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  2. GW seemed to struggle some first couple of weeks but had a really good showing this past week. Rural Retreat has a solid program. Missing out on two games will hurt RR but will it hurt them enough for GW to get the W? I think it will be a close one in this Wythe County battle. Good luck to both teams!
  3. You are Correct Hokiebird7. - VTdavis - id says those games mattered especially since the VHSL all time single game rushing record of 503 yards by Steven Peoples against Graham happened in one of those games.
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  5. Does it matter? Not really lol...it don't matter at all...not Galax fault graham was down at the time
  6. As Graham gets more games under their belt, I think the passing game gets stronger. Blevins has an arm & I think his accuracy keeps improving with each outing. He’s got more than one receiver to look to, Watkins had a good showing against Union.
  7. I hope so for the kids sake. I respect the consistency of Rural Retreat football. Dean Rhea started something special there and the tradition continues year after year. Coach Hughes is now running the show and the Indians are solid once again so yes lets hope the game takes place.
  8. I saw Radford/GC. Bobcats' line was weak. If Galax's strength is their line this year, and they barely beat Radford, I don't see Graham having any issues with this game. Galax has been a very strong/solid program for over a decade now, but Dixon is gone now, and I think we're still a year a way to seeing what the Tide is going to be under Allen. Graham 42 Galax 17
  9. It wouldn't matter. Galax had those wins over Graham when Graham had what might be it's lowest 10 year stretch in its history while Galax was likely having its best stretch in school history. Does it matter? Not really. Those wins by Galax still count, but Graham since about 2016ish is back to being the Graham of usual and even with Dixon, 8 out of 10 years, Graham's gonna win. Galax dodged 3 losses to Graham from 2018, 19, and spring of 21.
  10. Does Northwood have a chance in this rivalry? Chilhowie will be without its best player Jonathan Gilley which in turn will be a huge advantage for Northwood. The Warriors will be expected to win the Smyth County rivalry but anything can happen in these type games. I do see the Panthers making the final outcome close with a chance of pulling off the upset.
  11. Two great programs! However, Graham will be to strong for Galax.
  12. Yes they are they actually have three seniors and one junior who have a ton of experience I think at least two of which have had quarantines at some point though
  13. Riverheads doesn't have much weakness from what I've watched but the way to move the ball on them and score is the pass. That plays into our offensive scheme perfectly. However with that said Riverheads doesn't make mistakes and if they play the way they normally play, it will never be close. I do think the Dogs get to put up some points with their air raid style offense.
  14. I think he was saying meet them half way at a neutral site Maybe if Mance asks nicely him and his staff can come up this spring and Turner will do a clinic on the T for him
  15. It will be an interesting matchup. The last couple of years that Graham spent in the Mountain Empire District was Tony's first couple of years as head coach. I think Tony is 2-0 as a head coach against Galax. I don't think Graham had beaten Galax before that as a member of the MED. I do believe Graham wins this one, but Galax is a hard nosed team that runs the ball well. Graham had trouble defending the run against Union. Graham has good linebackers, but they played too close to the line of scrimmage, got caught up in traffic and over-pursued a lot. There were a lot of broken tackles as well. If that stuff hasn't been cleaned up somewhat, this game will be much closer than expected.
  16. If Dixon was still there maybe. But he's not. Graham big.....
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  18. RH offense gets all the discussion but their defense is phenominal as well. Since this current win streak started they have only gave up more than 21 points only a hand full of times. Twice to Galax, LB, Elkton and Covington.
  19. Unfortunately, it could very well end up this way. How are these two week quarantines affecting really good teams especially if they have more than one during the season. We thought spring was bad but it’s worse now. Having to find teams to fill cancellations. Tazewell couldn’t even find an opponent to replace Battle this week. It’s just a never ending crap shoot at this point.
  20. Not married but thanks for playing. You really should move out of parents basement your a terrible burden on your mother and a the free government hand outs ended this month.
  21. Tell your wife thanks, I really enjoyed that hot pocket
  22. oldfool

    Week 4 updates

    Yes it is the nature of the beast lol. Normally somebody throws something in that is on subject. With so much covid crap going on i keep looking to see whats changed and who maybe had players injured. Playoffs IMO are going to take a weird direction with this covid crap . Will we have the best teams stil playing or will it be the teams left that are able to play?
  23. Haven’t you been on here long enough to know all threads tend to veer off from time to time? 😂😂😂 It’s the nature of the beast!
  24. oldfool

    Week 4 updates

    What happened to this being week 4 updates?
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