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  2. Seems to be the case two weeks in a row, Union being ready to play and laser focused while the other two teams didn't have it altogether until later in the game. That's a huge credit to Turner and the staff, not sure I've ever seen a Union team improve this much week to week. Hats off, those kids and the staff have made the most of this abbreviated season and now have a 2D title to show for it. Now I just hope a couple people pick Appomattox to win emphatically and decisively, seems like every time it's happened going back to regional basketball the Bears respond and win lol.
  3. I'm not referring to any other conversation that people have posted the last couple of weeks but I do have a couple of shoutouts #1 I wanna give a shoutout to JONES #44 for all the tremendous work and the team member he has been to help Union move on to the playoffs. #2 A big thanks to UNION'S HAMMER for bringing the train horn on the road tonight. I'm sure you got the Union crowd fired up and helped to cheer on the bears. #3 Congrats to the entire team...you are all powerhouses to be reckoned with Like I've said Southwest VA's football is unbelievable and I'm glad we can be a part of it.
  4. Union looked better prepared for this game.
  5. One program had won big games before the other hadn’t. It still rings true. Union was the more prepared and better coached squad. Pretty embarrassing loss for Central. If you live in Wise County, all any of us have heard for 10 years is how this group would go to state. Just a bad L, more talented team lost and that’s a credit to Travis, the kids and the program they’ve built. Central was clearly overconfident in the first quarter and it cost them the game. Sleeping on a team with that tradition and being flat falls on the coaching staff.
  6. If he has his time in, maybe Matthew retires from VA and heads down to GA with his brother Kevin and double dips. Couldn't blame him if he does.
  7. Hah yeah they made sure to give plenty of space from bleachers to sideline. Like I said officials are usually right on top of offside stuff so I doubt they'd miss an obvious call like that.
  8. I didn't see if he was or not Central has their fence 50 yards from the field and I forgot my binoculars
  9. Just getting home. Proud of our boys and of their season. 2nd half adjustments made on defense really did the job and gave them a puncher's chance. Galax won this game with their defense though also. Once the power run game was stuffed, they really struggled to move the ball. Best of luck to Galax going forward. Always pull for NRV teams to bring a title home.
  10. Radio said Jenkins got his fingers on it. They also noted Owens got quite upset, was Jenkins offsides at all? I doubt it, it's usually an easy call if a guy gets an early jump, but apparently Owens thought he was, going by radio call.
  11. Probably was, seems like all the Jenkins kids have been good at blocking FGs and extra points
  12. I think Jenkins got a piece of it.
  13. Was the extra point tipped, I didn't have a good view
  14. No but he did play a helluva game though
  15. Tim Hayes @Hayes_BHCSports #VHSL Class 3 State Football Semifinals: Lord Botetourt vs. Liberty Christian Academy, Lafayette vs. Independence. great state
  16. Can't be worse than the Central fan hollering hold on every Union play and kick him out of the game on a block in the back penalty. You can tell Central isn't a football school with some of their fans knowledge of the game.
  17. wslsScores @wslsScores FINAL: Liberty Christian beats Heritage, 30-14; Bulldogs will travel to Lord Botetourt next week in Class 3 state semifinal great state
  18. Buddy I hope you get to blow that horn so much you have to buy a new one.
  19. Benjamin Cates @bencates8 Final: LCA 30, Heritage 14. Bulldogs claim their first Region 3C title great state
  20. Union is not the same team they were in games 1-5. I think they finally found some things that clicked against Eastside. They came out determined last week and this week to win. Central was truly a great team this year. I think they may have come out a little overconfident and got rattled in the 1st quarter. By the time they got things together, it was too late. Much like the first game for Union. Bears didn't dominate, but they played good enough to win. Hats off to the Warriors on a great season.
  21. No sir and Appomattox will hear it next week.
  22. Matthew Hatfield Retweeted Chuck Pound @CoachLB Victory formation! LB 26 Abingdon 8. LB will host the LCA/Heritage winner Saturday at 1:00 great state
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