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  1. It will be interesting to see what Graham has. They lost quite a bit but bring back their best player.
  2. The Cumberland should be interesting. Burton has two dynamic guards, Eastside is gonna Eastside until further notice, Twin Springs has high expectations, Rye Cove returns virtually everyone including the big kid.
  3. Chuckey Doak cancelling two games due to Covid Seems like its six in one hand and half a dozen in the other as far as playing in the spring, but VHSL really needs to extend the seasons because compressing them only puts more games at risk with the seemingly inevitable outbreaks
  4. Well if Mt. Rogers district includes Russell and Tazewell Co then you got some bad info because there have been more cases than that.
  5. Sometimes it is harder to replace complimentary players than studs, but indeed you need both to win
  6. Grundy lost a lot but probably have the best player in SWVA back. TS should be really good-most of what they lost were complimentary players. They return the heavy lifters and will be a force for the next few seasons. Honaker has a good young group coming.
  7. Basketball will be leading the way for the VHSL for the first time ever. So, who are the top 1a and 2a teams in the area? Who are the top returning players in SWVA?
  8. We ultimately adjusted to the “Spanish” flu, but it killed millions in its first cycle.
  9. Well the rate of kids getting it in Florida doubled in the last four weeks and there have been several deaths including that of a 9 year old. Perhaps closing the schools was a major contributing factor to the lack of student cases. While I agree that the disease is much more fatal in the elderly population, we still do not have all the answers as far as long term effects. On a positive note, death rate in general has fallen considerably since March and April-which means that while we haven’t gotten any better at keeping it from spreading we have definitely improved our treatments. Although the fact that you think a virus has knowledge of our election systems and will simply disappear after 11/4 demonstrates that this discussion is probably a waste of time
  10. The rapid saliva test is the key. If we can test cheaply and quickly, then we can identify asymptomatic and presymptomatic carriers and reduce clusters.
  11. Waylon Hart new coach at Honaker
  12. Coaches nominate who they believe is deserving and then the other coaches vote-the very nature of that is somewhat political but how else should it be done? Should the fans vote? That could be disastrous. The newspaper writers? They already do their own team. Even on college AA teams there are “snubs” and coaches aren’t trading votes there. I guess it’s just something that comes with voting like that.
  13. Odum won COY last year-perhaps Vermillion wanted someone else to have it? How many players from Union should have made the region team? M7 only going to get half the spots (although they got 5 and SWD got 4)
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