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  3. It may have been the middle school, all I remember was the end of the field was open and down a ways a few cows were grazing. Maybe I'm confusing it with somewhere else or something but I vividly remember it somewhere and was pretty sure it was TS. Was only time I was ever down there.
  4. In all the times I have been to TS, and its been a lot, I cant think of ever seeing cows in sight of the field was why I said it. At the Cove, now one year we had to practice around scooped up cow patties that wasnt from a bingo, but due to a fence issue with the neighbors. Even had some break into practice a time or two.
  5. I was there when they played Greeneville in the playoffs a couple of years ago. This clip doesn't compare to the atmosphere of that night, but it gives you an idea of it.
  6. Last week
  7. Next fall is looking promising however. This spring season may have some cancellations and delays.
  8. I'm afraid you're right and VA will have just as many issues but hopefully VA can use whatever advances we have medically between now and start of season and like you said handle the issues that come up a little better
  9. HIAC '98 was insane. Just incredible brutality in(and around) the ring. Truly an iconic match. Undertakers battles with Kane were great. Two great big men with tons of in ring ability and the aura they projected... shew. That may never be seen again in pro wrestling. To build off that statement, will we ever see another wrestler with those type of "supernatural powers" in wrestling again that is (at least in the sphere of pro wrestling) believable and not just corny? Its gimmicky but damn if they both didnt make it work. Bray Wyatt channels that with his entrance and whole persona but idk if its the same
  10. @JDHoss What makes Anderson Co so special?
  11. @BigWinners I think ultimately VA will see just as many issues as WV/TN even with the delay, its not gonna be cleared up. Hopefully we will learn from their mistakes and handle those issues better.
  12. If the larger schools want reduced classifications then let them have it; Set a HARD enrollment number at 350 for 1A (31 total teams) and reduce the number of playoff teams to 8 statewide and keep the +1 since the pool of potential teams is smaller, it also almost guarantees that a 2-8 team doesn't have to travel to the #1 team in the region and get slaughtered in the first round, instead they get a competitive game. Divide the rest of the state into equal fifths and then combine the largest two fifths (5/6) into the largest classification - 5A, and keep their playoff eligible teams at 8 per region since there are so many schools in that classification. 2A, 3A, 4A - keep 4 teams per region in the playoffs and the +1 if the group so chooses(I think its a great idea). Thats not equal in any way but if fair to the needs of the schools based on size. Just a thought.
  13. Gah it was like 2000? I'm not sure if I was even in HS yet. We went up there and played either 7th & 8th or JV, and that field was open at the end and there were cows down in a pasture. Can't I use dramatic license for an amusing anecdote Stripes? You're killin me. It was not a real threat, they were a ways away, but it was still a (very, very unlikely) possibility. Way to ruin the story.
  14. First when were you at TS? Second, I cant ever think of cows being near their field in all my trips there.
  15. It’s not a coincidence they scheduled a bunch of ACC teams. And they’re proving they can beat ACC teams. If not for idiotic playcalling, they’d be 3-0.
  16. he may be the goat, 30 years is hard to do in any line of work but to take bumps like he did, he deserves HOF
  17. Twin Springs was the only place I ever worried about being trampled by a cow stampede during play, does that count? lolol
  18. Unfortunately, most seem to be at Heritage Hall and other places where the elderly are gathered. I think a big reason is testing, it's more widespread than we realize but the elderly are getting tested at a much higher rate than the public. It's been bad at the retirement home, man they really need to get a handle on this, this area has so many vulnerable people and we get the shit end of the stick on medical care anyway.
  19. But my point was, decisions prob shouldn't be made that close to a kickoff. Information needs to be shared quicker and situations like what happened with DB should hopefully be avoided. I'm okay with a playoff cancellation if it has to happen, but I can't imagine the information wasn't relayed until five mins before kickoff or whatever it was. It seems like WV doesn't have uniform rules for everyone and it has led to a lot of confusion. I would hope VA has a more uniform proposal for everything so everyone is aware where they stand. But it's November now. Hopefully, by Feb, the state's will have quicker testing reliability and a better grasp on things. All I'm saying is VAs decision was widely panned by most But in reality , the extra time may prove to be a godsend if VA has fewer issues and can get enough games played.
  20. Union should be good to go by February seems like half the county cases are in Appalachia and big stone.
  21. But those things are going to happen. We knew they would with Covid. I guess we just accept it. The virus hits when it wants to hit. TN and WV have made adjustments on the fly, even if 5 minutes before kickoff. We knew there would be cancellations and things and this is more due to Covid 19, not the people running the state athletics organizations. I applaud them, they have tried to drive on with a season and they have put there foot down to keep the public safe, even if 5 minutes before kickoff. It's not an easy juggling act, but it's just that, it's a juggling act.
  22. Many made an assumption, that when VA cancelled the season in the fall and moved it to spring, then automatically, it will be good to go other than playing in the cold. There were some out there who warned about this governor and clearly made the statement that.........assuming Virginia plays in the spring is a done deal is a dangerous assumption and there is no guarantee. I think that still holds true. I think it's 50/50 that Virginia has a season in the spring. And if that happens, WV all of a sudden looks pretty good and the decision not to transfer out of Virginia in assuming the spring was automatic is going to be chalked up to a year of missed football.
  23. Always check out the goal post in the west end zone. Seems like every game I worked there they were swaying like crazy. Almost like they were anchored into an active fault line.
  24. I will be very surprised VA wont have cancelled games in both the regular season and playoffs at this point.
  25. At Survivor Series, The Undertaker officially retires from the WWE. 30 years in the WWE. Anyone here looking forward to seeing his name getting the call to enter the WWE Hall of Fame
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