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  1. New Orange and New White Jerseys! - They are on campus!
  2. Normally they release after the last team is finished playing from that particular conference or region. It is up to the 1st place head coach or athletic director from conference or region to release. That is how it has been handled in the past at least.
  3. It doesn't matter the records or the stakes in Battle vs. VA High! It is always a close game! It usually comes down to a couple plays no matter what.
  4. I heard Bishop pitched really well. You definitely have to keep that lineup off balance. They can hit fastballs.
  5. Abingdon is playing the schedule they have to play. Their out of conference schedule isn’t shabby, playing va high and Dobyns Bennett. This Side of 2A is much more competitive than other sides of the state. Abingdon isn’t going away either, they will be able to compete for a while. They have had 6 Division 1 players in the last 3 years. They have depth and a couple future D1 notoriety players on the way. They may not win it all this year, but I can assure they will be competing in the coming years. I know Union played them well in their last game, but from the young lineup that they play, Abingdon is stout. Most fundamental team in SWVA. When you get up the road in baseball, it normally comes down to pitching matchups. This is where Abingdon doesn’t have the depth to shut down some other opponents in 3A this year.
  6. I bet you they at least make it to state quarters!
  7. They did not. Both are available, but highly doubt either see the mound. Both pitched the last 2 innings.
  8. Players are the best recruiters, but I call bullshit on handing him coaches #
  9. REGION 2D Baseball is set: SW 1 - Lebanon vs. MT 4 Wise Central MT 2 - Union vs. SW 3 Grayson County MT1 - Battle vs. SW 4 Graham SW 2 - VA High vs MT 3 Gate City Satelite Home team sites for the quarterfinals with Region Semis and Championship at John Battle
  10. That is correct order on Mountain baseball seeding. I assume parents would want to see their kids play as far as attendance, but I can’t answer your question on why they have a district tournament.
  11. The problem is the Mountain is With Abingdon a 3A school, and district champion, they cannot move on to a 2A tournament. It defaults down to the next finisher in that district to get the 1 seed. In the Southwest district, Grayson county plays in a separate district as a 2A school, and feeds in on that district on a point system. It is very screwed up for our region.
  12. They won the regular season in the playoff game yesterday. After regular season champion is determined, points determine seeding 2-4 in region.
  13. OK, how it stands right now is graham is in 4 seed. Richlands would have to win the district tournament to get in as Grayson is set at 3.
  14. Ask your athletic director, Matt Dixon.
  15. You don’t receive points for losses in SWD Tournament. Graham should be 4 seed with enough points to get in I don’t think Richlands has a chance and Grayson has to outpoint seeds 2- 4, and they can’t outpoint VA High, solidifying them at 2. 1 Lebanon 2 Va High 3 Grayson 4 Graham
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