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  1. Seems like we heard the same kind of noise when Mullins quit, it’s the coaches fault, ect ect ect.The Wolfpack did really well last year, nothing short of a miracle would have changed the regional, it was a good job by the young men and the coaching staff, so kudos to them
  2. What a player will be vs what he is now is different , head to head is no competition at all based on points blocks turnovers ect ect ect. I don’t see the the Falcons going past the first round, now if the big guy was there it could have changed everything
  3. Who again is AA player of the year?Who has more ppg ? Which team played a tougher schedule? Just saying!!!Bunch is a better shooter , and on the better team, there are several player in Mountain 7 who could start for anyone , but saying the kid from the largest school in the district , is better……well…..not so much
  4. Union 62 O H Red 57. Bunch 37pts and 14 boards
  5. Good showing by Union, they played at the Falcons last night late getting back then had a long trip up 81 , so not too bad
  6. To quote Clubber Lang , my prediction is pain lots of pain , champions are good as well as lucky, the stars have to align and injuries must be kept at minimum. Appomattox, Union and the GMEN can attest to that, sometimes one man can make you or break you . KW was the healthiest football team in the final 8 and they took home the title. If Graham and KW both played healthy , well who knows what may have happened
  7. Misquote—should say “and you had to cleats”
  8. Both Bradshaw and Medows have committed to VT
  9. So l guess that’s a yes, must be old news but I just found out, Bradshaw next?
  10. I was just wondering, how do the Riverheads guys do as far as getting offers from Div 1 schools?
  11. BAD BAD storms heading your way, killed at least 50 in Ky , prayers for everyone
  12. I predict the highest point total by the GMEN in state playoff history, something north of 55 points,it could be 70 but PALMER will play members of the cheerleaders and band
  13. Bradshaw will be the key,if Appomattox uses two he will be used as a decoy, if it’s single coverage it will be a lot of dinks and dunks with Bradshaw one on one after he catches it, it may be a five wide game for the GMEN .
  14. Some people, jeeez when they played earlier we still had a healthy Hunnycutt and a healthy line, both were missing in Bluefield for the second game, and Travis is a great coach , he hasn’t won state yet but he will, and comparing his years at Union vs anyone except Appomattox, who do you have better ???not many at all. D B wanted him, I hear TN wants him, and I would think Richlands would love to have him if the present coach leaves
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