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  1. We switched to natural gas a few years ago and done away with coal. We now release steam, not smoke lol
  2. Back last year when consolidation was being discussed the Narrows people stated that if consolidation was to happen, it should not be called Giles County High School…. They want it to be New River High School
  3. 2 I believe against Auburn and FC. There was talk about playing Narz again at home but haven’t gotten confirmation on that.
  4. Giles JV got their first real test tonight against an undefeated Grayson team. Giles took the lead 26-22 with 1 minute left and held on for the win. They improve to 5-0.
  5. If this game is within 1 TD in the 4th I’m betting my whole paycheck on Narrows
  6. The Green Waves are coming off their first State Championship win in the VHSL Class .5A since 1939. JM was the 2022 WV Single A runner-ups. Both are undefeated and haven’t played in several years, looking to bring the county line rivalry back. Can one man be enough for Narz to pull off a victory yet again? Will JM make a statement that Giles County football is weak?
  7. Just spoke with my buddy who is the DC for Craig. As of right now the game is still on.
  8. Honaker should give them a run. But knowing Narrows they will find a pull that one out at the very end
  9. While it would be nice to see, I just don’t think Giles can go undefeated in the district. I’m concerned that we may get blown out of the water by Grayson on Friday. Losing to your cross county foe is a confidence killer
  10. Seems like they had plenty of players a few weeks ago when they played Giles. I wonder what happened?
  11. Can we all agree the color Green is hideous? (No offense Tazewell) (directed towards Narrows)
  12. 1. Radford has surprised me more than anyone. They seem better this year than last year when they had Baylor and Preilou(not sure how to spell it). Their team speed on both sides of the ball is insane. They held a good Pulaski team to 10 points. That same Pulaski team just put up 40 on Princeton. But does Christ has what it takes to get them over the Glenvar/Appo hump? 2. Grayson. I expected them to win most of their games decisively but they have struggled with weaker opponents. They did give Narrows a 34-6 beat down in the scrimmage but it’s hard to judge that. If they come out and beat Giles 40-0 on Friday then I’ll put them back at the top of the Region. 3. Galax/GW - both of these have played a brutal schedule so far with Glenvar, Graham, and Radford. But last year, they were competitive in these games as GW and Galax were Graham’s toughest opponents IMO. Are we about to witness a rare fall off in Galax and GW? Or will both of these schools start finding their stride and end up in the region championship?
  13. They still running the spin series single wing?
  14. Graham releases a lot of frustration this game. G-Men 84-6
  15. 1. Big Rivalry 2. Tazewell is one of the most inconsistent teams west of Salem. 3. Virginia Tech sucks
  16. There’s already almost been 3 fights just during warmups 😂
  17. Falcons wanting to get it over with quickly so they can make it home to watch Coach Prime
  18. Also I would like to add that a few days ago I posted about how I’m wrong 95% of the time choosing who is gonna win this game…And last minute I decided to go with Graham… My apologies G-Men 😂
  19. I’m surprised this game was so close after losing to Radford by 40
  20. He only knows 1 word and it starts with a D 😂
  21. Which one of you Graham fans upset tidewatertimmy over on VaPreps? 😂😂😂
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