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  1. Exactly. If anyone tonight is a highly sought D1 it’s Lomax
  2. I posted earlier I think he’s one of the laziest players on the field. Numerous times I’ve seen the huddle break going to the line and he’s not even back to the LOS yet. Just mopes around
  3. Are we playing in Kentucky?
  4. Why is he moping around so lazy like? I’ve noticed several times the play has been called and the line is lining up before he even makes it to the huddle. I don’t see much hustle in him.
  5. I respect your responses, and agree 100%
  6. But Jenkins has been offered as well. Why doesn’t he count along side Lomax?
  7. I fumbled through 3 pages of this and had enough. All I've seen is "Bradshaw and Meadows" .. well Union may not have "Bradshaw and Meadows" but Union has a TEAM of 11 on the field instead of a team of 2 and 9 other bodies.
  8. it's his son. Mason Polier was his nephew. Johnny is an athlete on the wrestling mat as well just like Eric was
  9. Where are all you Bear doubters? WERE GOING TO STATE!!!!
  10. huge win for the bears beating abindon at home, if they can do it on the road tomorrow, it's a statement
  11. over Lomax, Satterfield any Honeycutt? yeah ok.
  12. As far as the QB situation at Union goes, look for Bunch under center and Gibson on the bench. ....one can only hope, but sometimes rumors are true
  13. Where did you get this information? As of this morning my wife was given her students names by period and was told that Primary schools were going 4 out of the 5 days a week. Middle school would be 2 outta the 5 with the alternating days. And she was also called today and told to come set her classroom up to be ready to go on the 6th. but we wont know 100% sure until the 5th I'm sure
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