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  1. They only start one senior so they probably expected a down year but they looked pretty bad against the Tigers
  2. I’m not disagreeing with you at all-I was more responding to our friendly neighborhood preacher who is providing a much needed booster for vaccine skeptics across our great commonwealth.
  3. It is impossible to know everything there is to know about a novel virus. It is also impossible to know everything there is to know about a vaccine for a novel virus. That being said, color me skeptical that people who guzzle down the newest flavor of Mountain Dew without question are suddenly concerned about how long the Covid vaccine has been researched. It is much more likely that there is a subset of the population whose anger/defiance/distrust of “authority” has been taken advantage of by bad actors.
  4. Someone with your vast intellect should understand the difference between the NYT and NYPost editorial pages and actual news. But to a greater point, the problem with “news” today is that there is no room to breathe and assess. People want things immediately. They want quotes and takes and expert opinions immediately and sometimes that is not possible to do with 100% accuracy. It has been impressive to watch the smear job of Fauci, whose only crime seems to have been being an “expert” in a time where expertise is devalued and parsed by outside sources looking to promote outrage and celebrate ignorance.
  5. People who peddle/copy and paste every BS misinformation piece fed to them and who trumpet every conspiracy being one of the primary factors.
  6. Sigh…the issues with hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. No one here claimed vaxxed people couldn’t spread the virus. Blaming vaccinated people for unvaccinated people clogging the hospitals is a wonderful example of the weaponized ignorance I’m referring to.
  7. That’s right, assert your independence from my thoughts and the “groupthink” of all of the most educated members of our society (especially in the realm of infectious disease) and continue listening to the TRUE patriots who run a podcast with a tinfoil hat on or peddle their garbage to the most uninformed and gullible members of our society.
  8. Awesome-a dude on a keyboard’s opinion versus the opinions of experts in infectious disease. As far as vaccinated people “spreading” the virus-thats lifted straight from the looney bin misinformation that you’ve posted in here before as “interesting.”
  9. It’s not just selfish, it’s defiant, weaponized ignorance. How many of these people look at the weather app before making decisions? How many of these people had an MRI or a CT scan based on the advice of an expert? It makes zero sense to not trust science, but they can’t look past their cognitive dissonance when they have snake oil salesmen and TV preacher hacks telling them that the science of a vaccine is a lie.
  10. The Tigers moved the ball ok, but Doug needs to keep the QB on a short leash. The Lowe kid is a game changing athlete-need to get it to him as much as possible. Lebanon not nearly what they were last year.
  11. Opinions are fine, but you can’t both sides everything. Misinformation and a layman’s opinion is not entitled to the same respect as expertise and science in a real society. Sadly, we have reached the point where some people believe that their own ignorant opinion is worthy of the same respect as that of an expert who has spent their life working in an area.
  12. This is simply not true that “most” doctors don’t recommend the vaccine if you’ve had COVID-19…ironic that you put the phrase “as a matter of fact” before you assert something that has no evidence behind it. You state something as “fact” that is demonstrably false, or present misinformation as “interesting” and when called on it, you complain about an exchange being “uncivilized.”
  13. Joined about 10 min before he posted that-don’t feed the troll
  14. Not to mention that you were required to have several shots in order to attend public schools-it’s not like vaccine mandates are a new scary thing.
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