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  1. I get what your saying, but being a leading athlete not only on your team, but in the area & district, you can’t shake your head, hold your head down and throw your hands in the air when your getting hit in the mouth every play by the best defense you’ve seen all year. It’s gonna happen in college too. I guess it’s easily done when you’ve had your way with 5 other teams this year and done what you wanted, then you run into a brick wall and it changes. I get the frustration. I really do. im not taking anything away from him, I think he’s a solid athlete, he’s very good,
  2. Getting pummeled and frustrated in High School? You'll never make it at the next level then where the defense is twice as good than the high school level.
  3. Some jokes never get old. Like some people on this board
  4. Union at the meat of their schedule? Central, Abingdon and Battle is meat? what do you consider Richlands, Graham and Ridgeview?
  5. Polier and Guerrant is going to be our biggest loss. Other than that. We start a lot of sophomore and JR and some freshman come into the mix. Honeycutt and Satterfield
  6. Does Central have anything to keep it close? also tickets for this game are on rollback until Thursday. Get them 50% off
  7. Was it martinsville went 1-9 a couple years ago and still made the playoffs?
  8. At the beginning of the season I was predicting a 6-4/7-3 (at best)
  9. On a side note, update on Lomax, ankle sprain is low on the inside. Hopefully a quicker recovery
  10. Yes. He clapped at the receiver twice, then turned around and clapped towards his team and said “let’s go!” And the flag was thrown then. He is a close friend of mine and told me this Saturday when I asked about it.
  11. No, very doubtful. Big Johnny Satterfield. He’s Poliers cousin. He’s a freshman and he’s a head hunter.
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