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  1. Soccer is a fun sport! Not as popular as other sports on this message board. Just curios who are top senior soccer players in SWVA. Both boys and girls.
  2. As of now we have 4 Va high seniors.. Dixon, Rose, Lewis and Lathrop. And Jake Watters of Bland and Josh Devine of GW.. Still adding players as we go.
  3. What about the kid from Bland? Jake Watters..heard he has signed for West VA.
  4. We are doing our FCA Va -Tenn All Star Senior Baseball game at Tenn High , June 11th.. need some strong pitching versus Tenn!
  5. Who are the top senior baseball players in our SWVA area? Va High always has good ones along with Abingdon.. What's your thoughts?
  6. Not very familiar with Elon.. Have they a shot to play in NCAA tourney as Wofford did this year? Wofford came close to eliminating Kentucky.
  7. I organized the games and let me say I was so proud of the Va boys! For 12 years Tenn had beat the Va guys. But with the addition of Graham and Radford boys we broke the streak! Drew Baker and Cam Allen are amazing athletes. Quin Morton Robertson was on a level like no other. His 3 point shooting in the second half was incredible! Miles Jones with his height was a kicker too! His defense and put backs on offence. Ben Hulbert from Holston opened the game up with hitting back to back 3's. Livingstone of Eastside played well. Race Moir was a presence inside rebounding. So proud of all the Va guys. Todd Baker of Graham did a great job coaching Va. They beat a very talented NET team who takes pride in their basketball. For Va to win was a huge accomplishment to say the least. Thanks Havok for showing up and supporting our guys!
  8. The FCA Senior Girls game will be a East -West All Star Game with Tenn players mixed with Va girls on the West team . East team will be entire team of Tenn girls. This game will be fun also. East is coached by Bill Francis of Dobyns Bennett and Scotty Whaley of Science Hill. West is coached by John Hubbard former Abingdon coach. West has Va High, Galax , Cherokee, Unaka, Unicoi , and Cloudland.. East has Dobyns Bennett, Tenn High, Science Hill , Daniel Boone, Volunteer, Hampton, Elizabethton and Sullivan South. Game is at 6pm.
  9. Yes.. Wanted Zac Ervin but he is resting his knee from earlier season injury.
  10. Tenn guys just added 3 more players. Gavin Reece of Johnson County and Preston Quillen of Tenn High and Chad Heglar of Daniel Boone! Tenn now has 15 guy players! As far as Whitson she is playing . Bailey is not.. She has softball game.
  11. Va All Star Senior Team 1. Miles Jones -Radford 2. Quinton Morton -Robertson -Radford 3. Drew Baker-Graham 4. Cam Allen -Graham 5. Race Moir -Richlands 6. Noah Garrison -Union 7. Ben Hulbert -Holston 8. Brett Boyd -Honaker 9. Chase Love -Rye Cove 10. Taylor Justus -Hurley 11. Nick Livingston -Eastside Coaches John Hubbard -Holston -Todd Baker -Graham Tenn All Star Senior Team 1. Blake Atwood -Jognson County 2. Mello Wadsworth -Dobyns Bennett 3. Marae Foreman -Dobyns Bennett 4. Brody Potter -Dobyns Bennett 5. Dustin Bartley -Sullivan East 6. Adam Davison -Sullivan East 7. Ryan Bledsoe -Cherokee 8. Christian Webb -Tenn. High 9. Cade Mitchell -Tenn High 10. Kendle Cutlip -Science Hill 11. Ben Williams -Sullivan Central 12. Eric Wilson -Elizabethton Coaches John Dyer Sullivan East- Roby Witcher -Tenn High- Greg Barnett -Daniel Boone Should be a great game. 3 Point contests and Slam Dunk at halftime. Game at King U on April 29th , 7,30pm
  12. Games are set for April 29th at King University. Girls play at 6pm . Boys play at 7.45pm.
  13. Games are set for April 29th at King University. Girls play at 6pm . Boys play at 7.45pm.
  14. Anyone have rosters for the VHSCA All Star games at UVA Wise this Saturday? Haven't seen any posted anywhere.
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