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Lane Stadium Flyover

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If anyone saw the F/A-18 Flyover at Lane Stadium Saturday, you might enjoy a little more detail on the crew.  Stacy is a good friend of my wife.  They graduated from VT together in 2000.  They met as freshmen when my wife was trying out for The Marching Virginians and Stacy was trying out for the Highty-Tighties. 

Stacy is only the 2nd female Squadron Commander in Navy history.  In short, she's a bad-ass!





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8 hours ago, swva_havok_fan said:

I've seen you post a lot with "great state" @trublue What is that exactly?

great state is a twitter site 'originally' started for VHSL scores. When I first discovered it several years ago the creator posted under a score update thread about me mentioning the site and I responded to his/her post "as well, I should".  Thus, why I always list them under any of my posts with info I've pulled from there. 

The site has certainly grown with more posting sports related articles and scores from  VA, TN, WV, MD and DC.

So, that's the story of where I get most scores and sports stories for my posts. 


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