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  1. I think I would go to that new school!
  2. Spring football? What does Richlands do for spring football? Are other SWVA teams having spring practice?
  3. He only writes that column once a week, so that's not exactly anywhere close to 90% of what he writes about. I think it is neat to see that kind of stuff.
  4. Definitely a laughable post. Nobody short of being Oak Hill would say they were not worried about GC. My guess is you are not from GC or Central, just someone trying to stir the pot.
  5. Let's give everybody a trophy then.
  6. No log jam at all at the end of the season, as the regular season champion advances automatically, and the tournament champion advances, unless the regular season champion wins the tournament, then it is the tournament runner-up.
  7. I liked the old way where only 2 teams advanced from each district to the region tournament.
  8. Had Lee High ever beaten Union prior to the Grand Home Furnishings victory?
  9. Lee High has had some basketball talent for several years, just not able to put it all together for whatever reasons, but then again the league has been pretty competitive from top to bottom with a fine line between finishing 2nd or 3rd versus finishing 5th or 6th. Should be an interesting game as Central visits the red hot Generals this Friday.
  10. Not sure about football being the more cyclical than any other sport, I'd have to disagree about that.
  11. For whatever reason, the VHSL moved everything back a week this year. It will be June 14th or so before a state champion is crowned in baseball or softball. That's ridiculous, seeing as most of our schools are done by the first week of June or last week of May. Start football season earlier, as the teams are already practicing all summer anyway.
  12. Although Appomattox is in Region C, I don't consider them West. They are more central than anything, so not sure those of us in the western part of the state can take much pride in saying the West will win again. It's been a long dry spell for those of us in Region D, outside of Graham and Clintwood winning each one in the last 8 years.
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