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  1. Nice job Ryan you definitely have a talent. GO BLUES!!!!!
  2. That's Sam Barnett he was a barber from Richlands cut my hair for several years.
  3. Totally agree he is the worst QB since Heldreth even Stevie Wonder could see this I drove 5 1/2 hours to the Marion game and every time Race took the snap he made things happen I don't understand heir reasoning behind this I don't post a lot just frustrated about the season I have become spoiled over the years and have high expectations. When people ask me where I am from I tell them Richland's and they say they have a hell of a good football program and it makes me proud. I was also disappointed at Marion's facility they have spent zero dollars on up keep when a visiting team doesn't have a place to go for halftime they meet behind the bleachers I was shocked it was that way back in the 70's as they say Come On Man!!!!!
  4. I remember you could always see his Rolls Royce parked at the Anchorage Motel we thought of him as a celebrity and knew he was extremely wealthy in many ways. Never seen this article before but it brought to light about many things he did for the area brought back a lot of memories.
  5. Great news seeing more S.W.V.A. players going to Emory & Henry great program my friends father is the head coach look for more local players to gain their interest he is looking to recruit in his own back yard also they have a new offensive coordinator that played for Hawaii Timmy Chang Watch Out see some wide open offense.
  6. Good luck to you each day is a challenge I am dealing with this daily something that helped me was doing the Daniel Fast it is not really a fast you can eat a lot of food look it up and follow it then work it in to your daily routine. Plus eat at least 5 to 6 times a day remember high protein and low carbs is the key. I changed my diet and lost 30lbs. without exercise. I am no expert but I commend you on making a change I feel better than I did 20 years ago. You can do this.
  7. I think the Blues win this one after what I seen last Friday night if the defense contains and controls the line plus rotating with the depth and talent of this team they will wear Buckingham down. Mance seems to always add a new crinkle or diversion that he hasn't shown all year when playoffs come around. I was very impressed seeing them for the first time all year plus the substitutes can play as well. Thanks to Razor for the info last week made the trip scheduling a little easier on my 6 1/2 hour ride. I cant make this week stuck here at the Shipyard but I will be listening to Ron on WGTH and hope I hear him say put a W beside that Lightning R. GO BIG BLUE.
  8. Thanks Razor much appreciated looking forward to it. Val
  9. Making the trip to watch the Blue's Friday from Yorktown Va. unfortunately its was 2006 the last time I was there to see a game. Looking for some advice on Gate times where to park can you tail gate beast seats or any Information would be greatly appreciated. Really looking forward to come back home and watch the Blues. I do not know a lot about Grayson but looking at their Roster I only seen 29 players listed does not look like much depth. But any Info would be appreciated. Go Big Blue
  10. Honestly guys just listening to the game I could tell a lot of questionable calls especially on pass plays but Richlands is penalized a lot why is this? As well as these player's are coached this should not be happening. Just curious on you guys input.
  11. I see a lot of talk about the new quarterback what can you guys tell me unfortunately I don't get to see the games only what I can get from the media and the radio. Thanks to who ever started this forum it's great information. I really miss the feel of SWVA football being here on the eastern part of Va. they are no comparison to football here the support here just doesn't exist. It's hard to explain how lucky you guys are they are something's you can't buy and this is one of them. Thanks Val
  12. Talk about one you hate to loose I am a 1976 grad BLUE runs from my veins. I still remember the Jim Hammond Days [Dark Times] but the Poquoson State Game will live with me forever. My wife is from Poquoson and her father was a star athlete from there so we made the trip to the game. Me on the Blue side her and her father on the other side mind you the first time my wife saw Richlands play she was in total shock of how well they were coached and the fan support she made the comment they look like a college team. What a long ride home both of them celebrating their first State Championship. This almost killed me what a nightmare I don't think I will ever get over this one. But I am an avid supporter and follower plus I listen to all the games on Friday Night's here in Tidewater we are tuned into the BLUES doesn't matter if we are home or on the boat it's a Tornado night.
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