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  1. This gives me a headache but it’s good
  2. both will win in 4 weeks and it will not be close ,as for this game , who knows the BIG R has improved since they played UNION, and the GMEN.......well lester will have to change cleats at halftime because he will be burning up the turf running so much
  3. I would say that you haven’t watched Turner during the halftimes, he was on his team to wake up, truth is this they are wore out, no easy weeks off , no breaks since July . It will be fine no matter what seat we land at , I think 1—5 will all have a chance at region D and Turner will let them heal rest and get ready for a playoff run
  4. Wolfpack by 2 tds , Adkins runs for a buck ninety and adds 176 in recieving
  5. Not really maybe you should look me up bitchy rich, not dangerous at all just well trained
  6. Screen names , are just a cover to let little men/ ladies express their views without fear of reprisal if the offended party might be bat s@@@ crazy like..me is met in public . Havok and I have picked on each other over a year or two, he knows who I am and I know who he is, as well as several others. Now here is a thought maybe just maybe “if I wanted too” we all would know your name , but in my best TheRock voice IT DOESNT MATTER , so have a good day, smile ,laugh, and thank God for everything you have.
  7. Listen, Union lost, Central won ,but the only games that matter is in two weeks. Missed tackles, blocks , bad snaps, bad throws don’t matter now . Get healed up, work on the negative plays, and for goodness sake don’t argue with those who are ignorant of the game or of our tradition .
  8. Yeah I heard that too but that’s just an excuse, play was the problem period
  9. Nope not at all sweet cheeks , poor talking did . You are always trying to bust my chops but let’s see how you put it last year , oh yeah Union beat the Wolfpack
  10. No sour grapes here , Central out played us in every aspect of the game, congrats Warriors you earned it , and I think you earned a playoff spot
  11. Stevie Wonder can seen that he is a little made at UNION for beating his BIG R, heck i bet he was the one who sent the football team out against our band,no no no he is mad because POLIER power bomb his favorite BIG R player. He should put his pride where his mouth is, and bet us if UNION beats the BIG R again he has to go topless and paint his body in UNION colors ,with a great big U on himself, and wear a UNION hat for a year
  12. Young kids still growing, in some cases muscle growing stronger and faster than bones and the tendons and ligaments that attach to them, plus the no give of turf .
  13. yeah i remember the JUSTICE kid from HURLEY/RICHLANS, that was a shame, seems like the GMEN had some bad acl issues too
  14. DONNIE JENKINS AKA THE SPORTS BEAST on FACEBOOK,if there is a written record he has it
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