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  1. Unfortunately, how can one afford to move out? Also, I'm sure there's a large amount of competition for those well paying positions for the cities from Roanoke to NoVa to Richmond to Hampton Roads.
  2. I meant that they were towns/cities of resistance in comparison to towns like Pound, Appalachia, Coeburn, etc. where citizens of those towns typically go to Wise and Norton to do stuff.
  3. What do you think are examples of the pockets of resistance? I think it might include Wise and Norton.
  4. At least Virginia has Medicaid expansion now, so that at least helps some worse off people...
  5. What jobs are there around here that pay well? There's the school systems, hospitals, a couple of tech companies in Lebanon & some tech jobs coming to the Oxbow Center in St. Paul. Outside of that, I can't of many. It's sad.
  6. Here's a great website that talks about politics in Virginia.
  7. A bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10/hr in July and to $15/hr in 2021 is going to get a full vote in the state senate.
  8. Related to Medicaid expansion: A federal judge has struck down the entire ACA
  9. It appears that the Medicaid expansion will draw more enrollees than initially projected.
  10. Apparently, Virginia has a liquor ratio law for restaurants where they can't have too high of a percentage of their income come from liquor. Lawmakers are apparently working on a bill that would end that law.
  11. Kinda related to Virginia politics, but Amazon has decided to split it's 2nd HQ between Northern Va and NYC. Here's what's in Virginia's deal with Amazon.
  12. The Dems took the House, but the GOP keeps the Senate. Here's the results from Virginia.
  13. I knew that Tim Kaine was being projected to be re-elected to the Senate with a fairly healthy margin of victory, but I'm surprised that RCP has his average polling MoV at around 18.5%
  14. Seems like Wise is starting to turn it around. They've won back-to-back games and are now 3-4 on the season In addition, ETSU just defeated the Citadel to go to 6-1.
  15. James Monroe, WV @ Princeton Giles @ Carroll Co. John Battle @ Ridgeview Central @ Union Gate City @ Lee Graham @ Virginia Castlewood @ Lebanon Marion @ Richlands Tazewell @ Ft. Chiswell Bluefield @ Lord Botetourt Bland @ Auburn George Wythe @ Galax Chilhowie @ Rural Retreat Narrows @ East Mont. Honaker @ Hurley Twin Valley @ Thomas Walker Twin Springs @ Eastside Jenkins, KY @ Rye Cove Holston @ Northwood Tennessee @ No. 21 Auburn No. 2 Georgia @ No. 13 LSU No. 7 Washington @ No. 17 Oregon Marshall @ Old Dominion No. 6 West Virginia @ Iowa St. No. 16 Miami @ Virginia Virginia Tech @ UNC No. 15 Wisconsin @ No. 12 Michigan Indianapolis @ New York Jets Carolina @ Washington Jacksonville @ Dallas Baltimore @ Tennessee Kansas City @ New England GotW Grundy @ JI Burton
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