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  1. This decision may not bode well for Heritage on Saturday. You know the coaches and kids from Botetourt are gonna be a little pissed when they take the field and it’s not at their house. And we’ve all seen what this Botetourt team can do with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. They shut down an outstanding bluefield team on the road when most people, myself included expected bluefield to win that game. They may be even more eager now to prove that they are not only the better team, but also deserved to play in front of their home crowd.
  2. It was tied at the half 21 all. What do you mean never in doubt?
  3. It takes a true man of character to admit when he was wrong. To me that says more about you than the unfortunate post that was made earlier.
  4. Not one team Chilhowie has played has kept it close til late in the second half. It won’t be close midway through the second quarter.
  5. As much as I want to see the playoff Richlands of so many years past that really turns it on in the postseason, I just don’t see this game being competitive as of right now. Since the first quarter of the graham game offensively the execution had been absolutely miserable. I don’t believe Moir is a horrible high school quarterback, but seeing him in years past he is so much more valuable as an offensive and defensive weapon. The issue is there’s no one more competent to take the reigns on this team.its surely not trey brown, no offense intended. I think that’s where the teams struggle begins and ends. I have not seen the season long improvements as is usual with a Richlands team. In ways, they look worse than they did at the beginning of the season offensively and defensively and thats not what you want to see in November. I hope I’m wrong but I think Ridgeview wins by 17 or more.
  6. Franklin Essex Rappahannock Northumberland Riverheads Altavista Central-Lunenburg William Campbell Galax George Wythe Parry McCluer Narrows Chilhowie Grundy JI Burton Patrick Henry Franklin Northumberland Riverheads William Campbell Galax Narrows Chihowie Patrick Henry Franklin Riverheads Galax Chihowie Riverheads Chilhowie Riverheads-49
  7. Goochland King William Poquoson Amelia County East Rockingham Clarke County RE Lee Central-Woodstock Radford Gretna Appomattox Glenvar Ridgeview Richlands Graham Union Goochland Poquoson East Rockingham Central Woodstock Radford Appomattox Ridgeview Graham Poquoson East Rockingham Apoomattox Graham East Rockingham Appomattox East Rockingham- 56
  8. Based on my math (take it with a grain of salt) it is possible that if Richlands were to win its last two games and Grayson to lose the last two, Richlands could end up with more points and be the number 4 seed.
  9. 1. Bluefield 2. Pulaski County 3. Graham 4. Chilhowie 5. Abingdon 6. Ridgeview 7. Union 8. Radford 9. Galax 10. Patrick Henry
  10. Everyone also seems to forget that Pulaski is in our coverage area. They beat Abingdon by 28 points a few weeks ago. Their only losses are by 1 point to Northside, pretty good team this year and to Blacksburg by 7. Yet people decide to rank Patrick Henry ahead of them..
  11. Ridgeview Wheeling Park Grayson Glenvar Radford John Battle Lee Virginia Tazewell Bluefield Galax George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Grundy Hurley Rye Cove JI Burton Chilhowie Twin Springs Patrick Henry Michigan Oklahoma Virginia Florida Atlantic Alabama Clemson LSU Oregon New England Miami Tampa Bay Dallas Kansas City GOTW: Richlands 42
  12. May not be better than Pulaski county
  13. James Monroe Giles Ridgeview Union Lee Graham Lebanon Richlands Tazwell Bluefield Auburn Galax Chilhowie Narrows Honaker Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Holston Auburn Georgia Oregon Marshall West Virginia Miami Virginia Tech Michigan Indianapolis Carolina Jacksonville Baltimore New England GOTW: Grundy 47
  14. Abingdon Ripley, WV Galax Giles Radford John Battle Gate City Union Grayson Graham Bluefield Rural Retreat Narrows Grundy JI Burton Twin Valley Castlewood Eastside Thomad Walker Patrick Henry Marshall Oklahoma West Virginia North Carolina State LSU Kentucky Notre Dame Miami Jacksonville Denver Minnesota Arizona Dallas GOTW: Richlands 63
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