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  1. Here's a great website that talks about politics in Virginia.
  2. A bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10/hr in July and to $15/hr in 2021 is going to get a full vote in the state senate.
  3. Related to Medicaid expansion: A federal judge has struck down the entire ACA
  4. It appears that the Medicaid expansion will draw more enrollees than initially projected.
  5. Apparently, Virginia has a liquor ratio law for restaurants where they can't have too high of a percentage of their income come from liquor. Lawmakers are apparently working on a bill that would end that law.
  6. Kinda related to Virginia politics, but Amazon has decided to split it's 2nd HQ between Northern Va and NYC. Here's what's in Virginia's deal with Amazon.
  7. The Dems took the House, but the GOP keeps the Senate. Here's the results from Virginia.
  8. I knew that Tim Kaine was being projected to be re-elected to the Senate with a fairly healthy margin of victory, but I'm surprised that RCP has his average polling MoV at around 18.5%
  9. Seems like Wise is starting to turn it around. They've won back-to-back games and are now 3-4 on the season In addition, ETSU just defeated the Citadel to go to 6-1.
  10. James Monroe, WV @ Princeton Giles @ Carroll Co. John Battle @ Ridgeview Central @ Union Gate City @ Lee Graham @ Virginia Castlewood @ Lebanon Marion @ Richlands Tazewell @ Ft. Chiswell Bluefield @ Lord Botetourt Bland @ Auburn George Wythe @ Galax Chilhowie @ Rural Retreat Narrows @ East Mont. Honaker @ Hurley Twin Valley @ Thomas Walker Twin Springs @ Eastside Jenkins, KY @ Rye Cove Holston @ Northwood Tennessee @ No. 21 Auburn No. 2 Georgia @ No. 13 LSU No. 7 Washington @ No. 17 Oregon Marshall @ Old Dominion No. 6 West Virginia @ Iowa St. No. 16 Miami @ Virginia Virginia Tech @ UNC No. 15 Wisconsin @ No. 12 Michigan Indianapolis @ New York Jets Carolina @ Washington Jacksonville @ Dallas Baltimore @ Tennessee Kansas City @ New England GotW Grundy @ JI Burton
  11. Apparently, the work requirement and premium payment requirement may not be implemented when Medicaid is officially expanded next year.
  12. It's gonna be Flaccavento vs Griffith next month. Do you think it will be a blowout like in 2012? Will the Democrats retake the House and/or Senate?
  13. Both chambers of the GA have very slim leads for the GOP: 51-49 for the HoD 21-19 for the state senate
  14. What would you propose as a solution to this? Mine would be a nonpartisan, independent commission on redistricting
  15. There's some controversy over new legislative district maps in Virginia.
  16. UVA-Wise got their first shutout as an NCAA D2 member today against Urbana, winning 17-0.
  17. Abingdon @ Virginia Princeton @ Ripley, WV Galax @ Ft. Chiswell James River @ Giles Floyd @ Radford Central @ John Battle Gate City @ Marion Lee @ Union Auburn @ Grayson Lebanon @ Graham Bluefield @ Point Pleasant, WV Rural Retreat @ Bland Narrows @ Covington Grundy @ Hurley JI Burton @ Honaker East Ridge, KY @ Twin Valley Castlewood @ Twin Springs Rye Cove @ Eastside Thomas Walker @ Hancock, Co., TN Patrick Henry @ Holston Middle Tennessee @ Marshall No. 19 Texas vs. No. 7 Oklahoma Kansas @ No. 9 West Virginia Boston College @ No. 23 North Carolina St. No. 5 LSU @ No. 22 Florida No. 13 Kentucky (!!) @ Texas A&M No. 6 Notre Dame @ No. 24 Virginia Tech Miami @ Cincinnati Jacksonville @ Kansas City Denver @ New York Jets Minnesota @ Philadelphia Arizona @ San Francisco Dallas @ Houston GotW Tazewell @ Richlands [Total Points: 60]
