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  1. Summer conditioning started this week for most schools. August and scrimmages will be here before you know it. 7 on 7 s about to get started.
  2. Not trying to be negative about Loris when I quoted you. Just pointing out what a great school system we have here. Money may not be good. But the atmosphere is 2nd to none. Went off on a tangent, I guess.
  3. He could still come back, work half a day and get paid plus VA. retirement. You can't beat the schools in SWVA in termsof the environment. Pay may be low and buildings may be crumbling, but our kids are top notch and the working environment is 100 times better.
  4. I think Richlands would have tried to find somebody that would be there for a longer time then Tarter. Once Mance's contract with Loris is up, I think he will be back.
  5. Tazewell County schools ranked # 10 in the state of Virginia in reading and math proficiency. (2019 Data). Reading and Math proficiency both > 90%. (High Schools) 93% Graduation rate. Check it on the VDOE web page. Tazewell High School in particular was 2nd to only George Mason for a school of their size. Also, Virginia > South Carolina. I would be willing to bet that Mance will be back after one season with Tarter at the helm. His work will be cut out for him. Tarter will keep the ship going in the right direction.
  6. With a name like Betsy Lane, how good could they be?
  7. Unless they have had somebody transfer in, then no. Nobody else on that team has that kind of speed.
  8. Pulaski should be a challenge for both Graham and Bluefield this year with Dixon at the helm and the # of athletes they have to choose from. Blacksburg has 3 times the enrollment of Graham as well. I love to see Galax back on their schedule and I don't understand why Graham and George Wythe haven't tried to play this game before, hoping that GW becomes a fixture on Graham's schedule.
  9. The Gretna job has opened up.
  10. It will be interesting to see the turnout for this fall for Richlands. They usually have goos numbers coming out for a school their size.
  11. Mr. Vencill will be missed at THS. I'm sure he is glad to be back home at RHS. Whoever gets the coaching job has a lot of work to do. The cupboard isnt empty, but supplies are running a tad low. Ronnie Davis is the new A.D. at Graham, so he wont be returning to RHS. Good addition for Graham to have him in that role.
  12. I can see Graham going anywhere from 6-4 to 10-0. Depending on the QB-RB situation. They will be battle tested for sure come playoff time and that can only help. I do think they will lose 1 or 2 along the way. If they can manage 8-2 with that schedule, that will be a good outcome and they will be primed for the playoffs if they can manage that. RB and QB are huge question marks for them. They will be solid at other positions. Hearing the transfer has speed to burn. He could take some pressure off of Bradshaw.
  13. You talking about Burton getting robbed?
  14. Yes. And keep that ball out Of my yard!!
  15. Is anybody going to talk about the game or is this thread going to be one big complaint after another? If I wanted complaints, I would go visit my mother in law. Galax in an upset.
  16. Graham will be strong again, they will however have to replace a very good RB and a solid QB in Fritz and Blevins, which are 2 tough positions to replace. They did have a couple of good looking RB's and have a very athletic young man who will be eligible to play in the fall who moved to Bluefield after playing in WV in the fall. They need to find a QB who can get the ball to what looks to be a good bunch of receivers. Replacing Jackson on the line will be tough, but they have a very strong group of young men coming up and a couple of freshmen who may see a little playing time. Way too early to make that kind of a statement. Graham will definitely be dangerous and I do think it will come down to Graham and Union in region D if everybody can stay healthy and stay in the game. These are kids, Graham and Union are well coached. Appomattox has had a run of athletes that you don't see often at this level. I think region D closes the gap this fall.
  17. When that fire truck brings the team in, make sure it's got a full tank of water....
  18. Will be pulling for the Bears!!
  19. There are a few wins on that schedule for a young team.
  20. Billy Haun. But seriously. Nobody has mentioned Harris Hart.
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