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    Region D finals

    Martinsville is not already defeated because of travel, and who likes to travel 2-3 hours to play instead of playing close to home. Martinsville will lose simply because they are not that good. Should have lost at home to the 9th seed Nelson and got a lucky break and scored at the buzzer to win. Won in ot against 4 seed Chatham who had beat them in the regular season then lost to Floyd. They have no size, dont shoot well, they are quick which is their best attribute. If Union is as good as most of the teams have been from that area over the years they will be able to name the score. This game is over at the half.
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    Falcon Mania

    Buchanan consolidation?

    Trust me, if Powell Valley and Appalachia communities can merge Hurley and Grundy kids will be just fine.
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