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  1. Great season for the dawgs! I’m proud of them regardless of the way this ended. Good luck to the warriors as they proceed into the remaining playoffs!
  2. Well @Gridiron60 I said it before and I’ll say it now, that was a big IF!
  3. From what I’ve heard I believe it’ll be a low scoring game also. If it doesn’t come down to field goals. We have the best defense I’ve ever seen in my time. I honestly think this is gonna be a scenario to where the defense wins the game.
  4. I agree. I believe tazewell has come a helluva long way since week one. It’s gonna be a game to watch. That’s for sure
  5. I’m here to tell you, if they run Wing-T and do it as good as Riverheads did, I believe it may be a long night unless tazewell learned something from that. I’m a bulldog through amd through, but I don’t sugarcoat anything. I don’t care how good of a defense you got, if the wing-t is ran right, it’s nearly unstoppable. But if your like Riverview (WV) it could be a long night for them. Not comparing just making my point make sense. I believe if the dogs can stop the wing-t (if that’s what they run) then it should be a helluva game. Another thing, discipline. You can’t go in with a skilled/great team having 100 yards in penalty’s. Talk crap after you win, after the game. Not during it cause your only screwing yourself. Another thing, as Real Sasquatch said, open up the offense.
  6. Thoughts on this game? Any word on when it’ll be played. I know nothing about Wise so I’m not saying anything.
  7. That’s something you don’t see in today’s time.
  8. I understand that, but you’d be a fool to go into a game thinking it doesn’t count when there are only six games in the season. It’s not rocket science. I mean if Thad went into that game thinking it didn’t count then y’all need a new coach💁🏻‍♂️
  9. I’m sorry if I offend any Richlands fan, but it’s as simple as they can’t take the lows cause they were use to being on the top so long. They basically lost their shot when the got defeated by the dogs. & as you said every game counts. Hell, I got taught that in little league. Move on, life goes on. You can’t win em all. The main thing is learn from the past and prepare for the next season.
  10. Don’t think raising it to 500 helped. I’ve called the school to see about getting tickets and they acted rude about it and said it would be posted on Tazewell High Schools Facebook page. But the only thing I’ve seen is for student purchases.
  11. Agree with you. Tazewell has tendency to let the past bring them down. & in my opinion they have nothing that should make them let there heads hang. They held graham to less points then anyone has. They should be proud of themselves.
  12. I’m going with graham in this one. All there is to beating Richlands is containing Webb. In my opinion from watching them against the dogs, Logan Steele is just as much of a threat is Webb is. Contain them 2, and you have them beat. Cause god forgive me, but all you have to do is get Cox out of the pocket and it’s over. I’m going with Graham 35-17
  13. When do they meet again to do the restrictions? Hoping they lift them some for April so we fans can attend playoff games!
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