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  1. Guys Jimbo doesn't strike me as this type of a guy. But 3,200 signatures? and he was moved to the elementary/middle school. Doesn't sound good for his health.
  2. Maybe but no PE position at Battle unless he teaches SPED
  3. Rumor he was with his staff at a clinic this weekend......NC staff
  4. This is why this board is so good. Everyone gets to voice an opinon. I like to look at facts so Chilhowie has 20 srs that has started a bunch of games and 3-4 of them have been big games. Riverheads has 17 srs and although they have not played in as many games they are going to their 4th straight state title game. Advantage Riverheads. Chilhowie has a tremendous defense you don't go through a long season and not be great when you give up 91 points. Riverheads gets a lot of comments on their offense but if you ask anyone on that end of the state they talk about their defense. In this area I think teams are even (more) on this in a moment. Offensivley Chilhowie has been good with a bunch of weapons although on this level I think Cale and Sanchez are the work horses. The other guys are role players at best. The wild card is Branson. That kid is a man he gets a bunch of credit and well deserved for his defensive play but when he gets a few touches he is hard to tackle. He needs to be involved more. Now on the Riverheads offense. It is power run and they are known for it. Chilhowie this year played 9 of 10 teams that were spread type of offense only Patrick Henry ran the ball. The offense at PH is similar to Riverheads but not close in efficincy. PH scored 23 points and had 290 yards on offense on the first team. that to me is a risk factor for the Chilhowie faithful. Slight advantage Riverheads. Intangibles- Chilhowie is hungry and determined and after last years game not sure Riverheads will have the same fire. Advantage Chilhowie I think it is a classic hard hitting game and Riverheads scores late to pull away 28-14. Good luck to the Warriors as SW VA needs a state Title.
  5. Chilhowie is one the better SWVA teams in a long time. They have a great shot of winning it all. But Riverheads won 42-0 and return 17 SRS while Chilhowie returned 15 or so. I think the game will be much more entertaining than last year and Chilhowie has a real shot but I lok for Riverheads to score late and win 28-14
  6. Guys it may be that since Abingdon is 3A for them to go into their All Region they would have to be all district. Just a thought.
  7. PH is not on the level of CHilhowie that has been proven this season. But PH can show up and just play because no pressure or expectations. Chilhowie with a mistake, turnover or penalty and a long run from Brown it could be interesting to see how CHilhowie reacts. Who knows if PH doesn't throw caution to the wind and tries everything could be fun to watch. Of course it could be like the Grubdy game........
  8. Helper is burton and ph not tied? did you do the tiebreaker?
  9. I think it is based off sr night and drawing a gate.
  10. Current Head coaches and years Hubburd 35 years Honaker Palmer 25 years PH, SP and Ervinton' Mance 24 at Richlands if I am correct Jimbo 20 JIB Mullins 15 years Clintwood and RIdgeview
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