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  1. Agreed, I don't see these sports happening at all.
  2. Richlands softball is loaded with seniors, and yes Osborne is one. That will be really unfortunate if they don't get the chance to repeat, especially with the heartbreak they had during her freshman and sophomore seasons.
  3. From what I'm hearing, most of the schools have shut down their athletic facilities and told teams "No practice by HS teams or no use by outside groups on school facilities"
  4. Not sure I've ever heard of a state requirement of an interview period. Many, many jobs are filled from within without opening them up.
  5. Players of one team touch their own player's hands multiple times during a game, makes no sense really to not shake the other team's hands.
  6. I would think they would have done it by now. Do you have any inside information?
  7. Great season by the Bucs so far, 30-4. I predict somebody bigger will grab up Steve Forbes after this season, he's done a fantastic job.
  8. Since when are underclassmen allowed to sign? I don't think that is accurate.
  9. Union had the least amount of fans of the four teams that played in the boys semifinals also, even Graham traveled better.
  10. As a side note, why does Union not have more fans to show up to support their team?
  11. I've seen where they have been ranked #1 in Virginia for a few weeks, but I haven't seen them play, so hard to predict. There are usually some crazy athletic teams on the other end of the state to contend with in single A ball. It would be awesome if Grundy could win a basketball state title and wrestling title in the same year.
  12. Adkins transferring anywhere other that a prep school would raise a major red flag in his recruiting in my opinion.
  13. What time do the Mountain 7 games start tonight? JV championship at 4:30?
  14. Who has the best online spreaker broadcasting team? A couple that I listened to were pretty biased, hard to get an objective analysis on the game. With the tournaments going on now, we have several choices, so just checking everyone's opinion.
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