  18. Abingdon @ Central Princeton @ Graham Bluefield @ Richlands Ft. Chiswell @ Auburn Giles @ Radford Ridgeview @ Gate City Union @ Morristown West, TN Bland @ Grayson Marion @ Lebanon Tazewell @ Hurley Northside @ Galax Rural Retreat @ Patrick Henry Holston @ Narrows Twin Valley @ Grundy JI Burton @ Eastside Northwood @ Castlewood Pineville, KY @ Thomas Walker Tennessee @ No. 2 Georgia No. 20 BYU @ No. 11 Washington No. 19 Oregon @ No. 24 California No. 12 West Virginia @ No. 25 Texas Tech Virginia @ NCST Florida St. @ Louisville Virginia Tech @ No. 22 Duke No. 4 Ohio St. @ No. 9 Penn St. No. 7 Stanford @ No. 8 Notre Dame Tampa Bay @ Chicago Philadelphia @ Tennessee Cleveland @ Oakland Seattle @ New York Giants Baltimore @ Pittsburgh GotW Virginia @ Chilhowie (Total Points: 60) Honaker @ George Wythe (Total Points: 70)
  19. Hidden Valley @ Abingdon Princeton @ Musselman, WV Floyd @ Giles Radford @ Allegheny Patrick Henry @ John Battle Graham @ Central Union @ Gate City Ridgeview @ Lee Marion @ Grayson Richlands @ William Byrd Bluefield @ Tazewell East Mont. @ Bland Holston @ Rural Retreat Auburn @ George Wythe Craig Co. @ Twin Valley Hurley @ Montcalm, WV Twin Springs @ JI Burton Rye Cove @ Castlewood Eastside @ Thomas Walker Northwood @ Chilhowie Louisville @ Virginia No. 22 Texas A&M @ No. 1 Alabama Kansas St. @ No. 12 West Virginia No. 13 Virginia Tech @ Old Dominion No. 17 TCU @ Texas Florida @ Tennessee No. 7 Stanford @ No. 20 Oregon New Orleans @ Atlanta Green Bay @ Washington Tennessee @ Jacksonville Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams Dallas @ Seattle New England @ Detroit GotW Honaker @ Grundy (Total Points: 55)
  20. Great win today for the Cavs. Hopefully, they can take care of the turnover problem that they have been having for these past few games. Looks like Bernard and Cousin are gonna be a formidable duo for the next few years.
  21. I'm puzzled about UVA-Wise's new football helmet design. The one from last year was fine with the V logo.
  22. Christiansburg @ Abingdon Princeton @ Parkersburg South, WV Floyd @ Ft. Chiswell Giles @ Narrows Radford @ Gretna Richlands @ Blacksburg John Battle @ Lebanon Central @ Virginia Daniel Boone, TN @ Gate City Eastside @ Lee Grayson @ Glenvar Greenbrier East, WV @ Bluefield Galax @ Rural Retreat River View, WV @ Hurley Northwood @ Twin Valley Holston @ Castlewood Thomas Walker @ Rye Cove Twin Springs @ Patrick Henry No. 18 UCF @ North Carolina Florida St. @ Syracuse UTEP @ Tennessee East Carolina @ No. 13 Virginia Tech Ohio @ Virginia No. 12 LSU @ No. 7 Auburn No. 14 West Virginia @ NCST No. 17 Boise St. @ No. 24 Oklahoma St. Marshall @ South Carolina No. 4 Ohio St. vs. No. 15 TCU No. 22 USC @ Texas Carolina @ Atlanta Minnesota @ Green Bay Kansas City @ Pittsburgh Indianapolis @ Washington New England @ Jacksonville New York Giants @ Dallas G(s)otW Union @ Ridgeview (Total points: 55) George Wythe @ Chilhowie (Total points: 70)
  23. For me, I break it up to the two football subdivisions: FBS and FCS. For FCS, I'm a fan of JMU, because I originally planned on attending there, but ultimately didn't go in favor of Wise. For FBS, I'm a bit unsure between UVA and VT. I tend to root for the entire athletic program, instead of just which university has the better team for each individual sport.
  24. Not sure that the AD has been around for even a year, so I'm not frustrated yet. I'm guessing that the emphasis right now for the college is academics and economic development, which is admirable and ultimately should be the forefront of the college.
  25. After reading the study again, it definitely seemed like it had a pro-union slant toward it. I probably should have went with a study that didn't have nearly as much of a slant (either way).
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