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  1. Ridgeview Pulaski Abingdon Carroll Co. Ft. Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Eastside Richlands Lee Honaker Chilhowie Virginia Glenvar Alleghany, NC Narrows Grundy Hurley Patrick Henry Jenkins Thomas Walker Northwood Holston W Virginia North Carolina Tennessee App. St. Boston College Marshall Auburn Pitt Oklahoma GotW Bluefield (91)
  2. I am hearing information that Montcalm is playing at Rural Retreat 10-18 and Rural Retreat and Chilhowie are now playing 10-11. Any truth to this?
  3. It said that they were traditionally a low number school which is completely true but may not reflect the situation this year.
  4. But it also increases the value of bonus points received from your other opponents. When you play 10 games each bonus point is worth 0.10. When you play 9 games they are worth 0.11. Just a fraction of a difference but enough to put you ahead of another school.
  5. Northern Neck schools often play each other twice. Northumberland, Lancaster, Washington & Lee and Rappahannock come to mind. Rappahannock and Washington & Lee are playing twice this year.
  6. Go back and read again. The answer is no the won't be harmed. The vast majority will actually be helped because beating Bland would lower most schools rating vs not playing them.
  7. Still two months away. No big deal yet. If it were two weeks away now that would be an issue.
  8. They could always play the Oct 4 game at Auburn and the 11-8 game at the Fort.
  9. Good teams are better off playing 9 games rather than taking a forfeit from Bland.
  10. If I am not mistaken I think in Virginia somewhere down the tiebreaker procedure rules there is a tie breaker that favors schools that were only able to schedule nine games? Am I correct?
  11. It is not about how many points you get, it is about how many points you AVERAGE. When you play nine games it just makes each game a little more important because you are dividing the pie up nine ways instead of 10.
  12. Not unless they legally transfer.
  13. Eastern Montgomery could pick up Montcalm on 9-27 OR Auburn could pick them up on 10-18 if both schools are interested. Montcalm only has 9 games.
  14. Paintsville is the 2nd best team on your schedule.
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