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  1. The whole video setup was done during daylight hours, thus not accounting for the darkness in the background vs the bright lights, so that will effect everything from quality of the picture to the ability of the camera to follow the action, The game feed announcer said that the complaints would be sent in to fix the problem. the pregame picture(daylight) looked very good
  2. game has been postponed until FRIDAY at 7pm
  3. get yourself a BIGFOOT MONSTER truck, or rent a lift,just a question here, will GRAHAM have to go by the same rules or will they let the city of BLUEFIELD decide who gets in and the total atten. ?
  4. As a side note how many tree stands will be going up a BULLIT PARK this weekend for the real fans?We have plenty of trees along the green belt, also I have been told that the overflow parking at LONESOME PINE HOSPITAL will show the game live on a large screen/same with WED. BASKETBALL , DOE AND JOE WILL BE THERE ALSO
  5. Yes but he was like 15 then, a rebounding machine, the next 2 years he became the superstar, the games against Steve Marcee was legendary Myers and Davis would shoot just as they crossed half court, Buck Van Huss said it was the best Team he had ever seen no matter class
  6. This Union team has the same kind of kids that PV once took to state, no real superstars , The Big Stone Bombers, Burrell Pearls , Hamler the super sol. Catbird Jackson, Denis Davis , Jerry Myers, and big nasty Jimmy Mitchell( James Mitchell’s dad)!...just a bunch of average players that won state, just like these kids working hard everyday and loving the game, they may loose but they will not be out worked , I expect full court pressure and some bodies up against the other kid to try to get him into foul trouble Goid luck Bears
  7. So is there any truth to the rumors of the whole CENTRAL football team being in quarantine?if so how does that effect the first game for them?A players mother works here at the town and she is off because of this, so i have to believe the rumors, anyone inside the program have better knowledge of the programs status
  8. UNION played in Bluefield in 2019, so should we not be at home in the fall of 2021 due to covid , and not playing in 2021 spring game?
  9. The year that UNION went to APPO, it was cold as blue blazes, we had our butts kicked, thats all I remember, your crowd was loud , but they had alot on thier mind ,as that morning they had lost a student athlete....later that SAT/SUNDAY night our cheerleaders mother was murdered. The APPO community honored her the next week with a FLAG at half staff, very classy.I will say this ,your coach,community and team have much to be proud of and our prayers for coach SMITH will continue until he recovers.ROWDY maybe not , but CLASSY -YES
  10. One or two of the present RBs will graduate/transfer to a bigger school, that takes them down to 4, two of which are redshirt freshmen, all under 6 ft but with speed. He will get his chance at RB, but right now its DB
  11. Looks like he is being recruited as a linebacker/ safety for now, good luck young man
  12. He will be a great fit for TOLEDO,most of their backs are shorter than 6", he has good hands and great size , i see it as a win win for him and the school.My son loves it there, but he will grad. in DEC. already has a job offer with AMAZON, so they make you earn that degree
  13. Word has it that its TOLEDO, 8 backs on the roster for 2020. The bulk of the work has been by Koback (j) and Seymore(s), he posted himself in UNIFORM TODAY,but who knows
  14. My son will receive his degree in Dec. at TOLEDO, good school, decent football.....but cold as crap, and very liberal in their thinking. They have some great talent on the team that may not have received offers from bigger programs due to grades or other issues, kinda the MARSHALL of the NORTH
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