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  1. Good teams tend to make the other team make mistakes, so both Graham and Union made the other one make mistakes.I for one know that the refs were bought off, I seen Jeremy Pruitt ( former Tennessee coach) passing out their money in McDonald’s bags , now disprove that even the NCAA said he does it . Enough of the Ref stuff, was it a perfect game for either Team,? No so let’s see where the road leads and maybe we will get to see these two go at it again
  2. Unions Band kicks butt,some bands just beat their drums, cause noise, but Union plays loud Music, I don’t like the long haired stuff . If you ever seen Surrys’ band they put on a show even in 3 inch deep mud like they did at State finals against Appalachia in Big Stone Gap,many years ago
  3. Hay I am at the beach do I need to kidnap Mance
  4. See you again in a few weeks,
  5. Game day , win loose or draw no excuses, no refs beat us , so and so didn’t play, if and buts candy and nuts , as they always say “ shut up and play the game, it should be a good hard hitting game, May God be with these young men, good health and no injuries
  6. Geeeez , I guess we should have seen this coming, the only question is when Big Brother Ralphie does it to Va.I would guess two or three days after the Governor’s election……got to be able to go to the graveyard and get those good democrats to Vote
  7. Most people who get the clap don’t move so good hahaha
  8. All the Union fans are going to turn on their cell phone speakers and we will pipe in the train horn during the GMEN o series, and we will settle for 4 yards and a cloud of turf
  9. Travis has NOT used the T yet this year but I bet we see it come Thursday, I am sure this is a revenge game for the GMEN. They will crowd the line and Da Bears will settle for the 3 or 4 yards on each play, because we know that no ball means no Mr Bradshaw scoring
  10. Yeah I am aware, just pointing out that if he is on D most of the time , he won’t have the ball
  11. Richlands should consider slowing the game down, limit the GMEN touches, it seems to frustrate them. The offense should use every second of the play clock and use that big line and QB to run the ball. Play keep away from Mr Bradshaw and make him defend 20 + play drives on defense, it seems to work for Union
  12. The 90’s were great for the Pv crew
  13. Smoked, no answers d coach was offered help by Phil Robbins but he refused said he knew the offense, butttttttt———
  14. you are right, but the single wing or whatever they ran confused our d coach, that along with the D END BEING HURT DIDNT help......oh yeah the refs cheated us wink wink wink.BETTER TEAM THAT DAY!!!!!
  15. Oh my, now that was a drive, over the hills and through the woods. Clarke had a good field but no stands, well not enough for Union. We were outplayed that day , our d coach was clueless about their offense, we’re we a better team…..not that day, In the end it was toooo far to travel for a SEMI final game, right at 380 miles and 6 hours
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