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  1. Can someone share the Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, 1st/2nd Teams and Honorable Mentions for the 2015/16 Girls Basketball season for the Mountain 7/Clinch Mountain Conference? I know Kayla Mullins (Ridgeview) was the player of the year. Not sure who the coach of the year was or the others. Thanks
  2. Would anyone be able to tell me Grundy's individual state winners from 2008-2014?
  3. I was needing last seasons seedings for the 2A West Regional Tournament and 2A State Tournament for both softball and baseball from last season?
  4. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the seedings from last seasons 2A West Regional Tournament and 2A State Tournament for both boys and girls basketball?
  5. Could anyone tell me the Mountain District Standings in Softball and Baseball for 2016 Season?
  6. Does anyone has last seasons 2016 Baseball and Softball Schedules and results for the Ridgeview Wolfpack?
  7. I am looking for the BDD Regular Season and Tournament Championship History from the beginning until last year for Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball? Thanks in advance
  8. Does anyone know who won the Clinch Mtn/Mountain District in 2013 and 2014? These are the champions that I know of: 2007 - Lebanon 2008 - Gate City 2009 - Gate City 2010 - Gate City 2011 - Gate City 2012 - John Battle 2015 - Union 2016 - Union
  9. I know the past 4 Cumberland champions. 2013 Clintwood 2014 Clintwood 2015 JI Burton 2016 JI Burton Can anyone name the others?
  10. St. Paul's last season in BDD was 1989. Grundy joined in 2011.
  11. Thanks, Is this the original BDD Members in 1978? Haysi, Hurley, Garden, Pocahontas, and St. Paul? Then St. Paul left after 1989 season and Honaker joined in 1988? I am a little confused on Honaker winning in 1988, the reason is I don't show them playing all the BDD teams that season(They only played Haysi,Garden, St. Paul and Hurley) it shows that they didn't play Pocahontas until 1990. It looks like they didnt start playing all BDD teams until 1990. I am told Pocahontas stayed in the BDD until 1995. Could someone confirm that Honaker actually won in 1988?
  12. Thanks everyone for the info. Does anyone know when Honaker joined the BDD?
  13. Would anyone be able to tell me the Cumberland Football district champions from start of the district to now? Also, when the schools joined and when they left? Thanks
  14. Would anyone have the LPD football district championships from start to finish? Also, looking for when teams joined and when they left the district. Thanks in advance.
  15. I just asked Greg Tester and he said that Hurley only won 3 BDD titles. 1982,1992 and 2016.
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