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  1. If you have Graham's send it to me. Don't modify it please.
  2. Hey GW. Looks like Hazard, KY could use a game 10-7
  3. Perhaps they did. Perhaps they didn't. Doesn't hurt to ask again since both are in a pinch for a game.
  4. If GW really wants a game call Graham and ask them to move the game to Oct 7. If they say yes then Call Princeton and ask them to play 9-30.
  5. Every one of the games for Hampton is listed in the wrong location. Every game listed as home is away and vice versa.
  6. Obviously Bland is not right. It has 11 games and it does not match the schedule that Bland posted on the Mountain District Web Site.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Crhqidvn5CrSwvYsNtW6IGAXkJgn45TV/view
  8. Bluefield has been trying to schedule Tennessee High for years. Let's just say it hasn't worked out.
  9. Bluefield plays five Virginia schools this year.
  10. 8/26 Rye Cove Away 9/2 Thomas Walker Home 9/9 Phelps, KY Away 9/16 River View, WV Away 9/23 Tug Valley, WV Home 9/30 Betsy Layne, KY Home 10/14 Honaker Home 10/21 Grundy Home 10/28 Montcalm, WV Home 11/4 Twin Valley Away
  11. Their job is to look after their kids first. And to be honest at this they are doing their "District" foes a favor. If you really think about it it is better for the district teams to play a competitive opponent instead of Bland at this time. Bland let it be know last year that they were not going to play district football so it is no shock to the other district schools.
  12. 8/26 Gate City Away 9/2 Union Home 9/9 Graham Away 9/16 Abingdon Away 9/23 Bluefield, WV Home 9/30 Ridgeview Away 10/7 Tazewell Home 10/14 Marion Home 10/28 David Crockett, TN Home 11/4 Virginia High Away
  13. 8/26 Craig County Away 9/2 Narrows Home 9/9 Rye Cove Away 9/16 Rural Retreat Away 9/23 Eastern Montgomery Home 9/30 Castlewood Home 10/7 Grundy Away 10/14 Auburn Away 10/28 Roanoke Catholic Home 11/4 Smith Mountain Lake Christian Away
  14. I think the hurdles were even higher for the Covington - Alleghany consolidation since Covington is an independent city and two separate governments had to come to an agreement.
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