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  1. I bet they are glad, Richlands needs an easy opponent to boost there confidence. They acted like they were lost Friday and didn’t seem to care how the scoreboard looked.
  2. River heads by 40+. I’m a bulldog, but I don’t sugar coat anything, the dawgs have a lot of growing up to do.
  3. If Tazewell doesn’t find an opponent I’m gonna go to this. Interested to watch it anyways.
  4. I’m not either of them, but I haven’t seen any updates on their Facebook page yet.
  5. Maybe Tazewell can finally catch a W. I’m hoping so. Heard they played hard against graham but I wasn’t there.
  6. @Real Sasquatch I know you will give me the most accurate and honest opinion, as I’ve not been able to make it to a Tazewell game yet, how are they looking? Thanks!
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