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  1. Appomattox wins. The coaching is outstanding. They did exactly what they had to do to beat Graham and I'm sure they will be more than prepared against SD.
  2. Lot of shifting around and confusion on D. Especially on 3rd down.
  3. Nobody within 20 yards on 2 of 3 Appomattox tds. The 3rd, nobody within 5 yards. Baffling. Trickeration is killing Graham.
  4. pay on nfhs free on wvmetronews.com
  5. He didnt seem to know much about anybody.
  6. Like I said before. Graham 34-24. Too many weapons and great defense. Appomattox will be the 2nd best team that Graham has faced this season. Appomattox is a running team, but they run a formation that you dont see too often. I think its called the double wing or double wing veer. It gets blockers out in front and is hard to stop when executed correctly. It sets up play-action really well. You can bet D. Palmer and Rex Bradshaw will have an excellent game plan for that offense. Graham definitely has the athletes and talent on that side of the ball to stop it.
  7. Go G men. Im going, but I know of at least a few who cant go and now they can watch.
  8. And she does a very good job. She is also kind enough to raise the money to meet the request of the VHSL., so folks can watch it. I have watched a few times and make sure that I thank her for her efforts. If anybody else watches, please thank this kind lady, because she has put a lot of effort into letting folks see the game.
  9. As of about an hour ago, she had already raised $350. This from her page. For those that want to help pay for the Facebook live feed. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for GoFundMe, so I created a "money pool" through PayPal. You can also give through Facebook messenger. I have already gotten $350 tonight!! Here is the account info for PayPal https://paypal.me/pools/c/8kwNKKXKYW If you don't feel comfortable doing either one of these, let me know! Thank you for all of your support tonight! You don't know how much I appreciate each one of you!
  10. I saw where somebody posted 6. Then went back to confirm and saw 13 seniors. Graham will be young next season with some talent but this year is a better chance to do well for them.
  11. Lee is quite a bit farther away then Bluefield. Not too bad of a road trip for Graham. 3 hours is not that bad. The bus ride down there could be used to get them focused on the task at hand.
  12. He had been talking about UVA and Tech. I can see the confusion however
  13. A UVA fan posted that UVAs chances to beat Tech (which hadnt been done in 15 years) was better than Centrals chance to beat Graham. He was correct.
  14. The guy who posted that was talking about UVA having a better chance to beat Virginia Tech. Not Graham beating Virginia Tech. Geez.
  15. Of course they would be lucky to score against a College team full of adult men. ??
  16. Agree, lot of nit picky calls on Graham. Central went a very long stretch with no penalties. Graham will be ready next week, that you can count on. Palmer and staff has done an excellent job preparing this team come playoff time. Thanks for putting it in perspective.
  17. Traveled really well to state semis and finals last year. I would expect visitors side at Appo to be full. (If the weather was like it was today in Bluefield, that may cut down on the crowd a bit).
  18. Absolutely need to clean that up, for sure. Offensive line coaches need to be working hard with this bunch this week. I don't know of anybody who actually saw why Kiser was ejected. Hopefully it was an over-reaction by the Ref and he will get to play next week.
  19. Agree. Kiser being out will hurt. Somebody is going to have to step up. Appomattox likes to run the ball a lot, that may play into the hands of Graham's defense. Appomattox has a good defense also. This has the potential to be a very good game. I still like Graham's chances. They are playing hard and that defense can be nasty when it wants to be. Central's scores came from a long pass and after a turnover on Graham's own 6. Otherwise, Central was held in check pretty well. Appomattox shut down a Gretna team that relied heavily on the run and had a terrible effort passing the ball. Graham presents their defense more problems running out of the spread I think than Appo's offense presents to Graham's defense. Appo does have a very athletic QB and RB that can both make plays. They will be the 2nd best team Graham has played all season (Bluefield). The best athlete on the field will be Devin Lester, although the Appomattox fans think it will be their QB, I'm sure. Devin is a special player and I think he is the x-factor in this game that could turn things in Graham's favor.
  20. Graham 34 Appomattox 24. As mentioned earlier, penalties and turnovers may turn things the other way. The Raiders are already taking Graham seriously, their facebook page is urging people to come out and support them against a "truly tough adversary". Graham had better bring their A game.
  21. Just going by the Radio Broadcast and what the Appo Facebook Site had (Appo facebook site just 45 minutes ago said game is saturday, time not determined yet and that went along with what the radio guys said, of course it was 106.3. Game is set for Saturday, time not determined yet, Graham gets to determine the kickoff time according to radio. Just passing that along. Don't shoot the messenger. I would assume 1:30 or 2:00. https://www.facebook.com/ACHSraiders/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCTeE7IVw3ag2FhUE-3Mn75_EocJkE_BX3CTYJWChQKiRIeUdm9qdZ8Qp96pamREOOvKVVTutNZ1982
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