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  1. Wow... Coach Wells already quit UVA?
  2. Didn’t they throw five interceptions?
  3. SWD has turned into the Big 10 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Big_Ten_Conference_football_rivalry_games
  4. How has this thread not been started yet? Palmer Patron vs Unscoutable Bradshaw vs Webb Ronnie Davis returns Blevins ripped Richlands heart out last year after Lester was ejected! Does he do it again? So many story lines, preview of the SWD title? Who you guys got?
  5. The one thing you can take from today's meeting - regardless of which plan is voted in - TSSAA wants to ensure that football is played this fall (health concerns permitting). They're going to do everything they can to make sure the season is played as scheduled for each sport. —Stephen Hargis, Sports Editor for Times Free Press.
  6. If I counted correctly, it looks like 28 teams made the VHSL playoffs with a losing record. Does anybody know how many teams, if any, missed the playoffs with a winning record?
  7. Excuse me but I think I’ve found the problem. If they are using two centers does Center A snap the ball to Center B who then snaps the ball to the quarterback. This seems awful time consuming and is probably affecting the timing of the running game. Or do they have two centers so one center can snap the ball to Lester and the other center can snap the ball to Blevins. That’s a bold strategy Mike Leach hasn’t even thought of. Of course there is only one football, so I don’t think that’s it. So, if there is only one center and the interior line between the center is going to keep getting better and better, who exactly is playing between the center? Never mind I don’t want to know the answer to that question...
  8. 306 yards and 5TDs for Adkins tonight and we are still in the 3rd quarter
  9. That’s a bold prediction considering Trenton Adkins plays in that region.
  10. I’m hearing everybody is going to be Green with Envy of the G-Men
  11. If what I’m hearing is true about the Beaver QB situation, they won’t come close to losing a game next season.
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