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  1. Eastside should have won this game-they panicked a little at the end and studs do what studs do making tough shots. What Twin Springs did in the Arby’s is pretty meaningless-no one scouted them or gameplanned or anything. In those kinds of games their two studs will carry them to competitive scores.
  2. Va High will give them a game-I’m not sure anyone else does. I felt like Marion would be much better than they have been.
  3. I’m trying to figure out how 11 for GC comes back into the pile and puts his hands on a coach without any repercussions but the two kids who left the bench for Central were ejected
  4. Style matters-especially in single A. Twin Springs has two studs so they are less susceptible but a pressing team can beat a halfcourt team on any given night and vice versa. Richlands got Honaker into an up and down game. Burton slowed Richlands down etc.
  5. RC depends so much on Chavez for scoring that they can be beaten if someone can defend him or he has an off night. A very short handed Honaker team beat them at Wise by holding him to 17
  6. After GC didn’t suspend a player for breaking a kid’s jaw a few years ago my guess is that nothing will happen.
  7. Lol….sure. Va High forcing like 25 turnovers a game but it was all self inflicted 🙄
  8. Ridgeview was overmatched the other night until Va High melted down and completely forgot how to play. TS looked good at Arbys-they’ve got two big time players
  9. Just to revisit this: Honaker has been decimated by injures so they are pretty much out-may win the BDD and then lose to Cumberland 3. Twin Springs looks good as does Eastside and Rye Cove. Can’t get a good feel for Lebanon until after the Wise tourney. Chilhowie/Holston not what I expected either. In 2D I would say Union still head and shoulders above everyone. Graham and RV above GC right now and Va High/Marion probably next in line.
  10. Graves is a bad matchup for Abingdon because they have to play zone to compensate for Ramsey. He can be defended by good M2M…iirc GC held him way below his average when they stomped Graham last year (after which his coach said in the paper that he was the best player in the region 😵‍💫.) Union did a great job on Cormany last year so I can’t imagine them having much trouble with Graves. Over the back is not a foul….on the back is a foul. A 7 footer can absolutely reach over top of another kid as long as there isn’t a lot of contact.
  11. Marion girls can win the 1-4 game I think
  12. Graham shot nothing but jumpers and floaters all night. That’s what happens when you shoot floaters over the big man instead of attacking. Meanwhile Graham is lucky Abingdon didn’t shoot more-they were still in football mode.
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