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  1. Coaches nominate who they believe is deserving and then the other coaches vote-the very nature of that is somewhat political but how else should it be done? Should the fans vote? That could be disastrous. The newspaper writers? They already do their own team. Even on college AA teams there are “snubs” and coaches aren’t trading votes there. I guess it’s just something that comes with voting like that.
  2. Odum won COY last year-perhaps Vermillion wanted someone else to have it? How many players from Union should have made the region team? M7 only going to get half the spots (although they got 5 and SWD got 4)
  3. Officials are often instructed to “let the players decide it,” but by swallowing their whistle actually decide the game even more so. A foul should be a foul depending on the way the game has been called from the first quarter on. There’s a lot of subjectivity to what a foul is between officials, but by crunch time it should be established what is going to be called and what isn’t.
  4. 1. It’s not a stretch to say that a kid who is 6’4 and can move has a higher ceiling...but obviously that struck a nerve. 2. Hayes showed last year he could be a star. From what I see, everything Wise runs is...not for him. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with that-he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be an asset. However it’s unfair to blame him for “disappearing” when he was in foul trouble and they don’t run anything for him. 3. I would bet that most teams in SWVA would have traded rosters with Wise this year.
  5. Nobody else wanted the ball, or no one else given the ball?
  6. Congratulations-you know nothing about basketball
  7. To lose a 1 point game to a team that just beat Union two weeks ago and be called overrated seems...harsh
  8. Name 4 1a teams in SWVA that are better...come on man. They are comparable to Grundy, Northwood, Eastside etc
  9. Richlands better than most 1A teams
  10. They have a win over Graham, who is athletically comparable (if not more so) to the teams on the other end of the state
  11. RichRich 48 Posted 1 hour ago I didn't say he wasn't good. I If i was picking a team he wouldn't be on it. The games ive seen him play he is a selfish player and does have an attitude problem in my opinion. You* posted the above comment. I thought it was you who used the term crybaby but it was someone else
  12. And I was pretty clear in my response...what “you” see as “being a crybaby” as an opposing fan isn’t necessarily what a recruiter sees
  13. Lol what in the world are you even talking about? College recruiters see what they need...McClung had plenty of attitude to his game too and it has served him well. Ervin was pretty reserved and he’s having plenty of success. Playing with emotion can be called “being a crybaby” if you are an opposing fan. Playing calmly and with no emotion can be construed as “being lazy” if you are an opposing fan. The mirror is your friend-if you can look at yourself and be ok with heckling a teenager who can’t defend himself, then more power to you.
  14. I wonder if you would like to have had people judge you as a teenager from a distance based on your actions in a competition and the sins of your father. I know I wouldn’t have.
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