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  1. If Union gets Graham in the rain, I like our chances. Union played the graham passing game very well other than some deep throws in the first meeting. The QB runs were very effective for the G men though, so Union will have to clean that up. The park is going to be Rocking and Rolling. That’s a guarantee.
  2. You make great points. But for the last few years, 2016 and 2018, (I won’t include 17 due to the wildcat offense) the vast majority of unions snaps against Richlands have came in the T. Union stayed in it in 2016 @ Ernie Hicks until the last 5 or so minutes of the game where they went to the spread.
  3. Why not already start the discussion?
  4. I’m not taking shots, but genuinely asking. Does Burton have *that* much speed? Do they have *that* much more than Ridgeview?
  5. They were solid. Held contain pretty well. There were a few moments where they allowed some things to open up, but overall the LB group and entire defense was good.
  6. Union has so much potential, and Union is so young. Both of those showed tonight. Let this team Gel, Let it all come together and nobody will want to see them come November.
  7. Varsity only Friday night at Central. Assuming a 6pm start time? I’d say Central girls win and I’m hoping the Union boys can leave with a W.
  8. Yeah I’m here. I also thought those two teams looked the best on paper.
  9. I plan on being there for all the games. I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. Who are the teams to watch?
  10. I’m gonna be at the game. What time does it start? What does everyone think? Does Union stand a chance?
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