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  1. Hayes is their best wing defender, and it’s not close
  2. Well you are obviously a high school kid yourself so maybe we shouldn’t hold you to high standards
  3. Yeah I’m like you, I’m not real comfortable with the way some of the adults on this board talk about a high school kid
  4. Are you including Abingdon in this?
  5. So assault is cool as long as someone else starts it...good to know. Oh and Wise suspended the kid that put McClung in the wall...what did GC do to their player?
  6. Remind me again which team had a player send another player to the hospital with a cheap shot and then didn’t discipline him?
  7. I’ll admit that TJ McAmis becoming a face in this WWE story is not something I would have written, but GC fans have just about made it happen.
  8. Grundy led the whole game, and played the entire second half down a starter
  9. Jesus you never stop beating this drum do you? BTW Grundy has two of the best players in all of SWVA...Looney would be a star at any 2A or 3A school
  10. Lee is “old” too-they have 6-7 seniors I think. They are balanced, much more so than in years past when I’ve seen them. They won’t beat themselves and they do a lot of little things well that show up in close games. Central just has so much size at every position. They can beat you inside, outside-they can play slow down or up tempo and they hit the boards...and then with Hayes and McAmis you have two prolific scorers.
  11. Central by double digits
  12. This year, yes. Hasn’t been that way in the past-but sure, let’s be reactionary
  13. You read those tweets and would never know they got drilled
  14. Central is my pick to win the M7 Eastside is the class of the Cumberland but Burton and TS are close Graham will easily take the SWD Grundy and Honaker will battle for the BDD Title
  15. Re-upping this for the start of the season
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