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  1. I missed it somewhere. How did my beloved RAIDERS get caught up in this thread?
  2. Honestly i was expecting to be beat by Graham last year and i would have been happy. But that game stil eats at me, i was upset we did not get the chance to play them again this year. And boy lookout next year, you know the RAIDERS will be looking hard at two teams in 2020 for redemption.
  3. Yup thats the game that leaves a lump in my throat.
  4. I have to respectfully disagree, Appo has beat themselves a few times.
  5. Thankyou Ryan. Hey wont your cousine on the 2016 team? Big guy on the line.
  6. No place on gods earth for that kind of behavior. I can fully understand players getting chippy with emotions going out of control. Been there done that. But for fans whom have only come to watch a game and not worked their butt off like the players have is no excuse.
  7. Agreed Graham had a good showing. I personally was rather upset we were not full on Appo side. Its been a chore this year to pack the stands. Hoot we traveled Bullit park 2 years ago and i was dreading the trip to ridgeview this year. But i would have had it worked out that way.
  8. Graham had plenty of seating for as few as showed up.
  9. One of the referees came and told our band director not to play during live play before game even started. So i expect it was a ref that told your band the same thing!
  10. What do you call dancing around??
  11. Seriously?? Thought i read something about the boyfriend being charged. Damn.
  12. We had the flag lowered at salem in honor of the cheerleader and her mother.
  13. She makes nothing from it and it actually cost her to travel to games and she has no kids on the team.
  14. Got caught!! Man you cant get away from media peeps and their fake news. Try getting facts first. Ill prrsonally mail salt and pepper to you for that shoe leather.
  15. I just watched the 2nd half of the 2016 Appo vs Union game last night. Ill look again tonight because Appo did pull starters in the 3rd, maybe not a wholesale swap but did pull them.
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