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  1. I can't stand this kind of a program, a bunch of thugs on the basketball court with a coach that supports it. I hope GC pounds them through the hardwood flooring, good luck to all the SWVA teams , lets show what the boys and girls from the mountains can do.
  2. Wow, can't believe somebody gonna sit a knock the other players, tell me how the hell is anybody supposed to get evolved in a game when one kid is taking every shot. Say he carried you, well when nobody else has a chance its hard to get into any kind of a groove. DR sounds like they played as a team and won as a team.
  3. Question, are all teams at the point win or lose they still move on ?
  4. I appreciate you doing this for the fans. Would help more if I knew more
  5. 1/31 Cwood 57 TS 56 boys dont know the score but Cwood girls lost to TS in a close one
  6. Dont know how much of a difference it would of made tonight but Leb lost three of their best during Christmas break.
  7. Somebody might of already said but ill ask anyhow, is the GC game on the radio?
  8. What is the pitch count going down to, i thought where is was set at was fine, what the heck are they going to now? I pitched every other game in highschool and through the whole game and have no clue what my pitch count got up to and I never remember having arm troubles, its all about warming up correctly and getting the proper treatment after a game. But ofcourse im no doctor and was ok with a pitch count as long as it isnt ridiculous.
  9. The Castlewood boys haven't played Central yet but they do play each other in the first round of the Wise Tipoff. I do think the Cwood girls played Central though.
  10. Very few are coming to watch all the games and then pay out the ying yang for a bottle of water and a dog. Its to much , especially when you have to pay for a family of three or four and times that by three days and it equals to much.
  11. Been trying to find a complete listing of all the teams in this tournament, no luck so far. Is there a site I can see all the teams playing?
  12. Thats a wake-up call to the rest of the Cumberland, ive been hearing people say RC was gonna be the sleeper team in the district and this sure makes it look that away. Even if Lee is down they went to OT with ES and got beat by 12 to the Cove so it's gonna be interesting.
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