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  1. Bearcat Bob

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    It is true to the best of my knowledge. As a normal course of business, Loudoun routinely grants special circumstance waivers for any pre-HS student wishing to attend a school outside of their normal school zone, at least according to my source. See below for the special permission taken from their website. If the student wants to transfer after entering the ninth grade, the normal VHSL transfer policy applies. So, if an 8th grader wants to attend Loudoun Valley instead of Park View Sterling, even though he/she lives in the PV school zone, the waiver is granted. If it turns out the grass was not greener and he/she wants to transfer back, he/she would have to sit out 365 like any other transfer...unless the school she/he is attending dropped a curriculum and was no longer available. I think that, technically, this is the same routine state-wide. Loudoun just routinely grants the special circumstance waiver where as many (most?) jurisdictions do not. I live in Rockingham County and it is very tough to get the special waiver to go from say, East Rock to Spotswood. Special Permission Reason Circumstances Time Frame to Apply Employee Special Permission Parent or guardian works at a Loudoun County Public school and would like to have their child attend their school. The parent will provide transportation to and from school. There must be sufficient capacity. March 1-August 15 (Note, only parents who work at a school where they wish to bring their student(s) - or would like their child to attend the elementary school in their cluster - may apply starting March 1, otherwise, the parent should apply beginning April 1) Special Permission Parent or guardian would like their child to attend a school with available space outside of the school boundary which serves their current Loudoun residence. The parent will provide transportation to and from school. There must be sufficient capacity. April 1-August 15 Family Relocation (Move-In) Parent or guardian is currently residing in Loudoun County, but is building, buying, or will rent a home where the student will reside during the school year in Loudoun County, and would like their child to start at the school which serves their future residence. There must be sufficient capacity in the requested grade for elementary-age students. Year Round* (you will need to register your child at the school that serves your current attendance zone and then fill out a Family Relocation form and provide proof of a pending lease or settlement date which occurs during the school year. Family Relocation (Move-Out) Parent or guardian moves out of the school zone (still within Loudoun County) where their student started the school year and would like their child to finish the school year at the same school. The parent will provide transportation to and from that school. The move must take place during the school year. ONLY during the current school year until June 1* CLICK HERE FOR MOVES WHICH OCCUR AFTER 8/24/18
  2. Bearcat Bob

    Richlands at William Byrd

    He did return to the team and did graduate. Head case for sure but heckuva talent. Heard Byrd has twins that are getting a lot of attention from Davidson/ETSU and a few D-IIs. One plays the line the other is a RB or LB I think. This one will be closer than most think. Byrd does not get a lot of bodies out for football.
  3. Bearcat Bob

    So close, yet so far away

    VABearcat88...the Madison County reference was this...Madison won the 2A 2017 state softball title and returned ALL starters, including their pitcher who has committed to East Carolina. But they lost in the state quarterfinal game in 2018. Had to be very disappointing.
  4. I guess sarcasm is lost in some. Oy vay....
  5. Why bless your heart! We are talking about COMPLETE sports programs...
  6. There is a line from Roadhouse that says something to the effect that you should never marry an ugly woman. They will drain you. One could argue that both UVA and VT are ugly woman. But UVA’s sports program is more complete💪⚾️⚽️🏈🏀🎾🏐🥅🥊 VT does have 🎣 title though.
  7. Bearcat Bob

    Wise-Central @ Virginia High

    He will do well. Smart young man.
  8. Bearcat Bob

    Wise-Central @ Virginia High

    Is Chandler Davis on the VHS staff? I had heard he was coaching but assumed he was an assistant on the baseball team.
  9. Somewhere, in a dark and lonely corner of a musty old bar, cigarette smoke whirled from the breeze created by a squeaky ceiling fan. The old man in a well worn VT hat lifted a solitary eye brow, breaking his long stare into the shot of cheap bourbon 🥃 sitting before him, when the juke box came to life. The stranger had made his selection and the machined whirrred as the record fell into place. “Mind if I join you”, he asked the crumpled shell of a man. The craggy old Hokie’s instinct was to tell the stranger to go to hell. But as the words formed on his lips, enter Sandman blared from the music box. His face softened, just a bit, as his brow unfurled. “Sure”, he mumbled to this kindred soul. “Michael Vick”, he said as he half raised his glass in toast. “Michael Vick”, was the only reply. ”...hush little baby...exit light, enter night...”
  10. Is playing the “poor beleaguered me” victim game an NCAA sport? If so, many VT fans have a valid claim on that championship.
  11. I know I promised you the last word but I have to say this...dislike VT? YES! Snob? Hardly! I don’t like wine...and one of my business partners played football for VT! So now you can have the last word, seriously.
  12. At risk of engaging you much more then I desire and more than you deserve...you have no clue to what "straw man" actually refers. I'll help you out since I feel magnanimous this afternoon. NOUN straw men (plural noun) · strawman (noun) · strawmen (plural noun) an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument. Since UVA has actually been ranked #1 in football, basketball and baseball...there is no "straw man" argument. Those are facts, albeit difficult for you to accept. But rest easy my young Padawan; as long as Metallica gets their payment, VT can play that entrance song...even if they have never won a natty or even been ranked #1 for any period. You can have the last word, if that will help you sleep tonight.
  13. Let us lower the bar...how many times has VT been ranked #1 in any sport? Even UVA has been ranked #1 in football! and basketball and baseball ... #commonwealthwannabe
  14. VT has won exactly ZERO team national titles in any NCAA sport. UVA has won 25. If you are looking for the most complete program...the numbers do not lie.
  15. I guess he wasn’t talking about national titles? But there is hope. Each year the odds increase that tech will hopefully maybe possibly win one.