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  1. 2018 ADM numbers

    It is amazing how Riverheads manages to stay just below the 2A level while the other schools in close proximity fluctuate so much.
  2. So close, yet so far away

    Imagine Madison County’s disappointment.Defending state champs, return all starters, only to lose in state quarterfinals. Now Abington, on the other hand, with their ace on the mound looked to be as close to a sure thing as possible. Oh well! That’s why they play the games on the field.
  3. 3A State Tournament Bracket

    I thought Abingdon had it in the bag when they beat Fluvanna. Didn’t think Spotsy had it in them. I thought the Bearcats would struggle if Page threw the lefty freshman. The kid is polished. Not sure how long he went. Page has 3 dominant pitchers. Maybe next year SWVA.
  4. Was ‘84 the Trey McCall year(s)?
  5. 3A State Tournament Bracket

    Congrats! VHS and Abingdon in respective finals. How cool would it be with 2 titles?
  6. 3A State Tournament Bracket

    Just FYI. Fluvanna has a set of twins, Andrew and Kevin Ward. They both pitch (lefties) and both hit the daylights out of the ball. You will probably see one of them. The other pitcher is Algeri(?). This team has been together since about 1st grade. They played a lot of travel ball as the Fluvanna Extreme. They have a new coach this year. Really solid team.
  7. 2A softball

    Madison allowed 2 unearned runs in bottom of 7th. All three KW runs were unearned. Gotta make the plays. Tough end for a team who returned 8 starters from last year. 8 returners for next year as well. Good luck to the remaining SWVA teams.
  8. Region D 3A Baseball Tournament

    Nothing back hand about it. I thought our recruiters could have persuaded an old bearcat to bring his son home. Must be slipping!
  9. 2019 Contender

    Happens all over. Today one of the East Rock dads declared that ER could win the 5 or 6A state. I still get a smile recalling his exuberance and hubris.
  10. 2019 Contender

    I’ve been at a team camp all weekend with East Rockingham. 5A teams—Albemarle and Orange Privates—St Anne’s Belfield and Highland Western Albemarle, Culpeper, William Monroe, George Mason, Madison, Kettle Run, and East Rock East Rock is killing it against all comers. I’m going to get out front early and say that they overtake RE Lee in the district and contend for a state 2A title. You heard it here first! They split with Lee last year in the regular season. Western Albemarle will be in the 3A Hunt.
  11. 2A softball

    Madison’s first loss of season after sweeping Page in regular season. Apparently, due to all the rain outs, Madison agreed to travel to Page and play their semifinal game against Wilson, which they won 8-2. They played Page about 30 minutes later and went with pitcher number 2. Lost 5-1 to end their 30+ game win streak. So instead of hosting a state quarter, they will travel to Region A. My son dates one of their players so I get all the details.
  12. Region D 3A Baseball Tournament

    Congrats to Francisco on breaking the record! Too bad Coach Mike didn’t get him back to Bristol. I want to say good luck in the hunt for a state title but can you imagine the Abingdon blowhards on here if they win it? Oh what the heck...good luck Abingdon! It would be cool if both Abingdon and VHS brought home titles. But VHS has its work cut out for them. Page County has 3 stud pitchers. That lefty freshman, TR Williams, is more than a hand full (especially against LH hitters). Eppard is pretty impressive as well.
  13. Mountain 7 Preview

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it?
  14. Mountain 7 Preview

    The thing is that I like Frito. Played with him in Bristol. But, their fans can be hemorrhoids.
  15. Mountain 7 Preview

    Now I recall why I never liked Abingdon sports...
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