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  1. That’s what I wonder.
  2. My coworker has the opinion that the board fired the previous coach, gave it to the one who just resigned, and didn’t want him to leave. He also said he felt the resignation is just for a few years because last years coach doesn’t think they will be good for a couple years and then will be back. He already had his name tied to a bad season when coomer was the head coach. So his opinion is this board is the reason for the mess. If you hire someone who is a poor coach then it’s their fault. Also he blames this board for both of those boys going to union. He said they are both good athletes and good boys with good families. Of course we know what opinions are like and everyone has one. Sad days for our generals friends.
  3. If they stayed for that mess I doubt they’d leave now.
  4. I just heard this at my work this morning and hear lots thinking of moving on to big stone. It’s a shame.
  5. You follow wrestling too
  6. Who wrestles that we will know from football for each team. Don’t know a thing about real wrestling.
  7. Hate to hear he might leave. Heck of a baller Adkins is.
  8. Colley will restore order to us!
  9. If that’s the Lee transfer he will be a monster. I think they will be back in the mix next year. Who is coming back for them?
  10. I think you are correct. I’ve seen them twice and they have some monsters.
  11. Man the union crowd doesn’t think much of their team. What’s going on over there?
  12. Union fans are sour if they aren’t 10-0.
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