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  1. My stream says that the brodcast has been delayed
  2. It is not the construction the field has always had drainage problems and even when it sprinkles ponds form on the field, I have played on that field whenever it was pretty wet but I have never seen battle attempt to play whenever both sidelines are puddles and you can't tell where out of bounds is.
  3. I think battle takes this Trojans-35 Blue Devils-21
  4. I think this game will go to the wire like 2 years ago but the opposite team wins. That being said Zack brown is a incredible athlete and can just about single handedly control a game so hopefully the Trojans have a answer Trojans 24 Rowdy rebels 20
  5. Who takes the w in this Thursday night game. Battle showed improvment at VA high so I'm going Trojans-28 Pioneers-17
  6. Closer game than expected for sure
  7. Why is football THE sport in swva high schools? i love it but i find it so strange that here a massive crowd is not a crazy thing to see but some schools in northern virginia's attendance is terrible. When battle went to essex in 2012 we had about 10× the amount of fans than essex... i thought that was insane.
  8. The real question i have from the game was where was lee's fans at i domt know if it is just where the stands are so big but it looked empty, i thought a team with a winning record would bring out more people than that....especially at home
  9. Poor officiating in lee county tonight
  10. Lee with a bad injury to number 1 couldent see what happened but has to be serious
  11. Battle by 10 Lee-21 Battle-31
  12. What are your views on homecoming games? Sould players be able to be on the homecoming court or not?
  13. You are legitimatly insane if you would take putin over obama putin litterally has his critiques killed
  14. Imo GC will not be winless this year they will beat central.. good game tonight gc came to play
  15. If you dont watch film on battle and break it down thoroughly the triple option will kill you if that is true im changing my prediction Battle-a whole lot GC-7
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