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  1. they played a kid that was inelgible , i think they were 9-1 that year before the fofeits
  2. fluvanna won it around that time too with a kid named luther bates. he was a beast
  3. they had 2 big guys named jerome preston and kulias swinney. norton had the schrader kid and reece gravely. i think the score was like 88 59
  4. i rememder g.w. carver back in late 80s early 90s. they hammered norton at uva. whatever happened to that school?
  5. i went back and watched it again and jenkins was on the guy that hit the shot but kinda just stood there and didnt really challenge the shot. maybe if he would have at least put his hands up. also we only had 7 team fouls at that time so if you foul its still 1and 1. oh well its over now learn and move on
  6. i agree with that too. anderson hit some big shots in the first half and didnt see the floor again til overtime
  7. ok not 99 out of 100 but if a team lives and dies by the three you foul. thats the point i was trying to make. most coaches foul when a team shoots the three the way jr did
  8. cause zack should have fouled. 99 out of 100 coaches foul in that situation. the one that didnt lost
  9. zack should have fouled. ive been watching basketball a long time and 99 out of 100 coaches foul in that situation. the one that didnt was zack and his team went home.
  10. how many years has zack coached? i cant believe he didnt know to foul in that situation. just terrible for those kids.
  11. terrible coaching by zack moore. should have fouled on that last possesion. if union loses its on the coach
  12. that was a perfect miss on the free throw
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