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    2020 Baseball season is on us

    This. It sucks. Badly. But we CANNOT screw this up. One slip and we go back to square one. We have to take this seriously.
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    2020 Baseball season is on us

    It’s a shame but the governor only had one real choice here! It’s not something we can afford to get wrong and it’s not about politics.
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    2020 Baseball season is on us

    If you think this is going to be over in 2 weeks, I have a Virginia Tech national championship trophy to show you...
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    Uncertain times mean uncertain topics

    TJ Rasnick if not for cancer he most likely would’ve ended as Tazewell’s all time leading rusher and would’ve had a good chance of making a run at the state record for most soccer goals
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    Spring 2020 'CV19' Impact/Changes

    Tim Hayes‏ @Hayes_BHCSports "People say that high school is over before you blink. That quote literally happened for every senior in Virginia today," Lebanon High School star athlete Averie Price told @BHCSports. #VHSL Allen Gregory‏ @Greg_BHCSports This is an especially tough day for seniors involved in spring sports around Virginia. Their anquish is real. If possible, cook them some comfort food or just offer a shoulder to cry on. Compassion and empathy have never been so vital. #hcbb Eric Kolenich‏ @EricKolenich With school closed, the high school spring sports season is effectively canceled. Some 70,000 athletes across the state are affected. Tim Hayes Retweeted Ronnie Davis‏ @RonnieD19169479 Words can not explain the heartbreak I have for this group of Young Ladies. I Love You!! Go Lady Blues!! Jim Sacco‏ @Sacco_DNR As tough as this is for these high school seniors, imagine how emotional it is for the coaches who won't have that last chance to coach them. Jim Sacco Retweeted ERHS Track‏ @erhs_track To us coaches, they're not just "kids." They are, and will always be... "our kids." #eastrockfamily great state
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