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  1. Lebanon has a strong girls team coming-pretty sure they beat Richlands twice in middle school last year even with the stud girl…with them coming back to the SWD Richlands will have plenty of competition between them, Marion and Va High….and none of those schools are anywhere close to Wise/GC/RV
  2. At this point it’s obvious Abingdon doesn’t care much about winning and is a poison pill job. Williams is arguably the best coach in the area and he was a short termer just like everyone else that has been through the last decade….they are probably going to have to get a young ambitious guy because anyone with any sense is going to run from that place
  3. Region 1D Lebanon Grundy vs Eastside Honaker vs Chilhowie Rural Retreat vs Burton I see Lebanon waltzing to the 1D title
  4. Apparently nothing is wrong with Lebanon
  5. Ronnie Davis will be the next coach of the Blue Tornado
  6. Well they start 6 sophomores so some drop off was probably to be expected. Richlands will challenge Va High in the SW-their ace is pretty good…not much pitching after that though.
  7. NC and GA both use a multiplier for charter schools and other schools that can recruit
  8. Lu Mclanahan is right there with McAmis athletically. Not the basketball player necessarily, but running jumping strength etc. Last year’s Honaker team had a lot more speed overall-this year’s version is longer for sure.
  9. This year probably yes…last year not so much. Honaker 2021 would hang in with Wise or GC
  10. Pretty impressive accomplishment
  11. Lady Tigers are hosting so apparently doesn’t have to be “neutral” site
  12. Part of what you read has definitely not been true in the past. VHSL has required a much larger attendance capacity than 500 and schools could not “host” but they could play at a venue close by that meets the VHSL requirements. With Covid that obviously may have changed.
  13. I thought it had to be a neutral site-last year was the exception due to Covid
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