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  1. Houston Thacker (Burton) and Ethan Powers (Eastside) are top 5 caliber players!!!
  2. I thought Cumberland game was Thur? Not Wed.
  3. He'd be a fool to leave this squad.
  4. Heard riverheads moved up to 2A
  5. They struggled at times kicking PAT's this year. Scared of a block probably.
  6. Yeah really. Burton only had 21-24 all year. 9 of those where Freshmen. Max prep may be wrong I hope.
  7. Not sure but there looks to be 24 seniors on there max prep roster. Wow
  8. Yeah was usually a 1 or 2 point game til this year. With Union coming down and I'd rather take that shot at Union why there down. I think 1) Ridgeview 2) Union 3) Lee would be a good way to start the season.
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