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    Picture voter ID card tied to the Social Security death database only to make sure the voter is not deceased. Voter ID cards are issued free of charge. All voters can go online and check to see the status of their vote. All voting can be retraced instantly. No absentee ballot unless it is requesting in writing with voter ID number. Voter ID number must be on the returned and signed ballot. We should be able to recreate the election any time electronically.
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    Election day is a set date and polls are closed at a specific time. All citizens are (apparently) empowered to vote prior to both of these established timelines. Given these factors, all votes should be counted and reported immediately as they are cast. And no votes shall be counted beyond the established timelines. Seems like this would resolve a lot of problems. Tell me what I'm missing.
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    Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 places the “times, places, and manner” of federal elections squarely on Congress. Though states would hate it, if Congress tied some appropriation to the bill to make it “optional”, then every single state would hit it like a shark hitting a baitfish. My proposals, which are admittedly not sufficiently detailed: (1) All civilians, excluding those living abroad, shall be entitled to an early voting period not to exceed 30 days. (2) All types of voting by mail are immediately abolished, except that members of the armed forces and civilians living abroad may be entitled to vote by mail for a period not to exceed 60 days from the date of the election. (3) Voting registration is hereby abolished. In so doing, all American citizens who have reached the age of majority shall be eligible to receive, and shall obtain, a federally-issued identification card. Such card shall be used as identification for all citizens who wish to vote. (4) If a person loses, misplaces, or is otherwise not in possession of the identification card, a card issued by the Social Security Administration or valid passport issued by the State Department shall be valid for purposes of voting. (5) The vital statistic of death shall hereafter be considered a federal record subject to NARA, and the several states shall provide such records to or update such records for NARA for verification within 7 days of the date of the election. All votes shall be verified against the federal registry of NARA, and all votes found to be cast by a person deceased after the casting of such vote shall be declared invalid. (6) All ballots otherwise not cast by mail shall be pre-canvassed by 11:59 PM on the day of the election. Federal funding shall be made available for provision of contemporary tabulation technology for all localities to ensure compliance with federal law. (7) At least 1 member(s) of each political party represented on the ballot may freely, without obstruction, observe the pre-canvassing procedure, and may be permitted to be as close as 3 feet to the officials conducting the pre-canvassing while such activity occurs. That should about take care of Election Day issues, I’d think. You ensure that the vote is as open as possible but restricted to only living American citizens. It puts more burden on the feds, but adds relatively less to the localities administering the election.
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    2021 Bluefield football schedule

    A wee bit tougher than Jenkins and Shelby Valley, KY!
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    In my opinion, the entire process should be streamlined. We are the most technologically advanced society on the planet and we vote as if it were 1821 rather than 2021.
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    Responses/further rambling thoughts as follows.... What I am suggesting would apply to federal elections and therefore presumably be accomplished through federal legislation. There have always been exceptions for absentee voting in place that appeared to work perfectly well up until this point. I'm okay with election day being a federal holiday, but given the fact that early voting is already well out of the barn I don't think that will have much practical effect. If you're in line to vote when the polls close, you still get to vote. If you arrive afterward, you don't. My logic there is based on the fact that there appear to be many opportunities for early voting (both in person and via absentee ballot). I personally believe that Joe Biden was fairly elected as the 46th President of the United States. Unfortunately, the manner in which large numbers of ballots were counted well after the date and time that polls closed gives some argument to those who choose to believe otherwise. Ultimately that is not fair to either party, the incumbent, or the challenger. Just my opinion, of course.
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    Im not sure of the solution but the total $#!+ show that this election was proves that some issues need to be addressed and there needs to be more uniformity from state to state. We can t find ourselves in this situation again in 2024. I dont personally believe that Trump was robbed of the election, but there were undoubtedly some fishy happenings and too many questions that had to be answered on the spot
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    2021 Bluefield football schedule

    Not sure of the dates but Ridgeview's Out of district schedule for the next 2 falls are Bluefield, Richlands, J.I. Burton, and Grundy as well as a benefit game vs Graham
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    Talked to the staff at Bluefield today and they said that it was Ridgeview that reached out to Bluefield to see if they could arrange a game.
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