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  1. Bluefield could use a running back next year. Come on over. lol
  2. Biased is NOT good. There is a difference between bias and rooting for your team. They are not the same. You can root for your team and still give objective analysis. Nothing makes me turn off a game quicker than blind bias on the part of the announcer. For those of us who remember this is what made the old TBS broadcast so good before Don Sutton ruined them. Skip Carey was a die hard Braves fan but he told it like it was.
  3. I am almost completely sure that the coach at Madison County taught at Orange County last year. He lasted one year and has already resigned.
  4. If it wasn't for the fact that the poor birds often died I would think Canary's would be cool. Yellow and Black. No one has that mascot and it would be a cool reference to times gone by in the mines.
  5. I like Copperheads or Rattlers. If you become the Rattlers you buy all the baby rattles at Wal Mart and take them to your games at Big Stone Gap.
  6. The master schedule usually doesn't show up on the VHSL site until early August. This is the 2nd of a two year rotation so the schedules should pretty much be the same. Flip home away in most instances.
  7. It is not for you. I know your mind is closed to facts. It is for the other people who might wonder what the truth actually is.
  8. Another fan regurgitating poison he has been fed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah9z3VITL6U
  9. Here is the 2005 second game which was the Bluefield home game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4ARu8TVqpc . Please show me where anything in this film shows Graham got a raw deal. That is right. You can't. You just make up stuff and then tell the lie long enough to yourself that you start believing it.
  10. 2019 CLASS 2 ALL-STATE FOOTBALL TEAM OFFENSIVE UNIT – FIRST TEAM ALL-STATE POSITION FIRST NAME LAST NAME SCHOOL YEAR Quarterback Devin Lester Graham Senior Center Mathew Harris Glenvar Junior O. Lineman Ben Cox Radford Senior O. Lineman Will Jones Stuarts Draft Junior O. Lineman Brody Meadows Graham Soph. O. Lineman Justice Wright Appomattox Senior Running Back Austin Holloway Luray Junior Running Back Daelyn Miller Gretna Senior Running Back Trenton Adkins Ridgeview Junior Receiver Jaylen Jones Thomas Jefferson Senior Receiver Freddie Watkins Stuarts Draft Senior Receiver Xayvion Turner Graham Soph. Tight End Kyle Lynch King William Senior Kicker Levi Forrest Richlands Senior Kick Returner Tyler Gilliam Appomattox Senior O. All-Purpose Demond Claiborne King William Soph. 2019 CLASS 2 ALL-STATE FOOTBALL TEAM DEFENSIVE UNIT – FIRST TEAM ALL-STATE POSITION FIRST NAME LAST NAME SCHOOL YEAR D. Lineman Zion Dean Thomas Jefferson Senior D. Lineman Latrell Fomby Stuarts Draft Junior D. Lineman Corlyn Witcher Gretna Senior Defensive End Jayden Watkins Stuarts Draft Junior Defensive End Ethan Hoffman Radford Senior Linebacker Shamar Graham Thomas Jefferson Senior Linebacker Trenton Morris East Rockingham Senior Linebacker Colby Street Glenvar Senior Linebacker Aaron Edwards Graham Senior Def. Back Jacobi Harrison Thomas Jefferson Senior Def. Back Jo-el Howard Stuarts Draft Junior Def. Back Ethan Mullins Central Soph. Def. Back Tez Booker Appomattox Junior Punter Levi Forrest Richlands Senior Punt Returner Tyler Gilliam Appomattox Senior D. All-Purpose Tevin Hurt Appomattox Senior FIRST NAME LAST NAME SCHOOL YEAR Offensive POY Devin Lester Graham Senior Defensive POY Aaron Edwards Graham Senior Coach of the Year Doug Smith Appomattox OFFENSIVE UNIT – SECOND TEAM ALL-STATE POSITION FIRST NAME LAST NAME SCHOOL YEAR Quarterback Tre Lawing Appomattox Soph. Center Kiyale Carr Greensville Senior O. Lineman Jordan Russell Thomas Jefferson Junior O. Lineman Tristian Gordon Page County Senior O. Lineman Kip Green Radford Senior O. Lineman Josh Price Central Senior Running Back Christian Fergusion Appomattox Senior Running Back Shamar Graham Thomas Jefferson Senior Running Back Mason Polier Union Senior Receiver Jo-el Howard Stuarts Draft Junior Receiver Nick Sebolt Glenvar Senior Receiver Tyler Gilliam Appomattox Senior Tight End Kacey Branch Stuarts Draft Senior Kicker Kellan Dalton Clarke County Senior Kick Returner Trenton Morris East Rockingham Senior O. All-Purpose Trenton Morris East Rockingham Senior DEFENSIVE UNIT – SECOND TEAM ALL-STATE POSITION FIRST NAME LAST NAME SCHOOL YEAR D. Lineman Will Moss Marion Senior D. Lineman Seth Hawkins Amelia Senior D. Lineman Jamal Wheeler Appomattox Senior Defensive End Shamar Walker Brunswick Senior Defensive End Trey Trenary Clarke County Junior Linebacker Tevin Hurt Appomattox Senior Linebacker Mason Polier Union Senior Linebacker Kasey Branch Stuarts Draft Junior Linebacker Nick Kastner Graham Senior Def. Back Xaiver Copeland Buckingham Junior Def. Back Robert Carter Dan River Junior Def. Back Taelyn Miller Gretna Senior Def. Back Devin Lester Graham Senior Punter Freddie Watkins Stuarts Draft Senior Punt Returner Shamar Graham Thomas Jefferson Senior D. All-Purpose Shackoy Fearon Thomas Jefferson Senior
  11. Just watched the 2000 game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6opNqaugbOo The only 2 plays that Graham people could possibly remember as "controversial" are clearly correctly called. at 39 minutes the Bluefield QB is sacked and after being driven backwards for 5 yards the ball taken from him. Anyone that knows anything about football knows that he was down. At about the 1 hr mark the field goal by Bluefield is blocked and the returner take 2 steps out of bounds before he leaves the film. This just proves to me that you are blowing hot air out your butt. The rest of the game is about as routine as it can get. But you and all the world can watch it again at the link above just to prove that you don't know what you are talking about.
  12. Lol. You are funny. 1999 and 2003 Graham was the home team. Virginia refs. 2019 Graham deserved every penalty and probably more. That is why they had multiple TD's called back in every game. lack of discipline. Has haunted Graham for years. I will go back and look at the 2005 and 2015 film to see if anything was called back.
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