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  1. And it looked like zero pursuit from the back side.
  2. Both teams have been susceptible to giving up the big play this season. Other than that, Central's defense has been very tough to score on.
  3. So what happened on that last play? I thought Union was going to down the ball and go to OT, but then a guy went in motion, and then boom a touchdown, game over.
  4. That was an impressive comeback for sure.
  5. Agreed. Central is the only team that played close with Abingdon all year, and had their chances to win the game. Tazewell could not match the physical play of Central last night. Maybe without the turnovers, Tazewell's playmakers might have had more chances without the turnovers, but Tazewell couldn't stop Central's running attack. Game is over, the only thing that matter's right now is that Central will face Union in the Region D Championship game.
  6. Another post said he was going to UVA-Wise, so that's what I was going on, big difference then. If I was an administrator, I might have been more apt to let him stay for one more day if he was going to a D1 school.
  7. I figured it was something of that nature. I didn't know the history behind the name T.C. Williams
  8. As far as their spring season goes, UVA-Wise is done with on the field stuff. I'm sure recruiting is ramping up, but one more day as Richland's coach wouldn't have mattered. This appears to be more of an administrative decision than anything, and to us common fans, we don't know what has happened in conversations and behind the scenes.
  9. With all that has been going on with Richlands, I think Ridgeview wins big. Ridgeview is one of the top 3 teams in the Region, and maybe could have won the region if they had the opportunity.
  10. Odd timing for the move for sure. Is Wells a teacher at Richlands?
  11. I thought Union was more competitive against Central than Tazewell was.
  12. After what I saw tonight, I'd say Union has a good chance in this game.
  13. I'm surprised Lebanon-Lee was that close, as it took Lee 5 games to score their first touchdown, and surprised that Battle lost to Virginia High.
  14. Vermillion will be a tough act to follow.
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