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  1. Central 28-7 over Lebanon.
  2. Union 28 -24 over Richlands..
  3. Just curious.. is Richlands down this year and Gate City much better? Last couple years Richlands has won by large spread.
  4. Barring injury.. he will have a target on his back.. praying he stays healthy.
  5. When we look back on the end of the 2019 Football season what surprises will there be to speak of? Is there a team nobody foresees as a possible victor to grab the spotlight? Could the Central Warriors be much better than last year? Gate City perhaps return to former strength and division leader?? Thoughts please from all the talented minds of SWVA football folks!
  6. Should be a good group to watch.. the key is avoiding injury.. Central and Gate City should be great games in the upcoming year.
  7. The 2019 FCA Va versus Tenn All Star Senior Baseball Game will be June 11th at Tenn High at 5.30pm
  8. The annual FCA SWVA All Star Senior Softball Challenge will be June ,10th at John Battle High School. Coaching the West All Stars is Hannah Cress of Battle. East All Stars are coached by BJ Buchanan of Northwood. This is a doubleheader. Games begin at 5.30pm
  9. Soccer is a fun sport! Not as popular as other sports on this message board. Just curios who are top senior soccer players in SWVA. Both boys and girls.
  10. As of now we have 4 Va high seniors.. Dixon, Rose, Lewis and Lathrop. And Jake Watters of Bland and Josh Devine of GW.. Still adding players as we go.
  11. What about the kid from Bland? Jake Watters..heard he has signed for West VA.
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