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  1. Offsides is a dead ball penalty. Play is killed. There was no play.
  2. I think you are right cause my records show that I was there taking pictures 03-11-2016. Just a few months after that game.
  3. They must have gotten new ones cause they are all metal now.
  4. When I was at Clarke County taking pictures in 2016 they had new metal bleachers. You can see them in the photo on the Clarke County data sheet on www.fourseasonsfootball.com .
  5. Here is next year's schedule 08-28 H Bluefield 09-04 A Tazewell 09-11 A Giles 09-18 A Union 10-02 H Princeton 10-09 H Lebanon 10-16 A Virginia High 10-23 H Richlands 10-30 H Fort Chiswell 11-05 A Marion Same as this year's just flip home and away. The Benefit game is against George Wythe.
  6. http://wvmetronews.com/2019/12/06/he-was-all-heart-bluefield-takes-the-field-in-honor-of-tony-webster-jr/
  7. What the VHSL doesn't want is someone selling a "tape" of the game. If the VHSL has sold the dvd rights to a playoff game to a production company they may step in. The logic would be that the production company is losing sales. I don't know if there is a contract for this game and actually I doubt it. But for championship games there often is exclusive rights to film given to video production companies and those companies what the rights that they paid for protected.
  8. Because the VHSL owns all broadcast rights to playoff games. Technically what she was doing is illegal without the fee. She is in effect broadcasting the game. Whether she makes any money or not is irrelevant. She could be taking viewers and/or listeners away from other media that is paying the fee and she could be reducing ticket income. During the regular season the home team owns the rights to the game and if they so choose they can stop her. They can also stop you from taping a game even for your own personal use. They rarely do but they can. Of course they allow a film crew for each team to film.
  9. Friday December 6. There will be no one left in Easter Kentucky as Belfry and Bell County also play there Friday.
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