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  1. You obviously didn’t watch them when Ervin was hurt last year
  2. Been a lot more than a “few” years ago that Lebanon was strong
  3. At least tag me if you are going to erroneously call me wrong. March 2018 ADM says a touch over 500 August 2018 first day of school 460 Reading is fun-damental
  4. That’s why I said they were “essentially” a 1a school.
  5. You and I both know that ADM has nothing to do with a school’s actual enrollment. Not to mention the ADM you cite is from March of 2018 and my number came from August of 2018.
  6. This is false-Lebanon was at 460 first day of school last year 9-12.
  7. Tazewell, VHS, and Lebanon fit the 1a profile. 24-35 players with a lot of guys who play both ways. Richlands still a behemoth trying to figure a few things out-but their numbers matter, especially over a season. Marion has plenty of numbers too typically. Im not denying that the SWD is down, and I think PH or Chilhowie would be favored to beat Tazewell on any given night...but that’s a lot different than beating both Tazewell and Richlands and not taking any upsets (and not getting too banged up against Graham) Chilhowie last year could have done it for sure, but that was a terrific group.
  8. Stronger programs is a relative term. Chilhowie and PH are in the middle of good cycles. Honaker has great tradition, but has been a little down recently due to the same economic issues. Burton probably the 1a standard now that Haysi and Clintwood are consolidated but it’s not like you can point to a 1a school that could finish 2nd in the SWD right now
  9. Richlands is down, Marion is down, Va High is way down and Lebanon is essentially a 1a school playing AA
  10. If we just make all transfers legal etc then that solves the problem. No more speculation, fair or unfair or indifferent
  11. Here’s the rub with transfers-it needs to either be legal for everyone or illegal for everyone. Right now, the schools who soft recruit and are willing to play the game (pretend to move, pretend parents are separated etc) are the ones who benefit from transfers. Make transferring open to everyone and level the playing field. The same schools will likely keep winning and keep getting kids, but it will at least make things more transparent. If I am an opponent of Graham then I would have a definite problem with them getting a kid who has played at three area schools in 365 days with the way the current rules are written. If I am Graham, then I’m saying the kid moved because them’s the magic words
  12. They both went to prep schools. Strong went to one in NC
  13. Of this list Jones, Strong and Campbell have all transferred out of SWVA
  14. Actually, testimony is a form of evidence but go on
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