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  1. they should , they are useless---- teaching kids to test,
  2. Get the checkbook out boosters its going to cost big $$$$$ to land this one,if that possible why not just pay MANCE to stay??
  3. If this happens, they should let the kids decide the mascot name and school colors.I think thats what took place at CENTRAL and UNION.While CENTRAL used the POUND colors and the spin off of JJ KELLY mascot of INDIANS to WARRIOR , UNION combined the colors PV blue, APPY blue,red /yellow to get orange .In the end the kids should decide what they want to cheer for, who knows they may want to be the WOOD BOOGERS OF BUCHANAN or the BEASTS from BUCHANAN
  4. Well deserved, at the Union game I kept wondering why they couldn’t tackle him, then he ran out of bounds near me........then that question was answered
  5. Most if not area teams have trouble finding teams to fill out the schedules ,so they play teams from Ky,Tn, or N.C.The gate revenue lost by having say...8 or 9 game season could be made up if the VHSL would keep their money grubbing hands off of the playoff games and do what their by laws says.....administer and support the local athletes and offer state wide rules.I am sure this meeting of the VHSL will take place at a warm beach in a warm weather state. Union was beat up and we lost a player for the year playing PAINTSVILLE Ky and we spent half the night in LETCHER CO. on a weather delay, so 8 or 9 games followed by a open date and 4 game playoff would shorten the season by 1,2 or 3 weeks. Yes good teams will be left out . We (UNION)are taking our hard earned $$$$ to KY when we play them and LETCHER never has filled the stands in BIG STONE GAP
  6. too young to drive, so yes he was young, this isnt GATE CITY,where you are 19 years old as a holdback
  7. yeah , the crowd UNION brought opened their eyes on how to make money, build it and they will come.........oh yeah they did have CHICK FILET, GREAT FOOD....game sucked, maybe because we took a butt kicking
  8. if you really want to know the VHSL mind set, try to SUBPOENA the revenue intake vs the expenses paid for staff and money sent back to the school districts. It should be noted that its a 3 to 1 ratio, meaning that $3 are spent on staff and meetings for every $ sent back to the schools. Just ask ole PHIL ROBBINS about it, he brags that he has set the VHSL up with $$$$ when POWELL VALLEY was packing the park and followed by the VIKING fans.
  9. Brody will be fine, 3rd and 12 isn’t good for a young QB , if Turner gets all the athletes on the field at the same time , it should be a wide open spread attack
  10. Clarke co. Has metal, not many but they were of the portable type brought in for Union.
  11. Go GMEN,I will say something about the VHSL and the money grabbing ADMINS. they are out for themselves ,where does all the money go?????Oh yeah the meetings they hold in warm weather states in FEB. near sand and ocean. The VHSL profit from the underage athletes who love playing a game.Broadcast fees for someone who gets nothing???It should be noted that WCYB, and other broadcast radio stations made many $$$$$ by sales of ad time , so its different.I have messaged CHERYL several times over the years about the losses APPO.suffered with kids taking their own lives and car wrecks ect, and she was so kind when a cheerleader from UNION lost her mother to murder.The VHSL HAS POLICY, but it doesnt serve VIRGINIA and the tax base that supports these schools and programs.The VHSL would have you believe that they pay for everything in athletic programs at the high school level , when in fact they pay for less than 1% of the monies spent......but of course they are self appointed and self serving to give themselves big titles and larger salaries. The gate should be split after expenses are paid but it will not and most if not all of the monies will be used to promote equality (yeah right) in athletics in VA.
  12. so $5000 per playoff games, then they (VH$L) pays for vh$l refs?????plus travel???? somebody will hate this up in RICHMOND
  13. Can I ask how the gate$$$ is handled, we all know that the VH$L loves the gate money during playoff times to pay for their meetings at the beach in FL during the winter, just wondering because I know Bluefield loves them some $$$ too
  14. X,s and O’s Jimmies and Joe’s sometimes you just get beat. Ridgeview is ready to throw the coach out, I don’t think I would , so many teams would kill for your record over the last several years. I would love to see Union go 5 wide but your personal dictate your game plan . How many does Ridgeview loose? Union looses about half of the O
  15. This years D for the GMen is better than the state champions of last year. The offense is better also , Cam was great but this TEAM is better
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