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  1. Arlington has reversed their decision, going to now have everything except for wrestling and competitive cheer.
  2. Gonna be an interesting season.with the virus raging. I predict it will wipe out a bunch of games.
  3. IMO he is too talented as a running back to be stuck as a DB.
  4. Are all of those going to let him play in the spring?
  5. Aren't the decision makers the principals on the executive committee, and not the staff members of the VHSL office?
  6. It's more like 7 or 8 states, isn't it? Some states have flipped.
  7. Duncan graduated the year before Shoemaker arrived. Shoemaker played from 97-01. I think Warren got to Wake in 99.
  8. I look for most districts to propose splitting gates at games this year.
  9. NCAA DI football has a dead period during February, then a quiet period through mid-April, all of which means they can't attend games or practices to evaluate kids. They would have to do it by film only, or already have an idea of what type of player they are recruiting. But yes, this is after both the regular and early signing period, so most will have already signed by spring and the money will already be committed. So for recruiting purposes, spring football is a bust.
  10. I wouldn't think an 8 week 2A high school football season would be administer a physical beating on a Power 5 player. JMO
  11. It would have to be "club" or "travel" play, and probably couldn't use high school facilities.
  12. Hadn't thought of it that way, but makes a lot of sense.
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