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  1. It was in close proximity to the game. Not at the game from what I gather, I could be wrong..
  2. Looking forward to Graham vs PC
  3. Yes and those cameras should be calibrated every so often, this one is very blurry at times.
  4. Who caught the td pass for Graham in the corner of the endzone? NFHS camera didn't catch it.
  5. I said Union by 40. They will have to call off the dogs now
  6. Most of those 180 came on 2 plays. Graham is far from dominating. Sloppy and playing with no fire..
  7. Graham already with 4 penalties. One cost them a touchdown.
  8. Long td run by Grahams QB called back for block in the. back
  9. Dang could somebody wipe off the NFHS camera lens?
  10. Personally not a fan of the Railyard. But whatever floats the boat. I would rather go to Bob Evans, Mexican, Applebee's, Japanese, etc.. at the shopping center and be closer to the stadium
  11. And 90 percent of the time, the observations are slanted in their team's favor.
  12. Appears Graham game is in fact cancelled on the 1st with GW. Maybe Bluefield will play on the 1st, so Graham and GW could play on the 8th as others have stated.
  13. The Bulldogs are very young and play several freshmen and sophomores. It could be a long day for them. They will play hard and play until the end, however.
  14. Or play Bluefield twice? Schedule GW on a Tuesday, same week as Marion?
  15. Same, but if not, they need to go ahead and make the call so Graham can schedule another opponent. Looking at the district site, GW is resuming sports on the 29th, if that falls through, I'm not sure LB can play, since they cancelled with Bluefield, not sure what their deal is. Hoping Bluefield finds an October 1st opponent also.
  16. That would be an interesting matchup. However, GW should be able to go on October 1st. Sports are resuning at GW on Sept. 29th. I think it was LB that that cancelled with Bluefield also
  17. Thats from 5 days ago. Game with Bluefield has been cancelled also according to district website. I hope the district site is wrong, but I doubt it. Athletic directors put those games in.
  18. According to Max Preps, yes. But consider the source. It also says kickoff is at 7 a.m. Accotsing to the Blue-Ridge district site, they had scheduled Bluefield for October 1st, but that too has been cancelled. (Perhaps Mercer Co is extending their remote learning).
  19. There is no guarantee that Graham or Union will be in the Regional Finals. It was the 3rd game of the season for both teams. A lot can change between now and a potential re-match. Union beat Graham by 2 points just 2 years ago and Graham turned around and beat Union at their place by 39 points in the playoffs, so we can all speculate all we want, but a team can learn and grow a whole heck of a lot throughout the season. Graham's defense the past couple of season's has had a reputaton of getting better as the season goes along. I myself have been talking about how Graham's defense has "potential" to be very good. They have new pieces in place and are learning. The athleticism is there, when things click, I think they will be very good and I still believe that. Maybe Union blows Graham out next time (if there is a next time), but to draw conclusions from the 3rd game of the season is a little pre-mature (myself included).
  20. It was more of a linebacker issue for Graham in my humble opinion. They played too close to the line, over pursued, got caught up in traffic and had a lot of broken "arm" tackles.
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