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  1. Auburn AD is Paul Dominy. Email---pauldominy@mcps.org Head coach Cam Akers. Email----camakers@mcps.org
  2. Is Bland fielding a team? If not, I don't think GW-Wytheville, and Galax replaced Bland on their schedules last year. Both just played 9 games. Don't know if the dates work out, but one of those might be a possibility if Bland doesn't have a season. Also, if Bland doesn't compete, they have Auburn scheduled on 10-16. Auburn would probably take that game. I know, a lot of ifs
  3. Southwest Times reporting Coach James resigns at Pulaski
  4. Then why was Magenbauer never very successful at Glenvar'?
  5. They're not within 5 TD's of Galax or Riverheads. They're having a great regular season and good for them. But reality lies ahead
  6. If any of you Richlands people have any connections with the concession people, tell them not to expect a large crowd coming from Radford. They are a basketball school. Do not travel well for football. I'd be surprised if 200 make the trip
  7. They've been beat up front by some teams that are good up front. They got 4 games with teams that are not going to dominate them up front. I doubt they blow anybody out, but they are certainly capable of winning those 4 games
  8. I think Giles will win 4 games. Some bad teams left to play.
  9. So, I was just guessing, but I was dead on. .500 is not a winning record. Narrows bolted out of the MED to the Pioneer district solely for the purpose of having winning football seasons. Never mind the travel burden it puts on all other sports.
  10. I doubt they have 4 wins in those 3 years against teams that finished with a winning record. Just sayin
  11. Giles is so banged up, it's sad to watch them try to execute with what they have available
  12. Radford up 24-0 on Giles. Halftime
  13. translation----I think----Dook went to Giles-Narz game. Giles won
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