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  1. Thomas Walker will need to have made some changes to there Off. this week if they hope to beat Patrick Henry. TW Def. will keep the game close, must use athlete Jacob Davis more instead of a decoy as they did against J.I. Burton. Davis only had 7 touches in that game, 5-46yds rushing and 2-42yds-1TD receiving. He will need to Triple his touches for TW to have a chance. TW has the skill players on Off. to score but they must be more diverse in their play calling against quality opponents.
  2. Thomas Walker hosted J.J. Kelly in 92 and lost. In 96 they won there first and only playoff game, can not remember who they played or where the first round was at.
  3. I guess you will pay for all the expenses ( travel, rooms, meals, etc.) also!!
  4. Gos88t, I do agree with you to a point about the comparison to Abington and Lee County but you have it backwards. Abington is a very beautiful and historical town but it is the igloo, a nice one. Lee County and the surrounding county's are the castle with much more beauty and history. they are more tourist that visit these county's each year then Abington could ever wish for, again not taking anything away form Abington but SWVA does not solely depend on it. As for your Clinton comment I will not respond because unlike you I have no desire for the Hammer to come down on me!!!
  5. This will be the last year lee and Thomas Walker play's in football.
  6. Seen Creech play several times, she is a great player and it is always nice to see local talent get national attention. I do agree with most that she will need to adjust her game at the next level but I think with some time she could do very well. Wish her the best of luck at WKU!!
  7. Now about lee High, they are the one that got the bad end of the stick. Terry done a great job and would have continued too. Coach Martin had a great staff and the only man standing is Pendergraft. I think Jeremy can do a good job but it took Lee back about 3 steps. Just Hope they can stay on the level they were at.
  8. Who is the new Coach at Eastside, I hated to see Matt go but it was probably time.
  9. Glad to here that Handcock got a new coach, Just like TW they have had a very good little league system that just did not translate to High School. Hope that changes. TW will once again be around 30 give or take. There little league is the best is has been but a lot of the kids would not play for Coomer or some coaches on his staff. There Middle School team has improved with numbers and has been having 10 or more 8th graders for the last 3 seasons but again all would not play on varsity. A lot of those kids will come out now and with such a small Sr. class TW could field 40 or some next season and the middle school will be a heavy 8th grade team with close to 15. Not all will play varsity but with the little league set up the way it is there should be 10 or so in every class for sometime to come and the talent and size. Tim Johnson is a great OC and will have to change thinks up at TW due to players ability and youth but they will have more size then ANY other TW team. Yes I could be looking with blinders on, I have watched and played for TW from day one of the program. The kids are working harder then ever and the weight room numbers are more then most past teams that TW has fielded so as a fan and talking to others in the community the air is field with hope. TW will lose games but they will not be pushed around and intimidated as in the past. Big things are coming just set back watch and enjoy or envy witch ever may be the case.
  10. As I said above the Defense played great at the end of the season. With 8 starters returning on D it will be the strength of the team to start the season off but unlike Coomer, Coach Ayers Will play his best 11 on the field. Coomer coached like TW had 50 players and he only played about 5 kids both ways, thinking he could avoid injuries which as stated above did not work out. As for Ayers being a puppet or liability then you have know idea about TW football. Brain Lee was the liability and if he did not have the coaching staff that he did he would not have won 3 CDC in a row nor the games that he won. Ayers is the first coach since Neil Johnson that has the ability to make TW respectable again, he will have mostly the same staff that was there when he left other then Lee. Thomas walker will be bigger, stronger and faster that last season and it will be a glimpse of things to come. No I do not see TW being world beaters this season they are to young but with the same schedule as last season and staying healthy then 4-6 or 5-5 is very possible but regardless of their record when they lose games they should win it will not be because the Coach lost it for them like Coomer did way to many times in his three yrs. I do agree with you on one thing, Rye Cove could be very good in a few yrs. Coach Toney is what they needed but as much as I would like to see Handcock improve it will not happen until they have a coach change.
  11. That he did. Shawn Williams was a very tough kid to be his size, it was a shock to the team and when Pittman went down in the 5th game it looked like TW was done for but Ayers, Nelson and several young players dug deep and won 2 of the last 3 giving J. I. Burton fit's in the last game. The Defense took big steps in those games and was what made the different in the team.
  12. Thomas Walker is in far better hands with Coach Rodney Ayers then they were with Brain Coomer! The kids are very excited about the up coming year and what lies ahead for them in the future. Coach Coomer is very knowledgeable about the game but can not translate it to the kids, he does not believe in motivating them and micromanages the whole team to include his Assistant Coaches and it caused mass confusion for everyone for his 3 yrs. at TW. Last season TW went 3-7 for the year but lead at the half in 6 games. They also lost 2 of those game with leads in the 4th and ended up the 17th seed just missing the playoffs. Some may look at it as and improvement from his past two seasons, winning 1 and 2 games respectively. After looking at said above you can see that last season was a total failure and time for him to go. Thomas Walker will be young this season with only 5 to 6 Sr. and only two true starters of that class but have solid Jr. Soph. and Fr. classes. TW could and should be better then last season and may sneak into the playoffs. The talent is there and the numbers are coming but they have a Coach who will take pride in his job and will let his Assistants do there's.
  13. Glad to see Lee Co. and the Cumberland Dist. represented well. 3 great players!!
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