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2018 SWVA Sports Pick’Em

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And we’re back! 

We should all know the rules by now, but if you are new, here ya go:

 1. One point per correct pick.

2. There will be a Game of the Week (GotW), with 3 points awarded for correctly picking the winner, and an additional 2 points up for grabs if you guess the correct combined score as well. There may be dual GotWs, so there are points to be had here.

3. Each weekly winner will auto-qualify for the SWVA Sports Pick'Em Playoffs

4. There will be a weekly running total kept to settle the "wild card" spots. This also seeds those who have won a week as well. 

 5. Tiebreakers are as follows:

     A: Correct GotW pick

     B: Closest to combined score, without going over.

    😄 If both go over, closest to the correct score.

    😧 If same score is picked, there will be a number picked 1-10. The number will be flowed through a reliable 3rd party poster (GMan), and whoever is closest to that number wins. We've never came down to tiebreaker D, but I guess it's good to have it before it happens. 


I will post the week 1 games on Monday, August 13th. That gives everyone 2 weeks to think on their week one picks. Remember, someone locks themselves into the playoffs in week 1. 


 Good luck this year!!! 

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