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    Bearcat Bob

    Casto retires at Riverheads

    Riverheads is like the guy who couldn’t win a track meet as a boy so he identified as a girl and finally won! Good on you!
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    Unbanning myself for this one... 2019 Post of the Year candidate...
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    Union @ Wise Central

    I do think we can run and gun more and still press or trap, Union exerted a ton of energy at GC and seemed okay so I'm hoping with the kids being young and relying mostly on guards, you really just need to rest any big, Falin or Giza for any real time. A 14-15 year old can play 35 minutes without losing their legs IMO. I mean of course little breaks here and there plus halftime, but I believe we can use the weapons Inn the most efficient way if it's an open game.
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    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Good relative to the local talent, which has historically been abysmal.
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    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Agreed. The 7th, 8th and 9th graders are SUPER talented. They don't have a traditional big but that group could be special. In two years, when Rasnick is a senior, Jones and the others will be juniors and sophomores and that team could make a lot of noise. back to RV/WC, apparently TJ was disappointed in his team, benched every starter but one, played him out of position, and when RV got up big, he brought back in the starters but they weren't as enthused and just got routed by a much less talented team. May not be true, just what I heard thru the grapevine.
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    2018 SWVA Sports Bowl Pick'em

    Why am I the benchmark? Lol. The Marion gang is the benchmark.
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    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    I think Union has the ability to be really good for the next couple years. They just havent quite pieced it together this year. Quite a bit of young talent.
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    M7 Boys Games Tonight (January 4)

    That's what they learn in AAU and Rec leagues...been that way for years...
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