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  1. I've not witnessed it first-hand, but why is Graham considered so undisciplined?
  2. Food for thought........Union and Central (and probably some other teams) have pulled their starters after the first half in their benefit game and first games of the season. How will this affect them moving forward? It helps to keep from getting starters injured, but there will soon come a game where they have to play the entire game, will they be prepared to play a full game?
  3. Union 50 Eastside 7 Central 56 Lebanon 0
  4. Hat's off to Coach Hubbard for such a long and successful career!
  5. Looks like there wasn't much resistance on the other side of the ball.
  6. So Abingdon will be down this season? I thought they would be picked to win the Mtn. 7 again this year. I see Central, Union, and Ridgeview's games with each other as toss-ups. I'm hearing GC is improved as well.
  7. Just my opinion, I think Virginia will play. There may be attendance restrictions, but they will allow more fans now that more people are vaccinated.
  8. Everybody join me in being a Lebanon Pioneer and Doc Adams fan as they attempt to win that state championship this Saturday. If anybody deserves a state championship as a head coach, it's Doc Adams. #GoPioneers
  9. Congratulations to the Central girls and John Battle boys on their 2A State Championships!
  10. The big thing Lee County and Lee High School need to do is stop the bleed of athletes, particularly football players to Union. They seem to lose some athletes on the Jonesville end to Thomas Walker also. Not sure what the answer is.
  11. And it looked like zero pursuit from the back side.
  12. Both teams have been susceptible to giving up the big play this season. Other than that, Central's defense has been very tough to score on.
  13. So what happened on that last play? I thought Union was going to down the ball and go to OT, but then a guy went in motion, and then boom a touchdown, game over.
  14. That was an impressive comeback for sure.
  15. Agreed. Central is the only team that played close with Abingdon all year, and had their chances to win the game. Tazewell could not match the physical play of Central last night. Maybe without the turnovers, Tazewell's playmakers might have had more chances without the turnovers, but Tazewell couldn't stop Central's running attack. Game is over, the only thing that matter's right now is that Central will face Union in the Region D Championship game.
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