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  1. I couldn’t remember if that was ‘91 or ‘93, but I mentioned that game earlier in this thread. Also agree about the talent in the 90s. Looking at the overall list of undefeated teams, the 80s aren’t really represented in SWVA. I remember some good GC teams back then, but we never seemed to get past the semis once we got out of Region IV.
  2. No worries — these more recent GC teams are tough to keep track of with all of our fifth year seniors (hold backs)! 😂😂😂
  3. Agree with those as interesting matchups — would be some fun Blue-White games at Legion! Splitting hairs, but I think you mean the ‘96 team. Even though ‘97 won the Div 3 title, I think the ‘96 team that lost to Brookville in the semis, was a more talented, dominant team — Shoe, Beasley, and some other big linemen were seniors in ‘96. Just goes to show you anything can happen in the playoffs...I say we beat Brookville 9 out of 10 times in ‘96, but Jefferson Forrest (who we beat in ‘97) probably gets us 9 out of 10 times.
  4. Good points and you are right in that a team from 1970 would struggle to deal with the athletes, formations, and play calling that weren’t around in their time. In that sense, most ‘modern’ teams would have the advantage...think ‘72 Dolphins vs a team like the ‘19 Chiefs. The specific question for any team that played the ‘70 Blue Devils is could they load the box and actually stop what everyone knew was coming...Phil and Stan Rogers behind a big, strong offensive line (even by today’s standards). I bleed blue, so I’ll take GC, but like you said, impossible to prove.
  5. Agree with this. Across the board, talent in SWVA was at a high point in the mid-late 90s...at least in the ‘recent’ era. Maybe it’s the Devil in me, but I’d take the ‘70 GC team over any other on that list. Hard to compare, I know, with the change in the game and athleticism, but based on overall dominance, it’s hard to stack up against that bunch.
  6. I can’t recall the year, maybe ‘91, a doozy GC - Appy game at Legion, where Tom Turner called up a hook and ladder to beat us on the last play of the game. Maybe it was Tom Turner, but as a GC guy, Appy was probably the team I respected the most. The teams they fielded with their enrollment...insane. I remember going to a Appy - RC game when we had an open date. Appy was up big time at the half and Turner and the coaches rolled out the Mountain Dew and hot dogs for the players during the break. Classic Appalachia.
  7. Pretty sure that was ‘97, if not, it was ‘95. We beat PV at the park in ‘96. Even as a true blue GC guy, I can agree with you about that ‘97 PV - Appy game. Those teams were loaded. 3 State Champions that year with GC, PV, and Appy...PV can claim they won it in three divisions since they beat us and Appy. I’ve always said you could’ve taken the best from those teams, put them together, and they could’ve beat Hampton in AAA.
  8. GC vs Jefferson Forrest in ‘97. Honorable Mention (because we lost) was the GC vs John Handley State Championship at Legion in ‘94. 13-7 Handley in a mud bowl, but we lit those receivers up on every slant route.
  9. He did. Started at QB and Safety. I didn’t mean to imply that he didn’t play football, just that he went on to play D1 ACC basketball.
  10. The ‘97 GC team would’ve been interesting. Mac’s bunch would’ve beat them, but they never saw a team with the level of defense. Granted, most of the ‘97 team were football players playing basketball, with the exception of Josh Shoemaker who went on to play at Wake and in Europe, they would bring the pain on defense and the boards.
  11. 14-14 at Legion Field — 2 min left in the half
  12. Abingdon scores on a corner route. Tied up 7-7, 11:54 left in the 2Q
  13. End of the first at Legion. GC- 7 Abingdon-0 Falcons are threatening, 3rd down in the red zone.
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