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  1. Hey im an Appo fan and fully said Graham would stomp Goochland. Goochland goes undefeated often because they dont play tough teams not because they are good.
  2. I look for Graham to win easily. Goochland goes undefeated often but that is not a true indicator of being good.
  3. To my knowledge nobody in appo has given coach Smith gifts. Personally due to his beliefs and morals I can't see him accepting anything under the table.
  4. After a loss? NONE. No time for taking off, gotta lick the wound and get your ass back on that horse.
  5. I will only offer my excuse as to why I gave so much props to Lee. The season was over and all was done. I had taken Monday off work and had time to reflect and recuperate from the Lee game. I was no longer occupied with another game coming up. The self inflicted stress was now gone. So I wrote and dedicated praise to Lee You ask why not to union. Like I said above is why. However yes I did give praise to Union here and on preps and as well too many union fans I met at a restruant after the game.
  6. I don't think so either. Lol
  7. The word ruled came from jar heads post. But your welcome to your opinion.
  8. Yup, Appomattox ruled class 2 .
  9. Coach Smith was immediately told to get back to sideline. He was told he would get penalty. So some slack was given and white hat came to him. Not the same as Turner with Turner holding game up. Ton of video to show both scenarios on the net.
  10. I'll keep my hat on my bald head to keep it warm thankyou. However, i would ask you look on THE OTHER MESSAGE BOARD and take a gander at a thread called Congratulations to R E Lee.
  11. Yes it was a tough earned win. Lee came fully loaded and firing.Appo forgot to bring flak jackets and took alot of hits. But dang you have got to give Leemen credit they are a strong group of young men to be respected.
  12. Way too many woulda coulda shoulda's to call any play a true back breaker. Appo beat themselves up with way way too many very bad mistakes in first half and some bad plays in second half. I attribute alot of that to having 6 major players out of the game by 2nd half and much younger inexperienced players stepping up and giving it their all. Soo to say if something had not happened then let me say if the punt in first half had not been dropped then surely the score outcome may have been alot different.
  13. Appomattox stil loves all of you. You guys motivate us to give you a sun Shiney day.
  14. You too bro. Bullit Park was very nice and i enjoyed chatting with some of the Union fans at the game. I look forward to coming back again someday.
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