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  1. Things are looking good in Warrior nation. Got some big linemen coming in and we are set at the skill position.
  2. Not from what I heard.. I have heard David Crockett and maybe a school in FL also heard a few more may go to rival schools. Again all of this is rumors as of now and you know what they say about rumors, take what you hear and belive half of it. But never the less I wouldn't be surprised at all to see some shifting . I hope he does stay but would love to see him in that warrior red and black. Never the less Ridgeview will still be suffering from the graduation bug as they lose the qb and entire o line not to mention sexton and Sproles and recievers.
  3. Rumor has it that Adkins wont be back next year, again just a rumor, and a couple bigger players will be missing from the sidelines as well. If this is the case then Ridgeview will be in worse shape than they thought.
  4. Well when you play down all year in Mnt 7 this is what to expect
  5. OK guys you all are dropping the ball on this.
  6. Unfourntunatly Luke aint going anywhere
  7. Ok here is how it works. And I used to be involved when they would do the selecting. Coach A and Coach B are friends, Coach A says to Coach B, Hey vote for my kids and ill vote for yours. All head coaches from region get together and each coach has a list of players they nominated. all coaches vote for who they want but cannot vote for there own kids. A lot of political involvement or whos mommy cries too much or whos daddy kisses a%$. Anyone says different then they are not speaking the truth or has never been in the room when the voting was going on. Each coach has anywhere from 2 to 5 kids they want on 1st team all other kids are just roll players. When a team has a back go for 2000 yards or so and that back is all everything but only one lineman, is 1st team then something is wrong. Makes the said linemen, receiver, QB ect: not wanna play or at least put forth max effort. Now I am a big supporter of to the victor goes the spoils and Graham got the shaft bad on all region team.
  8. Just simply saying that whatever the final score was simply means that team is that many points better than the other on that day. Shouldve could've would've all day long but reality is the final score means on that particular day that team is that much better.
  9. Now that Chilhowie returns no one let the rumors fly about Coach Robinson retirement cause they will be back to the old Chilhowie.
  10. Not to sound like a smart a#$ but obviously they were 28 pts better
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