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  1. good. that means us true union fans will have to be in line 3 days early instead of 2
  2. Facts there. Union and Gate City girls semi finals at UVA Wise at 6pm on Tuesday.
  3. Bartee Cusano both are freshman. 14&15 years old
  4. Lol @ daddy’s boy being better than Mac. A freshman was put on him last night and broke his ankles. Although was shortly pulled off of him so he didn’t get in foul trouble. Remember the name Bartee, you’ll be hearing about him being the next 3.5 years
  5. Yes. It was a great physical game central won 62-59 Cusano had 31 points that i know of. Maybe a couple more
  6. If not mistaken, the finished runner up in the state finals at Rupp Arena last year
  7. Yep I think the V girls went on a 21-1 run to beat East side last week. Was a different look at GC last night
  8. GC wins 73-50 over Union in probably the worst officiated game I’ve ever been too. Felt like union had 40 fouls.
  9. Yes one of the EHS guys had either committed a foul or drew a foul on Bartee on the floor. Bartee is walking off and something is said, Bartee turns around and goes back and is in the kids face and the zebras separated. A senior trying to punk out a freshman and it bit them in the back. Union dominated after. on a side note: Union V girls went on a 19-2 run to finish the game and win
  10. That’s a fact. Those bleachers are like setting on 2x4s and you will fall plum through them and roll away
  11. i'm not sure if it's been stated earlier in the thread, but is the game going to be radio broadcasted?
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