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  1. According to you Gibson should jus not play. Imo he will be qb1
  2. he questioned a refs charge call against him on the first one. the second one him and another player got tangled up going for a rebound and they shoved one another and got double ts called
  3. abingdon beats central 76-68
  4. isaiah better than mac? he couldnt carry macs gym bag. hes a decent player but no were close to being in macs league
  5. they might have suspended the kid who pushed mac after mccamis shoved him in the back while he was in the air. that was far worse than the push after he had came down. they didnt suspend mcamis
  6. thank you. the kid did his best. if you ask him he didnt wanna be the qb. he was asked to do it for his team and he stepped up and ok imo
  7. like i said go tell travis so he will play the guy you want. i think the coach sees more during the week than we see on fridays and makes his decisions on what he thinks is best for the team. you are correct jones was supposed to be the qb but left so drody was thrown in there and done a pretty good job imo. nobody was talking about the qb position when we beat graham
  8. well the coaches thought he was the best option. since you know so much why dont you tell travis who the qb should be so it can be fixed and we can not talk about it anymore
  9. he was a jr but young at qb position. he only played a few games in jv and there was another kid who was supposed to be the qb for the next 3 years but he transfered.
  10. thats whats frustrating. if hes gonna be the qb or anybody else then coaches need to trust whoever it is
  11. you dont think gibson can get better over the summer? he got throwed into it last summer and evidenly coach thought he was the best option. i dont think he did all that bad. he dont call the plays he jus runs the plays given to him.
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