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  1. i dont know when it began thats why i said if what ive heard is true then they really have no choice but to remove him. i dont really care one way or the other. i dont know all the facts. i was giving my opinion on what ive heard.
  2. if he wasnt aware of that stuff goin on with only 8 kids on the team then thats why he shouldnt keep his job. whats the language they use in college lack of institutional control. thats poor supervision if he didnt know
  3. if everything ive heard is true i dont know how he could keep his job.
  4. both jenkins kids looked good. lester and rasnick done some good things after the catch. the ball was spread around pretty good to those 4 guys
  5. my question is if this happened in the class room then why not fire him as a teacher? why go after his coaching job when that had nothing to do with it? it was investigated and unfounded so it should be over with. i think this is just the people that want jimbo out and will do or say anything to get him out. innocent til proven guilty and he was found innocent
  6. gibson got all the reps except for the game against richlands b team. he looked pretty good for first time out. had a few timing issues that will be corrected with reps. i thought our recievers caught the ball well also
  7. the reason they gave was they wanted to go in a different direction
  8. board votes 5 0 to reinstate jimbo as head football coach
  9. jimbo and his legal team say not so fast my friend
  10. i think it was mike osborne that church threw the td to
  11. he didnt hang it up. hes being forced out by politics
  12. they done stan wilson the same way. so disrespectful. as long as hes been there and what hes done for the program he earned the right to go out on his terms unless its disciplanary reasons. ever who made that decision should be ashamed. i heard he had workouts monday and none of his assistants showed up so they must have already knew and thats really messed up. i would hope none of those guys get the job. that shows no loyalty
  13. im hearing brody gibson. he was the jv qb last year and saw a few snaps in varsity games. he has a good arm and can run as well. jus needs some reps which he will get in the 7 on 7s coming up
  14. with andy jones transferring looks like brody gibson will be the guy. thats what im hearing
  15. if barrs is healthy they can win with him. the inning he threw against datecity was impressive. but your right they dont have the pitching to get em by this year
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