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  1. Whats the word on things going on with Union Basketball? Will Zack Moore be back to lead the Bears again this coming basketball season?
  2. Could be a tough team, with the return of McCamis, and Hayes, Bishop, Allison, Mullins, Colley, and Brickey.......a senior loaded team with alot of talent........should be very interesting to see how they fair in the M7 and Region D!
  3. Is this the best performance from a pitcher in the VHSL State softball game? I know Todd Zirkle pitched a no hitter in baseball, struck out 12.......that is impressive......this girl has dominated the last 3 years in softball with well over 800 strikeouts and over 300 for one season...........love seeing the local talent stand out and do well in this area. Congrats Richlands on your title, and good luck Lebanon Pioneers!
  4. haha just kidding, gotta do what you gotta do mess up a pitchers rhythm, and try to get runners in scoring position to complete the #1 goal of the season.......
  5. any any radio broadcast or anything for this game? Mac seems to be mowing them down, hopefully she keeps it up and they bring a State title back to this side of Virginia...... Also good luck to the pioneers today!!
  6. Central goes down to Lebanon 14-4...................was up 4-3 going into the bottom of the 6th, with Bishop on the mound and the pitch count forced him out of the game. Collins, Stanley, and Brickey all come into pitch in the 6th and just could not get out of the inning and went into the 7th inning down 14-4. Lebanon brought the lefty Buchanan in and he closed the game out. Good Luck to the remaining teams, bring back a state championship to this end of the state!!!
  7. Thanks chipinbogey, seems like a very dreadful drive!!!
  8. chipinbogey, anyway you can find out where they are playing the Region 1D tournament game at tomorrow against Rye Cove?
  9. Where does Grundy play softball at? Is it at their high school?
  10. Has the Region 1D softball tournament bracket been put out yet, or is their games still to be played to determine the seeds?
  11. Has Grundy and Twin Valley softball played yet?
  12. Thanks a bunch Bearcat Dad, gives me a better understanding. Any update on the Lebanon/ VA High game?
  13. so who will be the QB for Union next year? I hear that Jones has transferred to Great Crossing High School in Georgetown, KY.
  14. Anybody have any idea of what the region seeds will be, and who will face each other in the regional tournaments? I know the district tournaments are being played right now, but just wondering what impact the district tournaments have on the regional seeding? Also can anyone explain how the seeding works for regional tournaments, as to in what classifies you to make region?
  15. Heard through the grapevine, that Andy Jones has transferred to Great Crossing High School in Georgetown KY
  16. This kid sounds like the type of kid that any coach would love to be able to coach. Doing amazing things on the mound, and overcoming the adversity with the knee injury. 639 strikeouts for her career, that is an amazing number..........how old is this kid? Any schools recruiting her??? If not i'd be very surprised........
  17. Agreed!!! Better to get a fresh start somewhere else....slot going on around Union now days!!!! Sad for the program, and all the young men involved.
  18. Word on the street is that Andy Jones is going back to Kentucky!
  19. What decides the tie breaker? Because three teams were tied for 3rd and rye cove came up 5th? Same goes for baseball, in the Mountain conference, GC, Central, and Union will possibly all 3 be tied for 3rd?
  20. Anybody know the seeding of this tournament and when it will start?
  21. It has been posted in the Scott County Paper, and if I am not mistaken it was on the Times News as well.
  22. I'm not bitter about nothing just stating facts, as I have seen it first hand. I'm not a part of the AOA and never will be, but have alot of friends and family that have been. It has never been great but the last 5 to 7 years has been pathetic!
  23. Maybe your sucks wont get 5 or 6 local games a week........officiating has been awful the past 5 to 7 years.......a big part of it seems to be if you were buddy/buddy with the commissioner you always got close games and inportant games. Most referees in the AOA do it for a little extra money and for some enjoyment, but who would want to keep giving their time to the AOA when you get two games a week and it's at Twin Valley or Council and it takes you 2 hours to get there.........you barely make enough to pay for gas.........I understand these schools need Referees too, but when it's the same Referees going 2 to 3 times a week to the same place, because the commissioner thinks it's right to send his buddies and his "TOP" (sarcasm) officials to local and important games. No wonder they voted him out, not sure that it can ever be fixed after the beating it has taken over the years.
  24. What's the word on Dockery being let go by Twin Springs? From Kevin Mays article on timesnews.net, Dockery said he was shocked and very disappointed!
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