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  1. Why would Goforth a principal want to leave Union and coach Central? Is there a major pay increase involved?
  2. John Marshall won't score 136 points today!
  3. Going on our 10th year of doing FCA March Madness at UVA Wise. This Sat. March 14th we will have 16 and under girls tournament , a Men's and Ladies Alumni game and 4 Senior All Star Games. Two boys and two girls games. The North -South Senior Girls Game is at 2 pm. The North -South Senior Boys Game is at 4pm. The Va versus Tenn Senior All Star Girls Game is at 6pm. The East -West Boys game is at 7.45 pm. Nearly 30 different high schools represented at UVA Wise Convocation Center. We will have the FCA Little Caesar's 3 point contest where the senior who makes the most 3 pointers will win a pizza party for their entire senior class. Also we will have the SUBWAY Slam Dunk Challenge. Come join us if you can. These games are done in memory of Kirk Nairn of Abingdon who played in our Senior game last year but lost his life in a car accident the night before his graduation in May. #4KN
  4. Would be great to see Gate City win this one 70 -68.. Gate City shoot 50% from the floor and JM shoot 20% from the floor. I know this is far from the realm of normal possibility.. but I would find this inspiring to future underdogs who are given zero chance of winning in athletic competition.
  5. These pics ought to be sent to higher ups in vhsl officiating! Where were the refs standing! Whole season of work and dreams of players clobbered on one play!
  6. Were ER pull an upset over JM ..How would either Gate City or Radford match up with them?
  7. Free Throw shooting killed Central versus Gate City tonight. I would say they missed nearly a dozen!
  8. Union is peaking! I would not want to play Union!
  9. Not sure anyone posted it on YouTube but I have a friend who videoed the game and sells the dvd at a reasonable price.
  10. We had to slow him down in practice so we could make it to the game. Think he said he busted two helmets playing this year. Sure hope he gets offers to try out somewhere after high school. He goes full speed , all out . Very coachable too.
  11. Nice article in the Bristol Herald about Matt Hardin of Rye Cove being the Defensive MVP in the 2019 FCA East -West All Star Senior Football Game yesterday at Tenn High. West wins 24-17 over East. Hardin from one of the smallest schools in VHSL had a monster of a game. Great to see a player from a small school stand out on a big stage. Watching the Elizabethton guys play was great too. Coach Shawn Witten of Elizabethton had a talented 15-0 state champion team this year. His WR Zach Hartley had nearly a dozen receptions and a TD and was Offensive MVP. All players on both teams played great. Peter Ebert of Cherokee kicked a 49 yard field goal for the East. Very impressive.
  12. West wins 24-17 yesterday. Makes 4 in a row for West. Twice at the the Stone Castle and once at Dobyns Bennett and once at Emory.
  13. Been at Dobyns Bennett last two nights with Coach Witten and coaches and FCA-West All Star senior players. Very impressed by how much can get accomplished in a practice with guys from over 20 high schools on the same field. Elizabethon coaches working with Greeneville , Dobyns Bennett and other coaches having as much fun as the players. Seeing Union , Central and Ridgeview players laughing together and having fun after being fierce rivals in the regular season. Seeing other rival schools practice together has been really good. On the Bristol side at Tenn High the East guys are having great practices too. Should be a tremendous game Sat at Bristol. Hope everyone has fun and makes some great memories. Players are already trading helmet stickers and making new friends. This will be the final day of high school football for some really great young men. I'm sure they have made their parents very proud.
  14. The date and location of this years game is Dec. 14th at Tenn. High at 1.30pm. East will have Hogo teams with Battle, Castlewood, Richlands, Abingdon and Va High with Northeast Tenn schools such as Science Hill, Tenn High, Cherokee,Davd Crockett Sullivan South and others. West will have Union, Central, Eastside, Gate City, Lee, Rye Cove , TW, Twin Springs, Ridgeview with Tenn schools such as Greenevile, Elizabethton, Dobyns Bennett, Daniel Boone and others. Coaching East All Stars is Cody Baugh of Cherokee. Coaching West All Stars is Shawn Witten of Elizabethton. We are cheering for Coach Witten this Saturday as they play Springfield for a 4A State Championship at 4pm. Been since 1938 Elizabethton has won a State Championship. All Star Seniors and coaches will have a banquet Tuesday , Dec. 10th at Abingdon Higher Ed Center.
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