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  1. What am I telling a lie about - the VA High Program?
  2. Not here to debate COVID! Do you really think any player in most programs get tested?
  3. I get it. I know what was said in the release, and I am telling you the "FACTS". Coach is only one with positive test. My point is the protocols are absurd!
  4. I can assure you, not a single player has COVID! And the Coach is the only one that has tested positive! There are two other coaches that do not have vaccines, and players who haven't been vaccined were sent home!!
  5. VA High doesn't have a single player that has COVID!! Unfortunately, it was a Coach, and he was in protocols all last week before being tested. Hope Lebanon comes through ok! I don't understand the Health Department, and quarantines!
  6. This game is officially cancelled. Hoping for a makeup date.
  7. Looking forward to hearing what Pioneer has to say on the subject. VA High needs to be humbled according to him. This will be a big test for VA High. Can they maintain for 4 quarters? Wise will be very physical, and VA High scores quickly and explosively. Depth in a game like this will play into it, as VA High has several going both ways. Wise has been in a game like this, and VA High hasn’t. It will be interesting to see how they respond.
  8. It is understood he wasn't there, and I commend Union on the win last year! To say it wouldn't have been a difference is crazy. He will play a major role in this year's game!
  9. I am not a Graham or Union fan, but I will tell you it would have made a huge difference last year, and even bigger difference in this year's game! Graham has been waiting on this one, the the score will show! 35-21 - GMEN!!
  10. It would take a whole lot of "PERFECT FOOTBALL" by John Battle for that to happen, Tazewell 30-7 if not more.
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