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  1. RichRich 48 Posted 1 hour ago I didn't say he wasn't good. I If i was picking a team he wouldn't be on it. The games ive seen him play he is a selfish player and does have an attitude problem in my opinion. You* posted the above comment. I thought it was you who used the term crybaby but it was someone else
  2. And I was pretty clear in my response...what “you” see as “being a crybaby” as an opposing fan isn’t necessarily what a recruiter sees
  3. Lol what in the world are you even talking about? College recruiters see what they need...McClung had plenty of attitude to his game too and it has served him well. Ervin was pretty reserved and he’s having plenty of success. Playing with emotion can be called “being a crybaby” if you are an opposing fan. Playing calmly and with no emotion can be construed as “being lazy” if you are an opposing fan. The mirror is your friend-if you can look at yourself and be ok with heckling a teenager who can’t defend himself, then more power to you.
  4. I wonder if you would like to have had people judge you as a teenager from a distance based on your actions in a competition and the sins of your father. I know I wouldn’t have.
  5. 😂😂😂😂 objectivity has waved bye bye to some people. Isaiah definitely first team in District and Region. He’s a great player with flaws that either become more or less apparent depending on who you pull for. Central most talented team in the M7-but they don’t have a flow to them that seems natural.
  6. Physicality is relative-you are referring to style of play. Defenses now are taught to hand check, bump cutters, and back to the basket play has gone away because officials allow hand to hand combat and don’t call fouls on post ups, but they do call fouls on drives to the basket. The 80s and 90s NBA was physical and not for the faint of heart, but high school games were still played with skill.
  7. Under the table nonsense is wha SWVA all about though!
  8. The game is a lot different now. Watch a college game from the 80s or a pro game from the 70s and you see very little contact. Now it’s a mugging night in and night out.
  9. McAmis is the better high school b-ball player, but Hayes has a much higher ceiling due to his size and athleticism
  10. Lebanon-Graham was a 3 point game in the fourth quarter, and Lebanon is terrible. Lee will definitely have a shot
  11. Class 1 Region D I would go with 1. Grundy 2. Northwood 3. Eastside 4. Burton 5. Holston Girls 1. Honaker 2. PH 3. Eastside 4. Grundy 5. TW
  12. I was-got my M7 peoples messed up
  13. Lebanon beat Wise at the beginning of the season, so no, your quest to change the playoff format continues to be your own personal white whale.
  14. Lebanon was down a starter with flu
  15. Or maybe he cheap shotted another kid like he did last year. He had no consequences last time so why would he think any different this time
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