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  1. UNC West Virginia Notre Dame Florida State Clemson Oklahoma State Carolina Minnesota New England San Francisco Dallas GotW New Orleans 70
  2. I think he’s on Pulaski’s coaching staff
  3. Is Cusano related to the what seems like 7 foot Dr. Cusano?
  4. Hearing Coach Mullins may step down as head coach at Ridgeview.
  5. https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1191014948429799431/pl/B8jTkvAnYBUUJGeJ.m3u8?tag=13
  6. Anyone have the stats for this game?
  7. It’s going to get ugly quick for Lee. I don’t think Adkins plays in the second half and he’ll still end up with what is normally considered full game stats. Hopefully both sides comes away heathy with no injuries. 48-0 Ridgeview
  8. It should be no horn while the ball is in play.
  9. That’s awesome!! Good luck this young man.
  10. Milo...I get what you’re saying but this is a forum where some of us just come on here to get score updates and check out what’s going on in our little neck of the woods. With so much going on in our world today, this is what really bothers you that bad? It’s just like a tv or radio, if you don’t like it, move on. If your beef is directly with an admin on this board, just keep it between you two. I’m sure if any of our rights are truly being violated on this board any lawyer(s) would pm that person with a sweet case turning them to instant millionaires:-)
  11. Do these freshman and sophomores play both ways?
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