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  2. Agree you can hope all you want but IMO you can forget football this fall
  3. I wouldn't think to hard on this one, there's not gonna be any football this fall.
  4. For Tazewell, Gavin Nunley most likely.. Jared Mullins will be a very capable backup. But, most coaches would probably say that all positions are up for grabs when practice starts. I just hope to see a few games this year. (Even, if it's in the spring).
  5. With hopefully the area highschool football season starting to get stirring, who is playing QB for your local highschool team???
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  7. Ryan4VT


    Oh I follow that advice closely. We are certainly not rich. And I could probably do more to make some more money on the side. But I’d rather spend my time with family and friends. Memories mean more than money.
  8. Bigrhsfan


    I don't blame him at all and I think it's great if he is able to spend more time with his kids ! You will never look back in life and say I spent too much time with my kids, but you might look back and regret not spending enough time with them. My daughter is 35 now and time has sure has flown by. At one time I was working 3 jobs to try and make sure my family had the things that I didn't have and wanted to provide, but I wish at times I would have not worried so much about that and spent a little more of my time with them instead of my money. I did realize while she was still fairly young what my mistake was and fixed it and made sure I spent as much time with her as I could, but I still regret the first few years. You can never get those back. Those years while they are young will absolutely fly by ! Please remember this to those of you that still have young ones or are expecting a child !
  9. Graham's enrollment hasn't seen any sharp increases or decreases...been anywhere from about 480 to 530 pretty consistently for the past 10 years or so. Tazewell has dropped significantly, I think it was around 510 this past year and Richlands is around 600, but has consistently dropped the past 10 years or so.
  10. We’re talking a 2023 start date, so that’s a projection. Our population isn’t exactly growing.
  11. Quote from the article...
  12. Washington County SB approved half of the students going to school on Monday and Tuesday, and the other half going on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be used as a deep cleaning day in between the two groups. Students will be able to participate in athletics each day due to the other days being provided instruction virtually. With that said, fall sports aren't looking so promising right now.
  13. Ryan4VT


    He is not teaching or doing the AD job. He has resigned from both. I know Thad reads on here from time to time, and I'm not the person to say why he does one thing or another when it's their personal life. But if a man can make the same amount of money in another industry and also be home to see his young children grow, I'm not sure there isn't a father out there who would take that option.
  14. https://www.timesnews.net/Baseball/2020/07/02/1951-Norton-Little-League-team-made-history.html?ci=stream&lp=3&p=1
  15. Ahhh. Seems kinda pointless to just consider grades 9-11 when you could easily count grades 9-12 and just add 1/3 back. My mistake, and apologies. Just when the VHSL starts making a little sense, they go and do something brainless like this. Honestly, the system we have now really isn’t that broken. Just stop the VHSL moles from leaking info to central VA school districts, and it works out well. This would carve up a bunch of districts and pretty heavily screw some of our mid-sized 2A schools (Ridgeview, Battle, Marion, etc). With those numbers, Graham and Lebanon probably fall to 1A, and Tazewell will be AWFULLY close to the cut line. Richlands is 2A easily, but playing against some schools nearly twice their size. The solution would be having mixed districts or combining schools into a hodgepodge (like the early 2010s MED). Could have a SWD-lite with Graham, Tazewell, Lebanon, Grundy, Patrick Henry, George Wythe.
  16. Would be interesting to say the least. Note the ADM criteria in the article. Only grades 9-11 would be counted. Assuming equal grades, that would put Graham's count at 382...juuuuust a bit outside, BUT probably close enough to get them into 1A by 2023. That would put schools with a current ADM (9-12) of 1001 in 2A. The M7 and SW districts would suddenly find themselves competing with most schools that are currently in 3A.
  17. Graham would easily be 2A with 510 students. However, it would bump schools like Chilhowie, Patrick Henry, George Wythe, Grundy, and Eastside to 2A. And thank goodness, Riverheads. Note the cutoff for 3A being 1199. Note that Charlottesville, Monticello, and Western Albemarle are juuuuuuust below that cutoff. Hmmm...
  18. Dang, Graham as a legit Class A school...Graham, Giles, Radford and GW would make a nice start for creating a new district...toss in Fort Chiswell, Galax, Grayson Co. that would be as tough of a Class A district as you could find in VA.
  19. You are correct sir. https://www.wjhl.com/sports/tssaa-presents-board-of-directors-with-3-options-for-high-school-football-season/
  20. So Washington County Va school board voted Monday for a Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday school schedule with student only going on either Monday Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. How does this affect football in fall with kids not being at school each day. I don’t see any way possible for them to have practices
  21. The one thing you can take from today's meeting - regardless of which plan is voted in - TSSAA wants to ensure that football is played this fall (health concerns permitting). They're going to do everything they can to make sure the season is played as scheduled for each sport. —Stephen Hargis, Sports Editor for Times Free Press.
  22. It's looking more likely for fall baseball and spring football in Tennessee. I see something similar in VA.
  23. It can be hard to look at it this way but all citizens of the U.S. owe what they have to the Founding Fathers; the freedom, opportunity, etc, etc all can be traced back to them. Regardless of how our ancestors came to this country. I feel that the documents Jefferson put together is flawless, and that he left the door open for later generations to right the wrongs of his time. He wrote "all men", when he could have written "all white males". In terms of religion he wrote "Creator" when he could have written "Christian God". In terms of slavery, it could have been listed as a right of whites to won blacks (and given the time that would have been very acceptable) but that wasn't added. The Constitution is very specific in certain areas but vague in others. And they all signed off on it. They put a system in place that could bring about true equality and right the wrongs of society, in time.
  24. The halftime speech of each game could motivate the kids to "do it for the Gipper".
  25. I think reducing the classifications will only hurt the small schools. If you do it in four classes, it's much harder to protect the schools under 300 kids unless the cutoff for the lowest division is around that number. But then it'll hurt the medium schools having to play against 2500+ kid behemoths. I dunno, I don't think reducing classes on is the answer, the answer is actually make these schools report accurate numbers and not allow them to game the system and play in a lower division just to win. There's no reason Riverheads for example should not be playing in the same class as schools like most M7 and SWD schools. Riverheads is so much closer in enrollment to Union than it is to Burton.
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