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  1. JIMBO , should step down, I hate it because he deserves a chance to defend himself.He should except the fact that several things are working against him and just go into retirement. I know NOTHING about what happened there but I disagree with the logic that rape, sexual assault , battery, harassment crimes are never made up. I can speak from my 30+ years on the job and tell you that under the best circumstances (DNA,PICTURES , VIDEO,and other evidence)these type of crimes are hard to prosecute and get a conviction on.The STATE POLICE will do their job and do it well,to get to the truth......even in the worst lies ,there is some truth.The RAIDERS need to move on, not because JIMBO is guilty, but because the kids just need a clear head and play ball
  2. You took this whole thing wrong, I agree ,but my point was this "with the false reports comes women who will now not report a crime, the KAVANAUGH hearings were a good example of that, kinda like crying wolf all the time.I would rather let 100 guilty people go than to lock up one innocent person. The ones who may have looked into this , may have been too close to be objective
  3. The whole "ME TO MOVEMENT" has had a negative impact on real reports of rape , sexual harassment , and the sexual battery charges across the country. The false allegations have put a bad light on the young women who have come forward to report these assaults. I dont know JIMBO , but these allegations need to be looked at by a agency like the STATE POLICE. That way both parties involved get a impartial finding.
  4. now go back to the first year white uni with the navy numbers
  5. Barry Jones will be back in GATE CITY BLUE for next year, coaching the line and d-fence
  6. I would love to see him as a asst. coach at UNION, less stress and keep him in the game he loves.I could see some players going that way too.
  7. The BIGGER SCHOOL rule does not really stand up, D B gut thumped by GREENVILLE,Union played Betsy on even terms,Appo played and beat bigger schools. Here is a quote from my former coach and former D B head coach GRAHAM CLARK: X's and O's will match up on every great program but the jimmy and joes who come off the bench to fill your holes in the 4th quarter will be the difference. He also compared the OLD LPD schools who won state to being as good as if not better than those teams who won state there, but numbers count.It is easier to find 22 great players in a school of 3000 than it is in a school of 700. Greenville had a great run so did Appo, as well as PV,APPY ,GILES,GRETNA AND OTHERS. D B has under achieved for sure but thats the game.
  8. this may be best for the young man,lots of off the field/court problems. Union friends/team mates not helping this kid any, best of luck, he has too much talent to go down the wrong path
  9. Jones or Gibson, both are gun slingers but somehow Brody G will light a fire under the QB position as he adds one more running back in the backfield , but also can throw.Union will run the fullhouse almost every play , untill the cb gets caught looking in the backfield and boom, over the top to yet another JENKINS SPEEDSTER
  10. was sexton a senior? and is most of the line back
  11. Nothing wrong with that, I think even Burrell Paye kinda wanted his players in the gym and not on the field, JIMMY MITCHELL and CATBIRD were exceptions during the state title run. Ihave seen him play both sports , and I would say that he has a better shot at a football offer than basketball(he is very good in both)When you compare the % of high school who get offers from div 1 schools they are this: baseball 2.2%, basketball 1.0% and football 2.8%, so as you can see its a numbers game. The kid has great size and arm strength , and you cant coach height. Good luck
  12. I know ANDYS dad is on this board so maybe he can speak about the reason he has decided to drop football.We have to remember that JAMES MITCHELL was considered a basketball star to be when he was younger, I just think that ANDY had the arm and ability to be the best QB at UNION ever, but now we will never know.........
  13. The QB position has become a issue with UNION,I was told that ANDY JONES has decided not to play football, instead just to focus on BASKETBALL.I guess the AAU coaches told him that would serve him best.ANDY is a very talented kid and I think his AAU coach maybe thinking of his summer league team and not the kids best interest.Now BRODY GIBSON gets the nod,he is a gun-slinger too, but I have heard we will be HUGE in the backfield and very fast at wideout.
  14. Wonder if Rhoads would apply? he may want to run with the big dogs in AA , he has the talent for "D" and who knows who he may pull back from UNION
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