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  1. I think they’ve been hitting the weight room pretty hard & heavy.
  2. Heck we don’t even have our own field to boast about 😂 but touchè.
  3. It's going to be hilarious if none of these kids transfer after the build up on the board about earth shattering news. 😂
  4. Maybe Richlands has started the field house tours back up, lol! 😂
  5. More rumors & guessing who is going to transfer where? 😂😂
  6. Varney kid from Fort Chiswell is heading to VMI.
  7. None of this would even be a discussion if they had chosen Davis over Thad Wells. Talk about hindsight, lol. I hate it for Graham but best wishes to Coach Davis.
  8. That would be crazy but I can't see that happening. I guess stranger things have occurred though.
  9. It’s the longest dragged out top secret Bulldog news ever 😂. I think he’s yanking our chains.
  10. You heard that too! Why shouldn’t Tazewell get in on the recruiting action?
  11. Definitely, I think her dad played for a minor league team for a bit.
  12. Lady Bulldog softball may have the next Mac Osborne of the SWD in Carly Compton. It seems Tazewell is set to be the top dawg in softball the next few years as Compton is only a freshman!
  13. Spit out the big news already. lol. Anticipation, it’s making us wait! Ketchup anyone? (Only the eldest among us will get the reference).
  14. I think they’ve been working hard in the weight room. QB is the big ? mark. Meadows is capable though. I agree that several freshmen & sophomores will be improved. They should have a solid season.
  15. If he’s under the old system, it is. If he’s under hybrid, then no.
  16. Maybe just a rumor, I know he was asked to come onboard when Tarter took over. I guess we’ll know soon enough.
  17. I heard there's a good possibility he would be on Blue Tornado staff next year.
  18. They have a new coach. Hayes, a former assistant.
  19. Hopefully, the Bears can pull out the win. I’d like to see someone from this end of the state win. James River is tough but not unbeatable. Home court advantage is huge! I’m ready for football but I digress.
  20. Talk about refs interjecting themselves in the game. Geeez! Re”freakin”diculous!
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