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  1. Bearcat Bob


    Tell that kid to stay away from UVA until the pitching coach (Kuhn) is gone! I love UVA but Kuhn’s methodology is horrible on arms!
  2. Bearcat Bob

    Richlands Softball

    Just an FYI: Madison County beat Page County 6-5 at Page in Monday. Madison just beat them 1-0 at Madison. That’s the last two 2A state champs going at it this early. Both of those squads are junior laden.
  3. Bearcat Bob

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    ER got outcoached. Plain and simple. I saw it coming weeks ago. The ER coach came from a D-III college where talent is pretty even. In HS, the talent is not so even. In his short HS time, he has not learned how to coach talent, if that makes sense. All that being said, even if Tony Bennett had been coaching ER, I doubt they would have won on this night. QMR was unreal. He was not going to be denied. He has bigger cohonies than any other HS player I saw this year. ER does play a challenging schedule. Spotswood is just across the street and is a perrinial 4A contender (this year included). They played a very good team from WV and other teams in the Harrisonburg area. Their summer program is second to none. You seem to forget that the Shenandoah District has been formidable in most sports for a while. Page won state titles in baseball (against my beloved Bearcats no less) and softball last year. Lee won basketball. Both Page and Luray have won basketball titles. ER girls basketball has several titles. You know about Riverheads. For ER to make to the final four in football and basketball was pretty good, especially since there were only 1-2 players who played on both teams. The Bull Run will be a beast the next few years. ER, Page, Luray and Stonewall are joining the BRD. Now im off the soapbox and back reality... preparing my business tax returns😡
  4. Bearcat Bob

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    I said this earlier and i believe it to be still true. ER had the talent to win the title. However, the coach has much to learn about post season play. Radford took away a big cog and ER coach could not adapt. I’ll write it off to inexperience...but the man has to learn from this...so far, he had not shown the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome.
  5. Bearcat Bob

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    Early in the 2nd quarter, Cormany purposefully and blatantly kicked ER’s player (Wigley). Wigley retaliated and got a tech.
  6. Bearcat Bob

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    East Rock is a better team than what they showed tonight. Cormany did a good job of taking Jefferson out of the game. And QMR was unbelievable tonight. He was on a mission. The Cormany kid pulled a Grayson Allen...should have been ejected.
  7. Bearcat Bob

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    Madison County ran the table in 2009-2010 to win an undefeated state title.
  8. Bearcat Bob

    Baseball getting started

    Francisco has hit a couple of bombs for East Carolina already.
  9. Bearcat Bob

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Gate City posters = Grayson Allen?
  10. Bearcat Bob

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I’m 100% positive this guy is still squeezing into the letterman jacket and heckling teenagers all the while holding popcorn between the knees, a coke under one armpit and both hands full of hotdogs with a cowbell around the neck😄
  11. Bearcat Bob

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Great City...playing against Gate City in the late 70s and early 80s was “a unique experience” to say the least. Our players and fans were exposed to all manner of intimidation attempts, slurs (racial and otherwise), and verbal attacks from the fans. Didn’t matter the sport either. We took it as a challenge. Our coaches warned us to not get caught up in the environment there. I always looked forward to playing at GC because of the extra incentive of trying to shut up the 35 year old letterman jacket wearing loudmouths in the stands. But I never recall any cheap shots by the players; physical play, yes. Cheap shots, no. What does that have to do with this current debate? Not much. Just some firsthand historical experiences.
  12. Bearcat Bob

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    And I thought I was bad...😬
  13. Bearcat Bob

    East teams to watch out for

    Maybe so...but the game I saw them play was not very physical I think Coach C is good at adapting to the talent he has and the type of game they need tio play on a given night. You want physical play, watch a Dogwood district game. Battle Royal basketball at its finest.
  14. Bearcat Bob

    East teams to watch out for

    Friggin Riverheads.
  15. Bearcat Bob

    East teams to watch out for

    I’ve been fortunate enough to see both Radford and East Rock this year. Radford is really good and have probably the POY and COY. But they are not as good as the 2009 team IMHO. East Rock is very talented and deep. Their best player is actually playing at Blue Ridge this year. If Rodgers was still in the fold, ER would be incredible. East Rock’s weakness is they are not a real physical team. They were bullied a bit in their two losses this season. But they showed a lot of grit by avenging the Spotswood loss by playing a more physical game. But that is not their strong suit. Radford isn’t what I would call a real physical squad either. But they are physically tough enough. If ER runs into a physical team like the Darren White led Dan River teams from 10 years ago, their season probably ends early. I just haven’t seen one of those teams in 2A this year. Never know about Region A. Someone always comes out of there as a surprise.