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  1. Just about every game played this week is going to come down to 3 things 1. Execution: There is no film study this year so game planning is tough this year. You can watch the film from last year (I know the Richlands regime from years past was big into that), but you are still looking at players that may not be there. Which ever team can execute the bread and butter plays against what I am going to assume will be pretty vanilla defenses have the edge. 2. Conditioning: Which ever teams studs spend less time on the side line are going to have a big advantage. 3 weeks is not enough time to get into football shape and that all a lot of teams had. Hell usually the 5 weeks you have in a normal season is pushing it. 3. Want to: It is going to be cold and or wet in most of these games. Which ever team handles that the best and plays the hardest will win. Just my opinion but what do yall think?
  2. I know that is you type of offense man I hate that in person isn’t a thing this year
  3. IMO discipline has been the Achilles heal for Tazewell over the last 5 years. I would say more times than not they equal or better than most teams they play from a talent aspect. But between the ears they get beat. Maybe that changes this year idk that’s just what I’ve seen.
  4. Week 1 (Monday): Pulaski Ft. Chiswell Radford Gate City Union Holston Narrows Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Springs J.I. Burton Week 1 GotW: Central 35 Week 2 (Saturday): Pulaski Abingdon Giles Riverheads Honaker Marion Grundy Central Ridgeview Galax George Wythe Narrow Eastside Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Week 2 GotW: Graham 48
  5. If you team is in one of these counties enjoy watching on you laptop because if it was up to them we would not have sports and everyone will will be in a bubble for the next 3 to 5 years
  6. I don’t know how far this mount Rodger health department covers but if you are in that area don’t get your hopes up the absolute hate sports for some reason I don’t see them opening up the stands
  7. With these quarantine rule any team is one positive test away from losing a 3rd of the season.. just like in college ball this year the region winner will be the team that is the smartest off the field. Webb, Atkins, Bradshaw, and Harris can’t make a difference if the 3rd string TE walks in to Walmart without a mask and get covid and shuts down the whole team.
  8. I heard PH and Holston will be playing their games at Emory. I dont know if anyone else can really pull that off. I do feel bad for anybody playing right or center field at Marion this baseball season.. it is going to be a mess.
  9. Richlands has no reason to go inside turf fields don’t get muddy.. I would say most teams are out side when the field isn’t a muddy mess
  10. Thanks for the insight. Marion girls are very talented as a whole right now. The Kimberlin girl is a stud in soccer as well if she wants to she can pick where she wants to play at the next level. I like Marions chances moving forward this bunch has been playing together on varsity for since their freshman year I know they lose to older Moss kid (brother was a great wrestler and football play and little sis can ball too) I am not sure who else they lose next year besides that. I hope they continue to advance I just do not really know the first thing about basketball honestly its just not my sport.
  11. that would be nice! 250 would allow the most bands and cheerleaders to be there in full if they are counted as spectators and still have enough tickets for the home team parents
  12. How does M7 and SW differ on the girls side? I know Marion is undefeated but is that because SW may be weaker or are they the best team in the region?
  13. The smart move would have been for everyone to have that bye week at the end for just a little bit of wiggle room. As far as kids playing right now, I dont think I want a kid on my football team that bailed on another team sport just to get to mine. That just does not speak very highly of their competitive nature. That first week of games could see some upsets that we werent expecting because of that but that is just the world we are living in right now. I also heard a rumor that Wise Central is already dealing with a 2 week quarantine I would hate to see a kid lose a shot at a state championship in wrestling because he was at the practice field. It sucks for football because those are usually the best football players but you have to finish up your season before moving to the next one.
  14. True.. I have noticed that more and more kids have lost the concept of hard work all together unless they are getting paid for it. I know there are some kids out there who have got a taste of that food city bagger money and dont want to give it up. I hate that for battle and their staff because I know they are busting their ass just like every staff to make this work.
  15. That is rough! what is up with the coaches?
  16. You only need 5 practices and that is so you can get your 3 helmets days then 2 shells before going full go.
  17. That is what the "rule" is. It makes a ton of since honestly even though I hate the rule. Lets just say Graham or Union are about to make a run to the state semis and one kid goes to football practice and another kid that doesnt play basketball test positive for COVID then both teams are done for 2 weeks. For football that means less practice for the first game. For those basketball player that dont play football that means a chance a state just got ripped from them... again. Like I said I absolutely hate the rule but I completely understand it.
  18. 2 tickets per player none for coaches which once again is complete BS
  19. I would say its going to be a big drop. Especially with Graham, Richlands, Tazewell, and Marion all making the region tournament in basketball. Wrestling is in their region tournament that ends Saturday. Indoor track wont start regions until next week. I would say that is going to hurt a lot of the numbers for the first day of practice.
  20. Home teams are allowed 2 tickets per player. In my opinion all of this is very dumb. They should rope off the stands with sections 6 feet apart, Require mask, and if you got vaccinated then that card should be used as VHSL pass. It’s really pretty simple but the people in charge are absolutely incompetent.
  21. I saw where Graham is undefeated I know that tackle yall have played basketball last year and I am sure most yalls stud athletes do as well. They should be in shape but being being ready to play from a mental aspect could be tough. Opening up with Richlands could be tough but they have a good wrestling program so I am sure they are going to be short some lineman and they have a bigger learning curve with a new staff round one of that game should be pretty interesting.
  22. I disagree It is a brand new concept for football. All the sports you mentioned are use to dealing with that issue. Plus it is very hard to practice like you suppose to with less players. Basketball you only need 10 guys if you have less you can easily do 3 on 3 and rotate what you have and still have a productive practice. You can do the do the same with the other sports you do not need a full roster of athletes to practice and get what you need done. Sure you can do skelly stuff but in the trenches where the game is won if you a missing 3 or 4 lineman you are dead in the water. Even if you can put a full 5 out there on the o line who are they going to block? linebackers playing d line and DBs playing linebacker? Not making excuses but this year is different and coaches are going to have come up with some very creative ways to get the boys ready to play.
  23. Most schools are not allowing athletes to do both because one positive test will shut down both teams
  24. We already know that this season is going to be different than any other season we have ever seen but this year that is an added hurdle that football has never had to deal with it. Football is going to have to wait on athletes from winter sports to finished their season before they are allowed to even start football practice. We have a practice start date of Feb. 4th and regions for basketball start the 8th, wrestling has until the 13th to finish region and indoor track starts on the 6th. If the school you root for is not good at any of those sports then you are fine but wrestling state meet starts on the 18th that means any wresters that make that tournament wont have enough practices to compete in the first game (that is 5 for this season). If you have any stand out track stars that make it to the state meet that wont be held until March 3rd so you are looking 2 games missed for those kids. So which teams do you think are going to run into these issues? I have no idea who is doing what in basketball because I could care less about that sport but I know Graham is usually pretty good, Richlands best lineman are in the state tournament, Chilhowie is usually in the same boat as Richlands as far as wrestling is concerned, and Tazewell is well represented at track meets.
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