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  1. I 1000% agree that there are some real effects of lockdowns that we are going to have to contend with-particularly when it comes to the high risk kids that you speak of. However, more people have died from COVID in the US than died in WW2...that’s the kind of death toll we are looking at here, so imagine what it could have been had we not mitigated (or how much loss we could have prevented if we had handled it better). The high risk kids you speak of are also the kids most likely to be living with grandparents/extended family. While the virus may not have a lot of impact on kids physiologically-if they carry it home to the highest risk category...things could have been brutal. Just think back to December when hundreds of people were dying/hospitalized in our rural area and our hospitals were stressed to the maximum. Anyway, to get back on track, I’m sick for Burton’s kids-absolutely heartbreaking for them, but it was a possibility for every team that played this season-like someone said above...along the lines of Russian roulette.
  2. Kids-meaning 12 and under...not virtual adults like what are in a high school football locker room. The science is pretty clear that it spreads the quickest in low ventilated areas that are tightly populated. I would agree that on the field it isn’t very likely to spread, but in a locker room is a completely different story. Also, while I am very sad for our kids-this idea of “they have been robbed of so much” is not in line with the messaging that we usually provide to our youth. We tell them that they aren’t promised tomorrow and that they have to be able to handle adversity, but then we lose our minds and claim it will scar them for life because they miss a season of a high school sport, or a year of school?!? Some perspective is probably in order here.
  3. Hazard, KY would disagree with you-it spreads very quickly and easily in a locker room enclosed environment
  4. Who tore the kids in half and wished ill will on them?
  5. Not sure about anything else but this ending was definitely scoutable
  6. I need to hear what his number one supporter on this forum has to say about this
  7. It was only close on the scoreboard-Lebanon had about 10 penalties in the second half several of which called back long TDs and twice they failed to score inside the 10 yard line. First time all year I’ve seen them look undisciplined-the little scat back they have is going to be a huge problem for the Hogo I think. He has been impressive every time I’ve seen them to be no bigger than he is. Hits hard on D and is lightning in the open field.
  8. Hurley playing Tom Walker-that is the winner for longest haul
  9. In my opinion, high school students should be off limits for criticism by name. Critique the coaches who choose the depth chart-they get paid for that job. A kid who is doing his or her best should not be subjected to the same standard as a paid employee.
  10. You have 8 posts on this site and 2 of them are bashing a teenager. You are likely the parent/relative of one of the backup QBs....but if you aren’t, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your priorities in life.
  11. Appeals are a lot different than decisions. I have a hard time believing that the VHSL will step in this hornets nest
  12. Who is going to get the job?
  13. Are message boards really the place where you find people that move on easily? 😂
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