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  1. over Lomax, Satterfield any Honeycutt? yeah ok.
  2. As far as the QB situation at Union goes, look for Bunch under center and Gibson on the bench. ....one can only hope, but sometimes rumors are true
  3. Where did you get this information? As of this morning my wife was given her students names by period and was told that Primary schools were going 4 out of the 5 days a week. Middle school would be 2 outta the 5 with the alternating days. And she was also called today and told to come set her classroom up to be ready to go on the 6th. but we wont know 100% sure until the 5th I'm sure
  4. good. that means us true union fans will have to be in line 3 days early instead of 2
  5. Facts there. Union and Gate City girls semi finals at UVA Wise at 6pm on Tuesday.
  6. Bartee Cusano both are freshman. 14&15 years old
  7. Lol @ daddy’s boy being better than Mac. A freshman was put on him last night and broke his ankles. Although was shortly pulled off of him so he didn’t get in foul trouble. Remember the name Bartee, you’ll be hearing about him being the next 3.5 years
  8. Yes. It was a great physical game central won 62-59 Cusano had 31 points that i know of. Maybe a couple more
  9. If not mistaken, the finished runner up in the state finals at Rupp Arena last year
  10. Yep I think the V girls went on a 21-1 run to beat East side last week. Was a different look at GC last night
  11. GC wins 73-50 over Union in probably the worst officiated game I’ve ever been too. Felt like union had 40 fouls.
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