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  1. Bearcat Bob

    Way Too Early VHSL Class 2 Preseason Poll

    Gate City pummeled Western Albemarle this summer...and both teams had their studs. WA coach Maynard said GC would win the Jefferson District hands down. 8th? Hardly.
  2. Bearcat Bob

    Who will be the giant killers rd 1

    Have you heard of East Rockingham? That is a complete team. If they can avoid an upset at the hands of Central Woodstock, I would give them a better than 50-50 chance of winning it all.
  3. Bearcat Bob

    Richlands vs Va High

    I hope it is not in the first round... But who knows? The ‘Cats did beat Gretna on the road a few years ago...and if not for a questionable play call, would have gotten Richlands a year or two later. But beating Graham on the road would be a TALL task this season
  4. Bearcat Bob

    Abingdon 3A

    Abington Senior High School (PA) Galloping Ghosts...great mascot!
  5. Bearcat Bob

    State Title 2A

    Central Woodstock is on the “watch list”. However, barring any injuries, East Rock is at the top of my list. Their defense has improved dramatically. The offense is top shelf.
  6. Bearcat Bob

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    Keep her! That is a good woman!
  7. Bearcat Bob

    Abingdon @ VHS

    Doesn’t Chandler Davis coach football at VHS? He is the coach of one of the premier travel baseball programs in the South (Dirtbags). Maybe he can recruit a few of those boys to the gridiron?!?
  8. Bearcat Bob

    What would happen?

    I saw the 98 PV team in the state finals against Madison Co. it was at the old Harrisonburg High. Two of the best HS teams I have ever seen on the field at one time.
  9. Bearcat Bob

    What would happen?

    The ‘72 Tennessee Vikings v. the 2018 Tennessee Volunteers. THS wins when the Vols come up short on a 70 yard FG try and THS returns it for the winning score😁
  10. Bearcat Bob

    Abingdon @ VHS

    Bearcat Dad...I’ve been a Bearcat a few years longer than you. I’ve just come to accept that VHS is not and will not be a football school. Sure, they will have good teams every now and then. Sure they well have some absolute studs on occasion. Milton Franklin and Darrayl Wilson come to mind. But it is just a fact that VHS is a baseball school. I’ve been hoping to see an evolution to a total sports school for almost 40 years. It ain’t happening my friend. Enjoy the good teams when they happen but don’t expect it yearly.
  11. Bearcat Bob

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    It is true to the best of my knowledge. As a normal course of business, Loudoun routinely grants special circumstance waivers for any pre-HS student wishing to attend a school outside of their normal school zone, at least according to my source. See below for the special permission taken from their website. If the student wants to transfer after entering the ninth grade, the normal VHSL transfer policy applies. So, if an 8th grader wants to attend Loudoun Valley instead of Park View Sterling, even though he/she lives in the PV school zone, the waiver is granted. If it turns out the grass was not greener and he/she wants to transfer back, he/she would have to sit out 365 like any other transfer...unless the school she/he is attending dropped a curriculum and was no longer available. I think that, technically, this is the same routine state-wide. Loudoun just routinely grants the special circumstance waiver where as many (most?) jurisdictions do not. I live in Rockingham County and it is very tough to get the special waiver to go from say, East Rock to Spotswood. Special Permission Reason Circumstances Time Frame to Apply Employee Special Permission Parent or guardian works at a Loudoun County Public school and would like to have their child attend their school. The parent will provide transportation to and from school. There must be sufficient capacity. March 1-August 15 (Note, only parents who work at a school where they wish to bring their student(s) - or would like their child to attend the elementary school in their cluster - may apply starting March 1, otherwise, the parent should apply beginning April 1) Special Permission Parent or guardian would like their child to attend a school with available space outside of the school boundary which serves their current Loudoun residence. The parent will provide transportation to and from school. There must be sufficient capacity. April 1-August 15 Family Relocation (Move-In) Parent or guardian is currently residing in Loudoun County, but is building, buying, or will rent a home where the student will reside during the school year in Loudoun County, and would like their child to start at the school which serves their future residence. There must be sufficient capacity in the requested grade for elementary-age students. Year Round* (you will need to register your child at the school that serves your current attendance zone and then fill out a Family Relocation form and provide proof of a pending lease or settlement date which occurs during the school year. Family Relocation (Move-Out) Parent or guardian moves out of the school zone (still within Loudoun County) where their student started the school year and would like their child to finish the school year at the same school. The parent will provide transportation to and from that school. The move must take place during the school year. ONLY during the current school year until June 1* CLICK HERE FOR MOVES WHICH OCCUR AFTER 8/24/18
  12. Bearcat Bob

    Richlands at William Byrd

    He did return to the team and did graduate. Head case for sure but heckuva talent. Heard Byrd has twins that are getting a lot of attention from Davidson/ETSU and a few D-IIs. One plays the line the other is a RB or LB I think. This one will be closer than most think. Byrd does not get a lot of bodies out for football.
  13. Bearcat Bob

    So close, yet so far away

    VABearcat88...the Madison County reference was this...Madison won the 2A 2017 state softball title and returned ALL starters, including their pitcher who has committed to East Carolina. But they lost in the state quarterfinal game in 2018. Had to be very disappointing.
  14. I guess sarcasm is lost in some. Oy vay....
  15. Why bless your heart! We are talking about COMPLETE sports programs...