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    Only in Liberal states and commonwealths.
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    At Holden Beach right now! In laws own a place on the island. Been coming here almost 25 years. Love it as a family destination. Close enough to get to Myrtle...without having to be at Myrtle!
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    that is why it is called Four Seasons Football
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    Yes. Sometimes there are 7 days between games. But once a year there is something like 250 days between games.
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    Is what I am hearing true?

    The In Laws hit that mark of where they got tired of setup/breakdown to leave so they purchased a villa in Pirateland. It was very handy last year as I probably took 7 beach trips.
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    Is what I am hearing true?

    I spent the first five years of my life as a resident of Doran Bottom (corner of Kirby Road and what is now Mill Ave). I might have some influence with current owner. I mean, it's not waterfront. But still within reasonable walking distance if you cut through the old horse pasture.
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