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  1. Wonderful . Must be a recent action.
  2. Yes. We are allowed 1000 fans.
  3. East Team Peyton McComas-Grundy -Hunter Wachob, Ean Rhea, Caleb Walk-Patrick Henry -Reid Bowman ,-Hunter Smith of Narrows -Dalton White, Xzavier Ward , Noah Daniels, Conner Welch of Twin Valley - Will Stephenson Luke Pruit , Danny Cornett of Marion -Kolton Keatley of Galax-Gambino Silvero, Colby Crutchfield of Chilhowie-Nathan Turner of Rural Retreat -John Matt Justus of Hurley-Zack Puckett of Northwood -Preston Whitlock , Chaston Radcliff of Giles-Trevor Miller of Honaker -Jake Altizer, Bowen Tarter, Ethan Lester, Dalton Smith , Isaac Cole, Evan McNerlin, Granville Profitt of Richlands - Logan Waldon, Alex Widener of Holston -Camden Principe, Dallin Johnson, Dominic Norris of Va High Coaches-Austin Cooper -Hurley -Derrick Patterson -Holston -Chris Altizer ,Aaron Lowe, Jared Horn -Richlands West Team-Kaleb Mink of Burton-Noah Bolling of Central -Mason Harding of Rye Cove-Conner Gilmer of Twin Springs -Nick Raymond, Will Stansberry, Bryson Shepherd, Ahren Lee, Jessie Gibson, Tim Hill of Eastside -Jason Warf, Kenny Ball, Dakota Stables, Jason Crowden, Zack Lowe of Thomas Walker-Nick Phillips Hunter Neece, Lucas Deel, Colt Fletcher, Andre Edwards, Landon Knepp, Seth Collier , Peyton Couch, Jeremiah Allen, Brandon Beutler of Castlewood -Nick Napier Logan Grace, Zane Eisenmenger of Lee- Trent Ray, Gavin Hamilton, Daniel McCurdy, Caleb McGlothlin of Lebanon- Coaches -Mike. Rhodes and Tanner Hall of Eastside -Todd Tiller -Bubba Edwards of Ridgeview - Nick Johnson , Tracey Parker of TW-Jacob Caudill of Burton-Cheyenne Osborne of Rye Cove
  4. East is Richlands, Hogo, Marion, Grundy, Honaker, Hurley, Twin Valley, Galax, Giles, and Narrows and Va High., West is Ridgeview, Central, Burton, Castlewood, Rye Cove, TW, Twin Springs, Eastside, Lebanon ,Lee
  5. The FCA East-West All Star Senior Football Game is scheduled for June 5th at Fuller Field at Honaker at 2pm.
  6. Hokie777


    10 years from now will we look back at 2020 high school football in SWVA and say we should have played like Northeast Tenn or will Northeast Tenn say we should have locked down like Va ?? Thoughts??
  7. Yes I read the email about start up in August.. My daughter has an apartment leased in Charlottesville beginning June. Will not be the same with the social distancing in classes, dining halls, etc.. She loves UVA and so many friends there. I hate it for all the disruption for our kids and schools and sports. Mid - June seemed to be more clarification of their reopening. Am I Correct in this?
  8. Will the players have to wear masks alongside their helmets, and mouth guards! LOL! My daughter attends UVA in Charlottesville and their going to release mid- June their college plans.. will nowhere be classes as usual. Our local college at UVA -Wise will take their directions from Charlottesville. This virus has dragged out longer than I anticipated. I'm sure it is emotionally tormenting to coaches and players and fans in all levels of sports. I walked by a Little League baseball field today and was saddened that the little guys weren't playing ball today. So sad.
  9. Why would Goforth a principal want to leave Union and coach Central? Is there a major pay increase involved?
  10. John Marshall won't score 136 points today!
  11. Going on our 10th year of doing FCA March Madness at UVA Wise. This Sat. March 14th we will have 16 and under girls tournament , a Men's and Ladies Alumni game and 4 Senior All Star Games. Two boys and two girls games. The North -South Senior Girls Game is at 2 pm. The North -South Senior Boys Game is at 4pm. The Va versus Tenn Senior All Star Girls Game is at 6pm. The East -West Boys game is at 7.45 pm. Nearly 30 different high schools represented at UVA Wise Convocation Center. We will have the FCA Little Caesar's 3 point contest where the senior who makes the most 3 pointers will win a pizza party for their entire senior class. Also we will have the SUBWAY Slam Dunk Challenge. Come join us if you can. These games are done in memory of Kirk Nairn of Abingdon who played in our Senior game last year but lost his life in a car accident the night before his graduation in May. #4KN
  12. Would be great to see Gate City win this one 70 -68.. Gate City shoot 50% from the floor and JM shoot 20% from the floor. I know this is far from the realm of normal possibility.. but I would find this inspiring to future underdogs who are given zero chance of winning in athletic competition.
  13. These pics ought to be sent to higher ups in vhsl officiating! Where were the refs standing! Whole season of work and dreams of players clobbered on one play!
  14. Were ER pull an upset over JM ..How would either Gate City or Radford match up with them?
  15. Free Throw shooting killed Central versus Gate City tonight. I would say they missed nearly a dozen!
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