So it probably means that Gillespie wins 90 counties but looses because of NOVA.
  15. Lebanon vs. VHS

    Forgive him...that VHS is still in the playoff convo this late in the season is affecting the collective Bristolian mindset...No one younger than 50 remembers when VHS was halfway decent on the gridiron so it is a bit intoxicating.
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