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  1. Looks like the Norton City School board has hired a new staff, and given Jacob Caudill the title "Interim Head Coach".
  2. Lots of stuff to clean up at Union, but don't think Chris Kelly is one of the things that needs to be. This incident will probably help bring the real issues to light though.
  3. Battle likes to hire Battle guys
  4. Didn't Lebanon beat Richlands pretty significantly earlier this season?
  5. Rightfully so, that stuff is slander without proof. Heard Aaron Williams name mentioned for Abingdon job
  6. I'm hearing we lost a legend today, former Emory and Henry coach Lou Wacker.
  7. You may be right. I was just going on what happened last year. Union must have finished 4th in the tournament last year. Makes sense though, more weight on the regular season.
  8. Central wins. It definitely helps Central as they will get a 2 seed to the region and host a game. Hurts Union as they drop to 3 seed and have to travel.
  9. Twin Valley played them close both times, plus if Honaker is hitting 3s they could possibly challenge. Anything can happen come tournament time.
  10. Pretty sure they are Co-champs for the regular season, and that game was for seeding purposes and for the #1 seed to the regional tournament.
  11. No, Lebanon forfeited is what I heard, had already played 22 games. 😲
  12. With McAmis back next year, maybe Central should get an invite to the Arby's Classic.
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